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This is case with insecurity. And Tulsa Oklahoma.
Hello this is Kate with with security. We are located in Watts Oklahoma. Today and we’re talking about Owasso home security. It’s.
Things that you consider when you’re considering a home security system.
And with that in mind there are some things that when we with that in mind there’s some things that we need to consider when you’re thinking about a home security system. Owasso home Security
You know as we’re located here in Oklahoma you’ll find that there are a lot of home building going on here around Owasso.
And if you’re not exactly sure where a waffle Oklahoma is located or could you just move it into town or move it into the area. It is located just north of Tulsa on 169. As you are going north out of Tulsa and it’s 86 street north for 76 86 96 street north and also 116 street north and some places. So therefore you’re not exactly sure that’s where it were located and you know why it’s Oklahoma as there are a building going on there’s some other things that need to take in consideration if you hadn’t had the opportunity to look at the new home. You know some homes are pre-wired with security systems. And when I say prewired that sometimes means the contacts could be wired to the windows all the windows they can be just the downstairs windows. And some builders only just through the doors maybe a motion detector. And then if you happen to be in a home that was. What do you call it a gambling house or an open house that uses an office to show what the other houses in the neighborhood are being built. Sometimes those homes even have a little bit more security in them and just the way they are constructed because what they were being used for so I was going to house yesterday it was like that and cameras and everything located in the house it was very up to date system and just really good I was a model home is what it was. So it had all of the major amenities in it.
And you see it you’ll see that a lot of watts Oklahoma but you also need to take in consideration when you’re thinking of a home security system. What exactly are you going to be needing the use of the home security system for or is it more so. You know do like most with think of a home security system just to protect a home so that nobody gets into the house. In some cases you know I. Have. Family members that are just wanting to make sure that their kids are not better not getting out of the house when they’re not supposed to. Owasso home Security
Sometimes that requires some contact in the windows. There’s a variety of various reasons why somebody would get a home security system that the main one is to make sure that you don’t have a break in. So with that in mind you know what exactly would you need in a home security system.
You know a lot of people when you’re thinking of a home security system you drive around the neighborhood and you see various signs that maybe in yards you know there’s all different kinds of companies out there that are as you no big nationwide companies. And then there’s local companies. One thing that I think is important if you go is a local company and they’re more apt to provide a better quality service to you because they’re not a big conglomerate.
So in my opinion it’s a good idea to go with a local company.
Now you might want to look in their reviews to see what what other could work other customers are saying about that.
So that you can determine whether or not there could be a good fit for you or not and you could also take a look at other things that you would see you know how long they’ve been in business. Their prices competitor you know do the services that they provide. Are they different from the big name companies. You know such as What is security. There are some things that we provide that most of your security companies would never even consider. You know number one we don’t do a contract. So when Margene when you’re paying for your monitoring of month to month basis there is no contract you fulfill. We just know exactly which pay for it.
So when the alarm goes off and the monitoring station calls and you get a phone call that’s actually supposed to get paid that’s what you’re paying for and you want it to work. Owasso home Security
So you know in my opinion with a no contract you it’s really important to make sure that everything works correctly all the time as fast as possible. You know the best way to do that is to be able to get a marketing company that has a known track record.
You consistently you know call and respond to alarm signals faster than most anybody else. Owasso home Security
The monitoring stations that I use we have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations receive the signals at the exact same time. So it’s just a matter of weeks one picks up first. Average response time. Is 20 seconds or less. You know the monitoring stations that I use are spread throughout the country so that it can never be one. Off. More than one station at a time that may be affected by weather situations or weather conditions or anything else. You know that could be happening across the country you know. So therefore there will always be at least five other stations there are going to be able to effectively respond. You know without any impact at all upon the weather they have the algorithms built in place within all of the six stations so therefore if their statement starts taking place is automatically set up to where they ask for overtime and police to be able to come in and cover those additional people that may not be able to make it in the other states. Owasso home Security
So there’s always a hundred fifty plus operators at any given hour to be able to respond to the alarm signals. You know this sort of thing is very very important.
