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This is Keith with Witness Security. We are talking about a waffle. Home security.
Get a sip of my coffee or it’s morning. It’s bright and early here in Oklahoma. If you’re not really familiar with where Wassa Oklahoma is. We are located just north of Tulsa Oklahoma and if you’re to take Highway 169 north on Highway 169 you know the very first community really come to after you leave Tulsa Oklahoma is lost Oklahoma.
The major roads that you’re going to come across when you are on Highway 169 will be 76 street north 86 street north 96 street north and 116th Street north. All of those streets are basically branch off into a was Oklahoma and on both sides of those highways are those of the highway. You’ll see multiple new housing divisions being built.
And you know that makes our watch to Oklahoma one of the fastest growing communities in Oklahoma and has been for quite a few years.
You know a lot of Oklahoma is a very quaint little town but they have a lot to offer or was as you know has all of the major stories you’d like to be able to go to. You do not have to venture into Tulsa if you didn’t did not want to. And it’s grown up quite a bit in the last 10 years. So therefore if you’re just moving into Owasso Oklahoma, and you are now looking for a home security system you know I would ask you to do a little bit of research and you know Google is one of the best locations to be able to do that from right from your desk or your laptop or your telephone and just Google Owasso home security or anything to do with us. Say you want video surveillance equipment. That’s not something we’re necessarily going to discuss today. But you can just watch the security cameras. No security systems and Alonso anything like that. Owasso Home Security
And you’ll be able to find all the various companies you would provide those services some of which are going to be do it yourself companies others are going to be big name companies. And then you have witness security. Owasso Home Security
That’s our company. And you know you see the reviews you have for all of those companies and looking at security ranks the highest of any of those companies with the most ease. It’s a simple process. You know when you are looking for a home security system there is a few things like I was mentioning before the various types of equipment and the terminology that is used. You know earlier I mentioned basic packages you know and we discussed Glasper detectors motions in various types of equipment. You know today we’re going to be talking about our home security systems and how they work. You know there’s various different ways that it and the security system can communicate. One of which is the plain old telephone system which is called pots. Those systems are starting to go by the wayside but they still are still there’s doctor. There’s companies such as Cox and one strain they still provide. And even AT&T to some degree but not as consistent as others. That provided good quality signal to be able to process an alarm signal. Now I mentioned a good quality signal because it’s vitally important for those for the voltage to be high enough for the alarm system to pick it up and be able to process the signal correctly. And that is the reason why the VOIP the voice over Internet Protocol is starting to get to the point where an alarm system does not necessarily work and it’s not recommended ever to use but it can still be done and it still works.
There’s just some hesitation in fact due to the fact you’re using the Internet rather than a standard telephone line it’s a derived signal. So the drawback from a reason why they say you cannot use them or you’re not supposed to use them is because Internet isn’t necessarily as stable as others might think. Internet goes up and down. So with that in mind you know you need to keep in mind if your alarm goes off and it happens to be down then it’s not going to communicate. So that’s something to think about. Another form of communication is cellular. This is fast becoming the premier method of communication for your alarm system. It wasn’t about maybe eight years ago that same year was considered a backup form of communication rather than and the telephone was a standard form of communication. Now it is because of that the telephone is kind of sort of a backup and say you were is now the primary for communication in Watts Oklahoma. It’s used quite frequently due to the fact that there’s a huge amount of people that have never had a landline telephone or plain old pots telephone line. It just never happened. Owasso Home Security
Generations today have grown up to where mom and dad have never had a lack or an actual telephone line. They’ve always had cell phones and the kids are growing up. They’ve always had cell phones. So as they’ve grown up and now getting married and having children and families and such you know they have never had a landline telephone Don’t ever play on certain to have a landline telephone. So those sort of things are now starting to get to the point where people just don’t have landline telephones anymore. But as far as the communication is concerned now the cellular method of communication has gotten to the point where it’s a little faster than a plane on top. Owasso Home Security
Foxfire it has more abilities than playing on a POTS line than it used to be around such as the ability to be able to operate your systems via your smartphone.
That’s one technology that is starting to take the entire industry by storm and allowing your alarm system to not just be an alarm system anymore. It is also an actual home automation system and along with the home automation abilities. Then comes the ability to be able to view your video surveillance systems via a smartphone. That’s one thing. Now it’s gotten to be extremely popular. Just about every day I get phone calls people wanting to be able to view their cameras or fire and about or security camera system. You know Watts Oklahoma and and want to be able to not only control their lives via their smartphone but they also want to be able to see video on a smartphone. Owasso Home Security
We installed a security system in a business here just recently in church are very thoroughly amazed with the fact that the video that we have provide for them it stays in color on almost every camera that we install to have 16 cameras are they same color all night long.
It does not require a whole lot of light in order to be able to provide that ability and when a camera stays in color then you also continue to maintain the character of that clarity as well. You know the color our cameras that we carry now are a little bit better than five megapixel so therefore that means if you’re not really sure it’s much better than 10 ADP which means that camera clarity is very clear you know. Every camera has the ability to do a digital zoom. So you’re not only able to see the pictures and the activity that’s taking place and you’re around your house or around your business but you’re also able to see it clearly and be having the ability to do a digital zoom if you so desired. Owasso Home Security
You know this is Keith with Witness Security if you’re interested in resting in a home security system. I would recommend doing a little bit of research and just Google or you know home security systems and Owasso and we will usually pop up first. We’re easy to find. Witness Security Letters. It looks like a gigantic eye with the people inside the pupil is a reflection of say the same logo and therefore take the time to do the research. And I’m sure you’ll be able to find.

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