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This is Tyler and Keith was Witness Security and witness security and witness security Tulsa dot com in Wasow Cohen’s sky. Pretty much anything north of Tulsa 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

Owasso Home Security And what we’re going to talk about today is you know the idea of being able to have a camera out away from your house without having to dig a ditch.

You know it may be too far away to even even consider degradation the expense that it would cost to do that.

Owasso Home Security You know because they didn’t have power out of the gate or you don’t have Internet traffic out at the gate where I was at a homeowners association. I’m just two homewards location. Just recently they wanted to camp out near the playground. They wanted to get cameras out at all the different gates to have their on the property. They had two different types of property or one across the road from one another.

And they wanted me to be able to pay attention to things that are going on around the very pools you know only because in most cases these two applications that the bus buses came to poor area where they are because it was a large area for the kid and the parent to come with you. You had parents will pull up and pick up their kids. But you know the buses stopped there to drop the kids off.

And they had to cover that area in case it was raining so that kids could go up underneath the covered area to have a little bit of cover if need be.

If they were waiting for their parents and paid attention to their kids while they were waiting you know because we have we live in a society that has trouble makers they do things to chill children that aren’t necessarily healthy Owasso Home Security.

Well we would like to be able to supply a service to these homeowners homeowners associations. And up until recently there was no real way to be able to do that Owasso Home Security.

And so what we are we were able to go out and in seven different locations put up cameras you know with solar power cellular and all you get back to one central location where it’s all recorded. And it just makes it convenient for the home or homeowners association to be able to have anybody that wanted to have access to that right from their phone.

And when it comes to remote location cameras mean you can do pretty much anything you want. The wireless devices that we’re looking at that we’re working with rather they can think they can do up to I think 300. I think it was 300 total cameras.

All the applications I went to Saturday.

It was a storage unit location and they some places had power their storage unit locations. Some places did not. Some of them. None of it. None of the places outside the Sturge location had internet. So therefore we’re going to have to be able to shoot the signal over the tops of the buildings. And we use solar power well to be able to get power to it. But you know though they have really really good Internet there at the office. There was no internet elsewhere Owasso Home Security.

So we were able to shoot the signal over the tops of the building and then you know be able to get internet onto the camera system so they could actually be able to see the video on their phone.

You know in this application you know there is somebody who lives on site and they took a Saturday to go do something because life happens and you have to go out and get groceries and things and evidently somebody was paying attention watching them. So as I left about an hour later you know they came onto the property they had a camera system there but it wasn’t working very well. Can’t say it wasn’t working very good.

There were some cameras that were out but there was an older system. Where you could tell it was a male or female but that was it.

Owasso Home Security And so it made it really important to be able to go watch over the property and see what it was they broke into 17 units. Holy smokes. In less than a few hours. Then they came back later on at night while they were sitting right there you know that flipout person is listening to music and had no idea that anybody is out front and you know who’s right.

Right. On the other side of the of their unit that they were located at had no idea they came in the thing to the gate and backed all the way down all the way around and broke into every one of the units and then.

Pretty well when it comes to. A storage unit especially you just basically violet though it’s not use the owner violated somebody violated all of your customers like that and you just lost all of the trust that your customers had put in place on you know so many of the people were on the storage unit you’re there depending on things to be taken care of. And they could be like a lawn maintenance company could be run their business of that storage unit place. I’ve seen construction guys run their business out of storage in place. And so they’re putting their faith in that business to cover their equipment or equipment and whatever. And if you have a fault like that.

You just lost all that trust and faith and order like we’re a customer yet we’ve been there for quite some time.

And the next place they go to you they’re going to be going into place to make sure that they have you know some sort of security to make sure things are covered.

So it’s really important.

To be able to do so and you know it’s not that difficult to be able to cover that area. When it comes to protecting your property whatever it is you’re wanting to be dead. You know it’s really important to be able to have something in place to be able to walk to your property. We’re talking here Witness Security Tulsa dot com and in north of Suazo north of Tulsa near Wasow Collinsville Claremore skyrocketed. And that area you know where there is a lot of remote locations. You know people wanting to be able to cover their gate. You know some distance away from their house.

Owasso Home Security You know I get this phone call on a regular basis and feel that I have something down at the gate so that they can see what’s going on. And you can also set up situations such the alarm systems set up alarms via the camera systems as an imaginary line drawn across the camera. Then we get an e-mail notifying either there’s somebody at the gate you know before they say press a button to let me know that you need to open the gate for them. You know if that is even possible we have a lot of places out there if there’s no power there at the gate except for maybe something solar power to open the gate. What’s that getting to be more popular. But in our application you can place cameras that are there at the gate that are solar powered and have cellular capabilities that will communicate back to the house. And these things are not necessarily new. He’d been out for quite a few years. You know we’ve just started using them due to an employee that we just hired and made had a lot of applications working on oil rigs in remote locations. And it’s something that we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time. This fellow has already been doing it. So it’s just a good application for us to be able to start utilizing those things. You know I can as. You’re thinking about doing cameras and cameras that are out like that you want not just a standard run of the mill came or but you want something done. It’s going to have some clarity.

You know the cameras we carry are five megapixel camera which are much better than 10 ADP during that time. At nighttime you know they’re still better than 10 ETP even in the dark. You know this is the entire way. Witness Security. And if you ever had a question give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. That’s 9 way 2 8 9 0 8 8 0

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