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A Web site you can reach just that a witness security Tulsa dot com Witness Security Tulsa dot com Hello this is Keith and Tiger Woods we’re insecurity here in Tulsa Oklahoma. We’re going to talk about laso which is north of Tulsa Collinsville in that area. You know and then east of that is Claremore in west of Washington in Collinsville sky. Owasso Home Security We have a lot of people that have recently asked Is there anything that we can do as far as putting the camera out of the gate.

We’ve had situations where.

Break ins have taken place on their property and farms and shops that are located on the property and people have come in and looted the place and taken much of their ability to be able to do work Owasso Home Security.

And so they like to be able to have a camera system there on their shop or their barn and be able to see them as they’re say they went into town would be able to get some groceries or whatever so that if something were to happen would they get some sort of a notification that somebody just came onto their property.

Owasso Home Security And yes this can very easily be done. You can put a gate or put a camera around your gate you can put a gamer onto the barn if you have multiple buildings you can put cameras on those multiple buildings and all of the gate mean throughout the entire property and then shoot them all the way back to your house. You know we basically are regardless of what the distance may be a landslide is kind of important but not necessarily required know to be able to do that. And then you get them all on one screen and it’s all recorded in one location they’re in your house which is something that’s really really important. If you don’t have any kind of a database to be able to get this thing get them recorded you know for a length of time. Then what if you’re on vacation for a couple of weeks. Would you be able to have video that’s going on at Congaree your entire property while you’re gone. And the answer is yes. You know we’re able to I’ve words how we normally start an app is you get at least a minimum of three weeks to a month of recording because so people are going to be vacation for upwards to two and three weeks. And some even longer than that. You know the applications that we can do it just depends on how much time you’d like to be able to record. You know it’s very simple you just add a little bit more hard drive space by adding another terabyte.

Owasso Home Security You can get again upwards another three weeks to a month of recording on an eight camera system you know an eight camera system would be a good start for a system.

You want it to install there your shop or your house to your bar. You know some applications I was out of place this past weekend that had a storage unit. And as I walked over the property realized that there wasn’t any power you know that you could access very easily without you know having to go down into somebody else’s unit. So therefore we could put solar power on top of a roof and be able to power all of the cameras and then send the signal back to the main office so that you have internet. Now if you didn’t have Internet that’s not a problem either. We have sorry you are units that are powered via. So solar power. And then it sends the signal via cellular instead of your standard internet service. So there’s a variety of different things we can do in different sizes. Solar power power panels that depending on what you need you know these payloads have inverters and everything built into them so that it’s just measured out to were you have enough power and or battery power to be able to last a lot of people think was solar powered or what.

You don’t have any sunlight for a period of time. You know that’s not a problem either. You know the batteries that we have put in will give you any work of three four days without any sunlight and that’s not a common. You’re not going to have that situation here in Oklahoma where you’re not going to have sunlight for three four days you know.

Owasso Home Security So here in Oklahoma especially you just don’t have that problem. But the bank has a battery bank you’re going to set up a place. We’ll have that capability because it’s hard to say as to what could happen.

And you want to have an additional battery bank back there just in case something does happen. You are set up to where things are taken care of. You know we have applications where and want to have a battery backup in case something happens or power is taken out will the camera still function. Yes. You know by having the solar power situation you can place the solar power in a location that is office or separate from the camera. So it’s hard to tell as to where that power is tired from you know if you can put it up on top of a roof you can put it around the corner you know in some application where he can’t be seen.

Owasso Home Security So the panels themselves are large enough to where you can obviously see them.

So if that be a concern to make sure that you do then you don’t want them seen you know quite frequently have people that will have their kids go out to the gate to catch the bus. You know they build a little shack for the kids that cover in case it’s rain. You could very easily put a solar panel on the backside of that shack. So that it can still be seen. Put it right up on top of the roof.

You’d never even know that there’s a solar panel there unless you got a farm some sort of a step ladder to be able to see whether or not there is something there would just look like your standard roof. So it’s not that big a deal to be able to set something up so that it has solar power and not necessarily be visible to anybody. Not really paying attention.

We had a church that we did that not too long ago that had an application where you know you couldn’t necessarily get power because they didn’t want to penetrate the roof. We put the solar power panels up on top of the building way above any site.

I saw I didn’t have to penetrate the roof and send the signal over to the main building so that way could see the video.

Well it was pretty close to a quarter of a mile away because it believed like a failing center across a parking lot. Therefore everything could be taken care of when it’s applied the need that they had because they were concerned about leakage. If you are penetrate the roof we were able to do that without having to penetrate to her. You know there’s so many different things that can be done. You just kind of think them through and make sure that things are taken care and the recording time is still available to make sure that everything is done when we get done. We test everything out. We show you how to use your camera system we show you how to retrieve video. We show you how to see it on your phone.

And the cameras that we carry here are wasso And you know Claremore sky is north of Tulsa.

We want to make sure that things are taken care of so that you can see your video you know whenever you want to be able to see your video and if you go on vacation you’re still able to do so. So the recording time is going to be upwards of three to four weeks of recording if not more depending on how much you’d like to do.

Know this is Keith and Tyler with witness security who you know we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma.

But today we’re talking about a Wasow Oklahoma and the phone number you can reach is is that 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 is there and then the Web site you can reach inside that witness security Tulsa com. That’s Witness Security Tulsa dot com. And if you have any questions please take the time to check us out on the web. We have the most reviews of any company in town and the best reviews of any company in town are the five star rating with Google. Better Business Bureau and a host of other items that you can see there on the web. You can read about us find out we’ve been in business for a little over eight years. Eight plus years. We don’t do any kind of monitoring agreement whether it be security alarms or video surveillance. And you know there’s no credit checks that you have to worry about that’s going to affect your credit when it comes to the security systems themselves. We have six different monitoring stations that are located throughout the country. All six stations receive the alarm signals at the same time Owasso Home Security.

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