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More and this is Keith with great insecurity in Oklahoma we are going to be talking about home security for a while. So home security prevention and last.
And so we’re talking about how far as far as we’re concerned there are some other things I want to mention with that as far as others are concerned.
Yeah a lot of windows that are out there different kinds of windows have wooden windows vinyl windows you have sliding windows you have double windows where the both the window on the bottom and the window on the top move. Owasso Home Security Prevention
Now you also crank out windows or any other window beside they crank out can be gotten into you know thoroughly goes make a fantastic window with the locks and everything that they make and make it virtually impossible to get in as well. Back to your normal sliding windows of any kind whether it be it is vital it’s flexible so they’re able to pop a little bit more. The wooden windows for the most part which you don’t see very many of them anymore kind it makes you. Really get into Windows and you know so you’re going to see him from time to time but not very often.
And then as far as everything else is concerned you have to crank out windows are just super difficult to get into from the outside. Owasso Home Security Prevention
You have to break the glass or do you say all that to say this is quite a great number of people are getting questions about contacting windows and it was so. And one thing we want to keep in mind is that when news and sells if you’re going to keep people out. Quite frankly it’s better to use a glass break detector for this over because it covers windows with one device. So if you have more than one window to be covered in the room and the best way to cover that would be with a Glasberg character expense wife. Now if you really want new windows contact you because you don’t want any one notification that you’re left open because you might open the windows periodically your kids might open the windows periodically or to make sure they are closed because if you go a break detector and the windows left open obviously the cost is not going to get broken. So it’s not going to be it’s not going to set it off. So it’s not uncommon for people to contact the windows and glass break to text. That’s not uncommon at all.
So depending on what your situation is and what you wanting to cover and the valuables are inside including children and things like that you know glass breaks and contacts can be of great value to you. You know there’s things you want to keep. Make sure that you have everything in place so that we can help you be able to you know install whatever you need.
You know anti-left devices you’ll see quite frequently the locks are either on the side of windows or they’re on the bottom of the window every night and getting to see one on the top.
Those sorts of things are pretty important in your security system.
You know it’s the equivalent of war star. Owasso Home Security Prevention
You just don’t have to feed it is often you’ve got to clean up after it. That’s basically the generic philosophy behind that.
But I do have a lot of people that have dogs that are considered wanting additional motions and things like that. The problem with most encounters you know with dogs especially big dogs the big dogs you’re going to set in motion capture off the dog itself is a big dog. It’s a very rough interpreter. Owasso Home Security Prevention
And you know the motion capture that you get with us because he can roam from one room to the next you know we’re a motion picture can or he can go right up to the window somebody actually trying to get in and the petrified at first and before the even air and then you know what happened to us was cleaning up after him breaking something you know. So these things are important to consider if you’re looking into a home security system and you know as far as the windows are concerned but also one thing you need to do is just simply being a good neighbor. You pay attention to your neighbors know your neighbors neighbors names or know what kind of vehicles they drive know who they are. So. Owasso Home Security Prevention. As far as the rest of the family there are friends and people are coming over to see you recognize the vehicles that people are in your neighborhood. If all of our neighbors did these things then it would make it much easier to identify issues when you know something were to happen you know as you see people walking through the neighborhood it’s you know people that you know just get to know your people in your neighborhood as you walk around the neighborhood. You see people milling around and or even periodically shoveling snow you know pay attention to what he doing the anything you know good neighbors will walk occasionally you know around just to make sure that things are being taken care of.
Even if it’s just a little bit of your street and down the street when you go out to get to Hey Jason the things that are going around around you so that you’re able to identify things or it happened. You know Leon this has been always been a real common thing that people have done left our keys to their house and say Crikey you know outside a door or something you know experienced burglars look for hidden keys and like playing in boxes and doormats above the ledge.
And so you want to make sure that if you’re going to do something like that put it in this box to you know beyond a shadow of a. It’s not going to be found by somebody else. You can find it. You know if you have it if you live in some sort of a neighborhood watch or a neighbor each way which you’ll find from heroically especially especially. So most of them do have a choice. And you can also set up neighborhood watch programs to work periodically. One person takes a shift whether it be an evening shift or a shift or a night shift just to pay attention. That’s their job for that day of the month to be of concern to what’s going on in the neighborhood. Owasso Home Security Prevention
So that as you get in the habit of in case what’s going on then you’re able to see what’s happening and who is a neighbor and it may not be long. It’s important to know your neighbors know who they are know everything about them on the outside because that’s where you’re at.
And to be able to identify strangers who may be in the neighborhood people don’t are for some time time to leave flyers and they’re walking through the neighborhood and indoor fires and things like that from churches and stuff you know pay attention to these and find out who they are and you know make sure that you know what they’re doing is not going to create any harm. And your neighbors in jails and over here are going as far as you know to have a cookout or something. So I’m just trying to get to know who they are. That way you can be a benefit as far as services to them and so on and so forth. You know it’s important to know as people are going on vacation that you know when they are on vacation so therefore if a stranger is going to be pulled into the driveway had a lady call last week she knew that her neighbor was you know in Florida for the weekend. And there are great bands that kind of thing to their driveway. Was kind of odd.
So she gave her a call and come to find out it was somebody that her husband was mentoring the church and just came by to visit knowing that he wasn’t there. That’s kind of peculiar you know I was able to see was on his way. Owasso Home Security Prevention
You know as I said one thing with woodenness security and Owasso you set up a class you give us a call if need be we can drive to the house and do exactly that.
Just check the house over and make sure everything’s good to go. You’re not going to get that with any other company. It’s just not going to do that.
You know earwitness security home security and Prevention for your home is what we do and what I enjoy to do and what I convey to the rest of everybody that works with us this is what we do. And there’s nothing more nothing less than that. So if you’re looking into a home security or just google security you know what’s over security and you’ll find that security comes up on the top of the most reviews and the best reviews. But just take a look at our Web site and the things that we can do might answer some questions. Give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 is there. We’d be glad to be able to work. Talk you through anything. You know our first name through the phone or answer most questions you may have and set you up with an appointment for free consultation. We’d like to be able to help you. Thank you for listening.

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