You know if the alarm signal and goes out and your alarm goes off and you don’t get a phone call within less than 30 seconds and then obviously in my opinion you’re not necessarily getting exactly what you paid for does that kind of service cost a little bit more. Of course it does but it works. And with that in mind and not having any kind of a contract with our clients it makes it really really simple to be able to have a higher retention rate for our clients knowing that they’re going to they’re getting the best service possible. Owasso home Security
Number two or three or whatever you want to call it. Your is Oklahoma. We do not. We. Always have somebody available 24/7. So when the alarm signals go off. And or if you’re having trouble Armon or something in your system after hours weekends or holidays Well really if you’re a homeowner that’s the only time you’re going to have any issue with it because those are the times you’re home if you’re working person which most people are. So therefore you’re going to have an issue during this time for us here at WEEKEND security we always have somebody available 24/7 to be able to respond to those things on a regular basis.
Last night we had an individual call that a little after 9:00 there. They were out of town in Florida. And their neighbor had called and said that I had to just back up into their driveway again and there wasn’t anybody there. Owasso home Security
So they went and I can call them and find out if they had any relatives that had a great van and did not. So I set the alarm had never gone off of for the history of the alarm history of the system. And I asked if they needed anybody to go out and check it out. I live about 10 miles away from there so I hopped in the vehicle and check it out. Come to find out it was going to be a girl that her husband was.
And you know at church and he came by to visit the house with her not there. And knowing that you are going to be there. It’s kind of strange. I encourage him to be able to go on his way. Call the police and ask him to do a period of drive by on a regular basis this evening to make sure he’d never come back.
Little things like that are of importance if you’re going to go with a local company. They’re more apt to be able to take better care of you than anybody else. This is is what is scary. And Wasow thank you very much. Owasso home SecurityOwasso home Security
Hello this is Cage was living in security and was Oklahoma. We are talking about our home security.
Hence Wasow home security fence and things you need to consider about having our own security system.
Number one is the full importance of having any sign that you’re in front of your house you know signing in front of your house. There’s more work for you.
Having to say your yard does more for you than you would ever even imagine. Seventy five percent of your parents are at least 50 say that it probably is about 75 percent of you know as these are driving up and down the street they notice various things when they’re looking for homes.
One of the things that they’re paying attention to is whether or not you have a security system in your yard. Is that security system in use.
You know the majority of your random burglaries are people that are just driving up and down the street and looking for a soft target.
You know they can get in and get out and get what they want to be able to support their habits. So as you think about these things and have any security in your yard is pretty important. Owasso home Security
Also making sure that you have proper lighting right in your house obviously throughout the day.
That’s not necessarily a priority because it’s already light outside that at night. You know you want to have some motion lights to be able to get to pop on as it sees nothing around your house with air. Owasso home Security
Right in front of the driveway or maybe when they step into the yard you know to be able to automatically pop on when something happens that way you know if it is a burglar most burglary burglars do not like to be noticed. So therefore that’s one thing that they’re going to go away from.
Or to shy away from. So therefore it’s important to be able to have to have those things you know layers of security are important.
So as you think about these things that. And as far as him having a home security system that was Oklahoma you know you think about these things because these things are are most important. Being able to have good locks in your house locks are not easily pick and or what’s called Bump lock bumping is something that I guess has been around since the early 70s and the late 70s when you got there I’m not sure which.
Box office you use this technique on a regular basis to be able to get into homes and read and actually picking the lock. This is a much easier technique and that which just makes it where they are able to get into an unlocked door is a little bit faster than what some might think. And so you want to have good locks you know so that that can’t be done. You also want to make sure that you know around your house that the Bushes are trained away from the windows so that you’re able to.
Nobody can get up behind those bushes and hide and be able to get in by being covered by the windows as things are being built around your house. You might want to make sure that you know those things are being built. Do not make a good hiding place that somebody can break in through that window or into your house whether it be a side door or something you don’t want to cover up the access to suicide doors that somebody has a lot of time to be able to break into a side door of your garage. Little things like these things can make a world of difference whether or not somebody would even consider breaking into your house. You know most of your thieves make their decision. Whether or not they’re going to break it or. While standing out at the curb. How did they do that. It’s very simple. You know they examined the house and they did determine whether or not it’s a soft target or not. As you turn the lights off in your house when you’re walking around the house at night you know it’s not uncommon that the library last like to go off in your house is probably going to be the master bedroom because that’s the last thing here.
