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This Warning this is teller and key witness security and Wassa Oklahoma. And today we’re talking about just home security prevention.
A few tips that we have to just prevent anybody breaking in in the last episode and talked about how 75 percent your return sees the signs and stickers. I also said I really don’t want you to just go out and buy signs and stickers and or make signs and stickers of your own. But that actually would take care of most of your problem.
Yes. And then also you know. Even though you’re looking to secure your home as far as you know 75 percent of your experience is the sticker.
But you can also look at a variety of other things as well. And that being the doors in the lock you have in your home. You want to make sure that you create a situation where you make it that much more difficult to get into a home you know rather than just simply kicking in your door and. Having somebody to be able to get in if you had a heart and you have your duty your door on the front door and all your bedroom doors it makes a really big difference. Well oh Owasso security. The thing. Owasso Home Security Prevention
You don’t want to have to make it so difficult that every time you come home it’s cumbersome cumbersome. I remember years ago watching a movie where they come in are actually you see them on the outside of the door the video they’re unlocking all the deadfall to get like 45 dead bolts all the way down. Right. And then they get in and it click click click click all the way. It’s like no that’s not going to work. That’s a little bit overkill. But at the same time you do want to make it to where it’s difficult for the customer for the customer the thief to get into the house. And yet still make it secure. And. We’re talking about Lochbaum thing. You can literally just type in to you to the word lock bump. And you’ll find countless videos and company. Companies like Quickset and H and Yale that have put out videos that say hey you need to buy this block because it is a bomb proof.
And if you get video you can get the videos.
Not only to tell you how to do it within seconds how to make the key to do the life of being how to you know what kind of lock to look at look to. So when you walk up to the door you can actually it’ll actually work. Owasso Home Security Prevention
You know one of the things like Ademco or goods at 80 MEAC or whatever it is supposedly one of the better locks Schlag Quickset. Owasso Home Security Prevention
Gail also I mean you’re talking about making keys not only can you make the keys reach you if you want to really get lazy. You can go on eBay and you can buy two sets of keys for all the brands maybe a hundred bucks and get all the sets of keys for all the brands and literally 30 seconds at each floor. Boom boom you’re in. Yes. Now if you ask me. That doesn’t sound safe. If if a key home is made so you can bump and be in there. I want a lock that is locked. Ball proof for a of security. That’s the only way that I could feel secure is a lock that is luck bomb proof.
Yeah. And also. You know when you talk about the kind of work you have in your whole you know nowadays in their homes that they’re building today here and there you know. So you’ve got divisions from both sides of 169 on 76 Street New York 86 96 street north and even 116 street north where they’re building a brand new subdivision there quite frequently to cookie cutter built here. You’re using the standard lock your own when you buy your home you want to make sure that your home you have just don’t have are yeah and Quickset they make a lock on it.
A lot of times it’s very inexpensive but at the same time very secure. Two years ago whenever we bought rental and I bought our first house and I switched out the locks to the Kwikset locks and locked my keys inside the house on accident.
Well call a locksmith and he gets there and I guess I can’t fix it. Owasso Home Security Prevention
So you saw the brand of log. He goes I can’t do anything with that I get to drill it out said no you don’t. I’m not drilling not that lock is expensive now. Oh wait wait that. So. He actually did get in but we didn’t go that route. And the route we went was to the overhead door which that in and of itself it’s a different episode. But it blew my mind how fast he was in. When it comes to home security in a Wasow the only reason Keith and I do these tips is the fact that we want you as the customer to do any homework to be a little bit more educated.
And also like you know the doors themselves the door jam is a really important thing. So I’m going to just kick the door in. If you have a really good solid quarter or. Well you also have to have a good solid. Owasso Home Security Prevention
Jam as well. You know that door you know make sure that that door has plenty of long screws going all the way into the air fret the actual frame of the the opening. And if at all possible metal door jams well so that it’s not going to bend and break. Well. If it’s a wood jam a lot of times.
Someone kicks it out. It’s usually only got.
If you want to have a school. I was going to say well that but also the the the wood that’s holding it in place usually is on the bottom. It’s worth a look right. So when they kick that door. It’s really simple for that deadbolt to rip right through.
Grinning I mean the idea was that every time it’s science every motion there’s an opposite reaction. So when someone kicks that door. It’s got to go somewhere. And now if you’ve got the right type of strike plates in place and they make one that’s three foot one of the girls in goes the entire length of the door. And so it it strengthens that deadbolt to where it will actually probably rip out the lock first before it rips out the door. You
create more shear strength. Owasso Home Security Prevention
Absolutely And hopefully when he kicks the door breaks his ankle instead of the regular foot. Yeah the door. I don’t know I’d rather come home and see somebody laying on my front porch because a wrinkles broke and I’m actually getting inside I probably get a kick out of that. Yes. But this is Tyler and Keith with witness security and a Wasow Oklahoma. And like I said earlier we’re talking about a Wasow home security. Wasow home security prevention. Just trying to educate the customer on. Security and that security in a Wasow and a Wasow home secured.
And basically the most important thing we want to be able to convey is yes we work to individuals who you know of course by our home security system for security. There’s more to the home security system than just the security system. We like other things in place for you to make sure that your home is secure and safe and so on and so forth. So if you’re interacting in the home security area of Oklahoma Google or watching on security or Tulsa security you can see finace on the Web really do that way. And really Reiz give us a call.

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