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Good morning this is Keith and tired with Witness Security in. Ian whatsoever Oklahoma. And I was I didn’t have any idea where I was located. I walk to Oklahoma if you aren’t from areas north of Tulsa and it’s our community near Collinsville And you know just north of Tulsa and what we’re going to talk about this morning is how to identify a suspicious person either in your home or your home or small business Owasso Home Security.

You know if you’re warning to if you’re just catching up with everything you want to see where you can locate if Google Witness Security Witness Security Tulsa and also our phone number is going to give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

And actually you wouldn’t have to do Witness Security tells you to do is type in a Wasow security cameras. It’s going to pull up Witness Security in a pool of other companies as well which in doing that you can actually see reviews and their reviews. You can see where we’ve Reinke when it comes to what our customers have to say.

Exactly and the thing about we’re really important Mortada with making there is the simple fact that just being able to just Google as a city rather than an actual business makes it or you have an opportunity to research the various companies that you’d like to be able to do business with.

Owasso Home Security No honestly I myself kind of biased here. I would like you to tell us witness and is Witness Security for Trimmer’s at same time. I want you to do your homework first and see that you’re actually going to get a lot better of a system with us than maybe you would with other people not just due to the system that we have to sell but also the quality of service that we have to offer as well.

Yes exactly. Now to get right into our subject how to identify suspicious behavior around your home vicious behavior.

I’m pretty sure whenever I was a kid I had a little bit of suspicious behavior going on.

Owasso Home Security Yes you did. Yeah the main thing that you want to be paying attention to is your person. You know people just walking up and down the street if they’re carrying something like a bag down the street and for no apparent reason they’re walking out the middle of the road or whatever and they’re kind of rubbernecking back and forth especially if it’s one person walking down the street by themselves. You want to know kind of pay attention to them. If they cannot you are walking kind of slow and you know crisscrossing back and forth across the street they’re looking for something. Well why. What are they looking for especially with somebody who I’ve never recognized in the neighborhood before that this was a suspicious person and that tends to and one thing.

And we’re going to say are yes you are sensitive suspicious people walking the halls or walking the streets or whatever. I was reading this and he says. People are wearing clothing not consistent with weather conditions.

All right. I see people wearing these heavy duty coveralls or overcoats or something and get a summer.

Owasso Home Security They’re sweating their brains out and they can’t. They’re not even though a they’re on some serious drugs and they know what they’re doing or two they’re hiding something. Yes. And that’s.

I mean I can understand how that wouldn’t be obvious to people to see but they do it all the time. And you know also what you need to pay attention to is.

You know people that may be coming to your doors requesting some sort of service whether it be their sterile and chemicals or you know how so clean what they’re vacuums is when vacuum.

Is a thing of serious seriously thing of the past.

Yes it is. But I don’t know how it is. I I’ve had vacuum salesman come to my door.

But I can walk next door to where I actually have it. I didn’t know that vacuums were such a thing in a vacuum store. We got a backing store right around the corner from. I’ve seen it. Whitey stopping in there to buy vacuum.

Owasso Home Security Stuff that you can buy in vacuums it sells great vaccines.

Well that’s just like a lot of businesses. You know if you know just like ask for for example we sell security systems and cameras. You know the other department stores the same. I venture to say it’s probably just a better brand better quality better quality even then you have.

You have people that are over there saying that building a big building and are.

Trying to get in places that they shouldn’t. It’s going to be obvious when they’re just checking doors. Yes. To see and get in here see what’s in here and that’s going to be a option there to see if they can they can find something.

Well yeah you seem like in a small business you’ll see them frequently. Right. You know just walking up and down the hallways and I was in a business the other day that they’re getting security system in there. It’s like a office complex. That was the reason why if you want to get a security system and people coming in knocking on the doors and she doesn’t frequent him you know people just coming in and buying stuff. What do you call that when you’re getting everyone. Yeah it’s not retaliate in kind. So people are coming in and asking questions on a regular basis and you get the same various people for to her knowledge those people didn’t even work in the building. So that’s the reason why she wanted to get a security system. She has to make sure that somebody didn’t come in after the fact come in and the computers and stuff that she had and you know they’re in our business and you know because of the kind of businesses you did she just wanted to make sure that things are covered and there’s other things that we need to pay attention to when it comes to business for monitoring what’s going on. But for instance you want to make sure that you’re paying attention to vehicles that are parked in the street and or in a parking lot.

When we were around we were doing a walk through with a small church in the area and one of the things I’d never heard. The last time that I was at the property had never seen that car there. And so I asked one of the staff members at that church just we were doing a walk through he said hey you you have no cars.