So that indicates where the master bedroom is located. You know with no common sense. That’s probably what it is. If the homeowner is the last person to go to bed most nights. So if somebody is outside kind of an examining and they’re going to be able to determine that if they’re a thinking person you know there’s various other little things that you need to keep in mind when you’re thinking about a home security system cameras can be a really good deterrent. So therefore you’re able to see outside your house on a regular basis to be able to see what’s going on. Round your house at all times you know this is a deterrent for the sole purpose of somebody who steps up to the houses lights come on they look up to see the camer Oh no car. So then they leave. And does that mean the cameras themselves are worth the money to be able to put in your home. I don’t think so for the sole purpose if you didn’t have to pay for the damage it would take to fix anything your house alone would cover the cost of most camera systems. So you want to consider these things and how important it is to be able to you know. Have the security system in place and then once you start thinking about a security system itself. You’d
like to be able to get a security system that is easy to work as people and or people in place to be able to respond quickly efficiently as well.
Another thing you consider is local companies usually tend to have a little bit better response time a little bit better idea and might be able to take care of their individual people so that you use it as a one of their customers will always be taken care of. Local companies tend to have a higher retention rate with their clients than the beginning companies do for that simple reason. Owasso home Security They take care of their people better than the big companies do. Does that mean the market is going to be cheaper. Sometimes and sometimes not because they provide more services as a local company does versus a bigger company such as being able to respond at a moment’s notice to be able to take care of the system in the event of a break in here Witness Security will we will respond to be able to lock up the house and or make sure that. The system is up and operational again if they were broken into and so on those days. We’d like to be able to get a phone call and be able to get out there and take care of that as quickly as possible. So you’re not not having a security system for a period of time. You know this sort of thing you know is something we need to consider when you’re thinking about a home security system and then on top of the top of it all you want to be able to work with people that have a reputation of having a pass and to take care of what they do and have witness security you know. Owasso home Security
In the industry for a little over 20 years and working in the security industry providing good quality service that doesn’t have false alarms that make sure that the equipment is always functioning correctly and it’s just work here with the security we do. This is an important task and it’s not just our livelihood it is like I said before it’s what we do. So you want to think about all of these things and when you’re looking into a home security system in Oklahoma consider Witness Security where the security is has the highest number of reviews and the most or most are in the best reviews of any company in town especially when you’re talking about Google with an A-plus rating the better business bureau things like these things are important. If you do due diligence and looking for a home security company please consider Witness Security and also there are witness security and are watch Oklahoma.
We are talking about home security events today and why you want to even have a security system in place in your home. The equipment to witness Security uses is called to the equipment that is most widely used equipment in the industry. It’s a color touch screen system that you can function with your smartphone. It’s as technology has changed. Home security systems are not the same as they always used to be. Home security systems now. Frequently have a home automation platform built into them so you have another you have other things that you can do with your security system besides just the alarm going off and making a noise when the alarm goes off. Owasso home Security
Kind of like insurance.
That’s the way security systems used to always be if you like to have it in any event you had an accident and you’d have your insurance to take your security systems. That’s the way they always used to be. You know you have to get it because you just didn’t want everything to be stolen you know nowadays home security systems function for you know 24/7. Owasso home Security
You can always see your system work just by operating your lock your thermostats your lights your garage door open and close the garage door. Owasso home Security
So many other things that could be added to these things to be able to use your security system on a daily basis and it works well. Home security has changed quite a bit in the last even the last six to seven years. And what it used to be even since I started I started with security eight years ago and it actually started in Tulsa Oklahoma and then we just spread out. Now we’re talking about a war on the home automation what’s been talked about that homogenization was just another user and a whole different industry altogether different control panel a different everything in order to be able to work in and most cases you’re looking at a very huge expense just to be able to do the basics where now we have the technology to be able to bid and the basic part of home automation to your security system and make it that much more beneficial. He said that you can go back to your day doing the things you like to do knowing that your home security system in a while so Oklahoma is providing not just the security that you would like to have but the creature comforts it also make things a little bit more convenient witness security has the ability to be able to not just do those things but do it at the highest level possible. You know we have taken the extra steps to go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are making their due just know that they’re taken care of. Nothing can be more helpful more are able to provide you with their peace of mind knowing that things are being taken care of. Owasso home Security
The best way it could possibly be taken care. You know I like doing business with local companies that have more than just a vested interest in just making money. You know I like working with people who are trying to improve upon our community in which we live in.
