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It’s one of the fastest growing areas in the area and in north of Tulsa a lot of people are trying to move out of Tulsa itself and move into the communities such as a wasp or Collinsville and make sure that they’re close to Tulsa to get to and from work in that commute. But you only got to go up 169 for what 10 minutes and you’re in a totally different community. It’s a little bit smaller. There is quite a few housing divisions that are being built Arawak so that are two large rooms. And as you know manufacturing companies are moving into Tulsa. And it’s really easy for them to be able to know where people are. We activate a large security alarms and cameras for their in a lot of holes that are moving from Colorado California New York New Jersey. You know Florida you know all over Texas. Owasso Home Security¬†You know you have me and it’s quite a few different businesses that are moving into the area here. So it’s important to be able to do it.

Be aware of all the different things that we can provide to you when it comes to security and say your business when it comes to you. We always are hearing of the person that showed up there not only there are just loitering out front it or just last week I think you’d said you were out of the business and you showed up to who was to sell appointment made the service call and the guy was sitting there on the front from the front grounds in the front stoop of the business Owasso Home Security.

Well he added in this particular case the business center has a park bench out front you know and there is no other businesses necessarily around. You you keep doing this. You got to be going in there and he’s got it there because quite frequently business goes down and he goes out and sits there on his park bench and has his coffee and or whatever the Take Care is actually brings his computer out there so that he relaxes and does work out there when it’s slow and sure it’s. But people don’t actually sit on that bench. That’s his bench. So that was kind of odd for him. I mean even commented to me about it you know anyhow. I mean and also you know the other things that needed taking in consideration and we’re talking about surveillance cameras but what works in conjunction to businesses that work 24 hours is an access control system. Sure and an access control system it allows you to be able to control the access to and from the building. And if you have the proper FOV to be able to allow yourself into the building and others that aren’t necessary to be had in the building can’t get in. So it’s that that’s why it’s controlled called controlled access access. But that sort of thing can also be done at your home Owasso Home Security.

You know we have our home automation devices that we can install in people’s homes that allows people to be able to control their home their locks their lights the thermostats all from your smartphone and those features are getting to be more and more popular in the newer homes that are being built than Alonso and Collins building.

You know the locks that we have now that can tap into your security system are just phenomenal.

Kwikset makes a phenomenal law that you can not only be able to operate from your phone but they have a device built into the lock called Smart Key. I get it. There’s another lock on the market that has the ability to read the laws without having to have a locksmith out there. Those are probably the most viable portion of any law is the fact that when it comes to a lock you would actually have to have a locksmith come out.

You got all the locks you have in your house. I know one customer she’s got six locks all of them use the same exact key but if she were to have a locksmith come out she would have to pay for each one. Changed.

Yes. We’re with Quickset. It’s just a matter of pushing a button when the doors are locked and then reheat.

Owasso Home Security Is the sequence of steps you have to follow and if you don’t do that correctly you’ll end up in the lockup pit at the same time. It’s not that difficult to do and there’s instruction that can be followed so therefore you know rather than paying for a locksmith. Then. You’re able to rekey your own locks and be able to you know save some money. Now if you had a situation with your children and you’re bringing people home for whatever reason a lot of your kids will leave their key to their friends so that they can get in. So they didn’t have to bother to get out of bed or whatever. We have a generation today that is always trying to do something easier and better which quite frequently diminishes the security in your home.

Yeah. One of the systems I did last was last night customer told me there a way to turn the system where they don’t have a way to turn the sound down. They’re always turning the sound down. And I’m sick and tired of them shutting it down and then letting our friends in that is driving me nuts.

That’s one thing that with the car after we have you get a notification right on the phone letting you know you know when the system is disarmed even like in our office we’re able to it’s set up to win every one of us turn the system off and we’re on. I get a notification letting you know me know somebody from the office just turned the system on or off when you get that notification when I walk in the door. Yes. So it’s not a digital thing it’s not knowing. Yet at the same time you’re able to be able to pay attention what’s happening with your security system. You know here and you know we’re talking about you know Watto Oklahoma. Here it is today. It doesn’t matter where you’re located. You know you’re able to get that notification. The individual was helping look at security system last night. Your daughter lives in Russia or Ukraine. ¬†Owasso Home Security And you wanted to know whether or not her daughter or she would be able to operate her alarm system from work and I told her not only would you be able to operate your alarm system for work but your daughter could operate the alarm system from Russia if you wanted to. It’s just a matter of if she has Internet you know if she has Internet and I’m sure it probably some kind of a big deal restrictions or something that might take place. But it’s important that you can just know that you can operate your system regardless of where you’re at and get notifications as to when you know what happened on your own.

You know it’s so important here in Oklahoma. We get calls on a regular basis. People are wanting to know about information about security systems. You know what kind of security systems are there are there. We had a lady call yesterday. She just moved into That’s going to be closing either today or tomorrow and that tomorrow could be tomorrow. I can tomorrow Saturday and Monday or Tuesday but I don’t know exactly.

The only thing that matters is she talking to Owasso Home Security.

Yes because she wants security and she wanted to find out whether or not the security system that she had in place was one that we could monitor and witness security. Know we use a Honeywell system and we use a system called to get those two systems of the two systems we utilize them both.

And there’s plenty of systems out there. And what DMP networks can fix.

Well if you look on the bottom is a little on the face of the keypad will tell you what kind of keypad you have.

But when it comes to the way we work it’s a little bit different than everybody else everybody else is. Yeah. I just want to get the customer as fast as possible. Customers at least as possible and that’s good. The problem though is you’re going to have so many systems out there. No one is going to be able to take care of you in the middle of the night or you can’t service them Owasso Home Security.

And most of your security company ends in a while. So you know it’s their goal in mind is to be able to create a service call you know to get majority of their income comes from service calls and it’s not just security companies in a Wasow. Security companies everywhere you know so therefore they they’ll they’re willing to take care just about any kind of equipment out there. And

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