He said no is probably one of the people in that apartment complex back there decided to come over and have a little fun last night. And so he said as they usually do that and if it’s here by noon we’ll go and tell it.

Owasso Home Security But that’s one of the ways you can pay attention to a vehicle is if it’s just hanging out and there’s no one in it. That means somebody is walking around and then there’s someone doing something that they should not be doing.

Well a lot of times people park in parking lots larger parking lots especially that I mean maybe not like a church or whatever it is you’re not new business throughout the rest of the week except for maybe on Sunday and Wednesday. So therefore they can park in no parking lot and then they can walk throughout the neighborhood and come back. Their car isn’t necessarily being observed quote unquote. A lot of people think especially in a church.

They don’t really come into church until Sundays Wednesdays and whatever whenever services are being held. So they feel that it’s just a good place for them to know central location and and also that I’ve noticed that they’re getting my churches in neighborhoods so it’s easy to park your car or church that’s in the neighborhood and get away with being able to walk around like we were just talking and a smaller church a lot of times and those staff members don’t come in until services are being held. So no direct this week there may not be anybody there. So anybody in the neighborhood driving around with their car parked over there it’s like well if you met somebody and they just park there you don’t think you are going to take it this way.

Well someone sitting in that car or stolen that that her job there is no way that they’re not scoping that church out.


Then also we have to consider a suspicious vehicle. We could look at it as if someone sitting there they could be hunting for life.

Why would they be hung for wifey other than the fact of Hey they just want to sit there and surf the Internet. But be they could be sitting there driving through her neighborhood. I’ve seen countless people they will drive through a neighborhood looking for a wife that’s on.

And then they will sit there and surf the surf the web.

But also and by doing that you’re opening yourself up for someone to surf the web and looking at child pornography pornography and barbacoa. They’re doing it on your IP address. So not only are they doing it on your IP address but you’re going to be the possible one that’s going to be hit on that very dangerous deal if it are every Tarbuck out.

Yes that’s a huge reason why you need to make sure your IPs or your wife is locked but nobody know if they really are.

Owasso Home Security But how do you secure your wife or security your wife.

It is really easy. It’s just a simple password you set in and you don’t set just a generic one you set one that you and your family knows one that is going to be at least seven to 10 characters and half of them need to be numbers and letters mixed in.

I know my.

I use like to the name of my wife is to two different care or two McGill’s a show that I watch.

So it’s in that show and then on the year of something that’s pretty important to me.

Owasso Home Security  And then the same with the password it is another show that I watch and a year that I get something that’s important to me is I do not want somebody hopping on my wife and basically doing something that definitely should not be done. Exactly. When you when you search something this specially child pornography when you search that it is being watched 100 percent of the time by party with police and people responding authorities that need to be examined. When that pops in their servers it’s going to send a specific IP address and boom they just nailed you. And it’s not that easy.

The way I just described it but it’s very similar. But anyway back to what we’re talking about I do know when I was working on hotels I would have people that would sit outside the hotel and try and hop Wi-Fi and all they were doing was probably just one Wi-Fi so they could maybe fill out applications or whatever.

They’re nice people when I talk to them and said hey can’t really be doing this. But at the same time. That’s a security breach. And whenever I saw one the cameras walk out and say hey I can’t have you doing that. And they would move on. But when it comes to security a building with cameras as long as you have that view.

Owasso Home Security  It makes the security officers job a lot easier. Yes. He can watch patterns if he’s sitting there watching cameras you can watch patterns of different people and he can notice things he can pick up on little things.

Also when you have a business employees they do things that are stupid and say get a sick child or they’ve got a car that broke down they need to pay for something. So hey I’ll put this up here and oh plus all the bucks from the actual cost of the equipment or cost device whatever it is.

And so what and also what you want to take in consideration we’re talking about just identifying suspicious behavior or suspicious activity either around a home or a business you know and also kind of in conclusion to what we’re talking about. And you know why would you want to be able to identify this kind of supposition suppositions. Suspicious behavior is if whether or not you were wanting to possibly get a camera system or surveillance system you know it wasso Oklahoma. Or what about you know not sure whether or not why you even get one. You know once somebody gets a camera system it’s surprising how much activity you have going around your business and or your home data and what you ever really even imagined before. So you know check us out on the web at Witness Security tell us in dotcom that’s witness security Tulsa dot com. And also 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. We’ll be looking forward to talking to you 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 Owasso Home Security.

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