You know I’ve seen companies grow as we’ve lived here in the last 14 15 years. You know I’ve seen Mulund plumbing. Once you start started there are bands around town which is just a really neat things. You saw that company grow. Mark when Mullin has taken that company to the next level which is really encouraging him to be able to see you know local companies to be able to grow. Another company is Mother Nature’s pest control. You’ve seen that company girl throughout the years. See the vehicle has traveled throughout the area. Do you use either of these companies very often don’t need to be able to see these companies grow. And when the time arises that you want to be able to do business with somebody and you take about you know what companies like to do business with.
I like to do business with local companies because local companies is where it’s the strength of know any community. So there was Oklahoma.
You know we’re just curious. One of those local companies that provides a good service. And when you’re thinking about a home security system do some research when you just google whatever industry you’re looking for. Owasso home Security
In this case Google Home Security in Tulsa Oklahoma or home security you know on there are broken here larger communities in the area and the surrounding communities you’re in. Owasso home Security
And you know just find out what their clients are saying about this company about these companies and to help you understand and make a good quality decision on what kind of equipment you’d like to be able to use.
You know it doesn’t necessarily mean that these local companies are going to be cheaper. No doesn’t necessarily mean that because every company uses different kinds of equipment. But I can assure you in most cases you’re your local co-pays are probably going to use a better quality of equipment that some of these big name companies do not use. Not only are you going to be using a better quality but you also need to consider the monitoring stations themselves. Here is security. We’ve taken the extra steps to make sure that we have true 100 percent redundant monitoring.
What does that mean to the consumer. Very simple. We have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations refused to take those at the same time. So it’s just a matter of which one picks up first. And that in turn our you know looks just like you know our average response time is 20 seconds or less. You know by having these all these different monitoring stations in place and those monitoring stations again are taken at the extra mile. You know one extra mile for their clients which is asked which is your client or you as an individual you know by being able to respond quickly and efficiently being able to have operators who can speak English clearly so that you can understand what they’re saying on a regular basis. I’ve worked with other monitoring stations they hire people that aren’t necessarily properly trained where with monitoring stations we say before any operator ever gets a chance to even sit in front of a computer to respond. They have gone to your 168 hours of training you know to be able to respond correctly and the monitoring station.
So there’s always people in training and consistent ongoing training to make sure that they respond quickly efficiently and effectively on a regular basis.
You know the sort of things we’re paying a few dollars extra are a few pennies extra or you know and your monitoring to make sure that everything you’re getting for is what you paid for when Witness Security is done and gone the extra mile to make sure of this happening when it comes to fish and wires out of all of them making sure things are installed professionally all the time. Owasso home Security
You know you hear on the radio on a regular basis you know other companies big companies that you don’t like anybody drilling holes in your walls. Well you have electricians come to your home. You have plumbers may come into your home. You know he never companies come into your home you know. Carpenter whatever you know don’t like people cutting the holes in the walls. What profession is going to do it correctly and efficiently. If he’s trained to it effectively you know Witness Security we’ve gone that extra mile to make sure that people are trained well enough to make sure that we don’t have accidents. And you want to make sure that in your home it’s your. You worked hard for it to be able to have. What you think is most important at Witness Care Unit was Obama. We’ve gone that extra mile to make sure of that. So give us a call that witness security and Watts Oklahoma and we’d like to take care of you. Owasso home Security

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