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This is case with Witness Security and a lot of Oklahoma what we are talking about today is a Owasso home secured a Owasso home security as people think of our home security systems. There’s a variety of things that take place there right. You know what is a home security system. How does this system work. You know what is.
The better of a home security system. You know are there different things that a home security system can do for me other than just they are beat the doors when the doors open. Traditionally that was really all that alarm systems used to do. That would sound the alarm when the door would be open if the system was turned on. So years ago the very first security system that was actually I can’t say no in first one out there it was either the ones that were out there but one that was really actually marketed and it’s still out there today is American District Telegraph the acronym for that is 880 American District Telegraph. So alarm systems have been out since The Telegraph has been out an alarm systems you know were mainly originally installed on banks and places like that you know because of the bank robberies and thing things of that nature so that they could catch would be thieves at that time. Well since then since that day now the thieves have actually transferred into breaking into homes more and more and more. Owasso Home Security
So it’s gotten to the point where not only do you need to provide a home security system for your family for peace of mind that’s necessary but you also have to have a system that allows you to be able to keep up with the technology of the day.
And what I mean by that is simply being able to function things from a smartphone you know technology has gotten to the point where a smartphone is in the hand of everybody. That’s where you’re once you turn to be about seven or eight years old. That’s when people start you know using home security systems and are using smartphones. You know 78 year old is they were a lot of your kids are started to use smartphones and and even computers in schools and being able to learn these various folks. It’s amazing what a child can understand on a smartphone. So therefore as they get older and now it’s getting to be a terminology that millennials know they know how to function a smartphone more than they know how to do anything else. That’s just the age that they grew up in was to be able to grow up in an in an era where the smartphone has become just an average tool that everybody uses. Owasso Home Security
You know it’s highly important to be able to utilize the two tools at hand. And you know home security system is going to also have gotten to that technology where we have to do that in order to keep up with the technology you have to meet the demands of people. So therefore home security systems are not just home security systems anymore. Are home automation platforms. And what I mean by platform is pretty simple. It’s a base that allows you to add additional pieces of equipment to it in order to be able to operate these items from your phone such as thermostats garage doors are low lights and so on and so forth are the thing very important. There are some things at home that other companies may do you know bear witness security. There’s five things that most security companies don’t or won’t do. Number one you know we don’t do monitoring agreements you know unless something were being created when we help set the system up with the individual when we’re in the home we know due to the financial I guess you could say burden when it comes to the installation. We’re talking 400 eighteen dollars and seventy nine cents for the air security system installed in your home that’s three doors most intact room and keypad keypad has a color touch screen system you can operate with your smartphone you know and talk to you. So the thing there is a basic package for 14:17 939 or for 14:7 on makes it to where you can get a home security system in your home. Owasso Home Security
However for instance you’ve had a situation financial year strapped you need to be need to stretch out that payment out. That would be the only agreement’s we do and that is created a part of your budget so therefore you just need to askers and we can create that for you. You know that’s the only kind of agreement that we do. Also you have the simple fact that we have six different monitoring stations located throughout the country. All six stations received the signals that the exact same time. So it’s just a matter which one picks up. First the average response time on most security of our signals is 22 seconds or less. Our priority alarms say Vendeans was witness security in the Owasso Oklahoma is because we are a locally owned and operated company. We don’t have to follow the guidelines of other companies. Some big name companies that you may find for the sole purpose see their care elected government in some ways. They seem to believe they are more intelligent than the normal person so therefore they program what’s called dialer delays into their systems. So therefore if you set your alarm off inadvertently by accident I mean an are in doing so. You know it’s not going to make a phone call for 30 seconds. It allows you the time to be able to get to that system shut the system off and then you don’t get embarrassed. In my opinion no it’s not a matter of being embarrassed. It’s a matter of habit and making sure that you do things right the first time. Training is what it is. So therefore what is security. The alarm goes off. Owasso Home Security
If you don’t get it shut off before the siren goes off you’re going to get a phone call every time. And if you don’t get a phone call please give us a call and let us know that you didn’t. Because this sort of thing is of utmost in priority to make sure your security system is functioning at the highest peak level so that you know when you leave your house whether your children are in a home or your wife is at home or all of you left for the weekend or to go out to dinner. Do you know that your valuables in your home is safe. So when you get home to or from wherever you’re at you’re walking into a secure home knowing that everything is fine. That piece of mind is priceless. How do you put a price tag on your family. I just don’t see where you can so therefore Witness Security were done and taken the measures necessary to make sure that you can have a peace of mind. You can afford and witness security in a lawful Glover. We’ve taken the extra steps so you don’t have to. We’ve done the homework we’ve done and trained our technicians and our sales reps to make sure that you are providing the highest level of educational possible in order to operate your security system at its maximum level. And if you’re not exactly sure what you ought to do that’s another thing that Witness Security provides is 24/7 tech support. Any of that do you ever have a question of any kind. You pick up the phone and you call us 24/7. Or somebody that’s always going to be available to help you also. Owasso Home Security
You know one thing that Witness Security does that other companies may not do because we’re a full service security company. We do video surveillance as well as security monitoring on businesses or rental property. So Witness Security and Owasso Oklahoma you know if you’re looking for a home security system take the time and effort it will take but a few moments to find out who is the best who’s going to provide that piece of mind that you can’t afford to go.

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