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Her and Tyler and kids with Witness Security in a Wasow and just basically north Tulsa sky to Townsville all the towns little towns that are above North Tulsa Owasso Home Security .

Yeah. And we have also. Colon’s are in our county.

But that road Tetovo highway going from Wasow to Claremore. You know quite frequently that’s located. That’s called Claremore and or I was.

Owasso Home Security  Yeah. So it’s Tyler and keys with Witness Security. And we’re just talking about security cameras and. Basically just anything to do with suspicious activity. Why would I need a camera system.

And it’s similar to the time know you’re thinking about you know the possibility of a camera system and or you know is there an absolute need.

I mean you think about it is you’ve seen activity is and things go around are you coming home from work or arriving at work. You know you’re about to leave work and you see somebody pull into the parking lot. It just didn’t seem like they were you know a part of that business to your in the building you’re in.

Support important Owasso Home Security .

The guy that stand or that pulls in and he’s tasteless and it’s obvious he owns sums or been on some sort of drugs so long that he’s happy he doesn’t have a tooth in his head. Yes. Died probably not long in that business. Yes.

Now if you’re just catching up with this. This is Keith and Tyler with Witness Security. You know you can also catch us on the web. Witness Security Tulsa dotcom as Witness Security tells the dot.com and a good phone number to be able to reach out and attacks Texas that is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. So if you’re just starting to list anything it’s important. We’re talking about home security cameras you know small business security cameras and the need to be able to make sure that we’re just watching over our property like we should.

Owasso Home Security  That’s when it comes to what we’re talking about today.

Clarity of the picture see and see somebody that’s there and they’re not supposed to be recording that that specific picture playback of that picture so he can get that. And there’s also with these new NPR’s newer viewers they have a thing called a smart search so that the smart search so that when the time arises that you can’t you don’t know exactly what time that person was there. But you can draw a box around whatever it is and when that camera was triggered motion wise it’s going to pull up all those specific times.

Yeah. Also we’re talking about a smart search.

Say you saw somebody walking on a neighborhood or a walk around the neighborhood as you’re leaning forward. And that individual was walking down the street carrying a bag you didn’t recognize the individual as you’re driving away and like this morning I was leaving for work you know fairly close to 4 o’clock this morning and I come around a corner normally there’s nobody ever standing on the corner right there right here. Some guy standing in dark clothing was standing right there on the corner almost hitting the four o’clock in the morning is not usually too many people walking around you know in our neighborhood. I thought that was kind of odd. You know he wasn’t in any particular direction Owasso Home Security .

That’s suspicious. So therefore it’s important to make sure we pay attention to your surroundings. And as I was driving off the first thing that came in my mind was the simple fact that maybe you know did I make sure that I had my security system armed when I left.

So did you hop on the phone and check it out.

Right on my smartphone made sure that my security system was armed. My wife and kids are home in bed so not my kids. My kids are. You don’t have kids. Well my wife calls our two little dogs kids now. Now we don’t have any kids that are. It’s kind of weird. And you know having that sort of thing in place so that way you know when I get on the evening I can look back on my security cameras and just determine whether or not that individual walked down the street that day so I can look at a time frame. Very interesting. Four o’clock this morning to probably close to five or six and you can do a search really fast. What kind of activity you had during that time for those searchers can either be done by time or they can be done by location. Say for instance where an individual is some items off the front porch or you can draw a box around the items that are on the front porch. And then as soon as those items get moved away then immediately pick up pick it up in a matter of seconds. We are doing a smart search on a video surveillance system expedites. How much time it takes you to actually research the video. We have our clients call up on a regular basis that you’re in a business. And in fact most use things missing. And they want to make sure that it didn’t get stolen. Maybe it was just misplaced Owasso Home Security .

I had a lady call yesterday back I’ve got to call her back.

She have a son that is not necessarily handicapped he all of his abilities aren’t necessarily there. So she called wanting to know what it is we could possibly do when it comes to putting a camera system in his house because he’s frequently missing various items and you call up and saying Mom did you by any chance come by and get this item and she’ll be a look on the video and help him find where he misplaced things. You know these sort of things are really important when it comes to the need for security cameras and things that you can do with them. Know there’s all kinds of needs that people need.

It when it comes to what Keith was just saying people all the time as you get older.

And actually even as we get older I myself forget where it’s often all the time.

Well wait.

I’m only 25 years old because we you’re 28 years old and because we work in various communities you know in this case so wasn’t a security area so an easy to forget things Owasso Home Security .

Exactly. And as you’re working in the yard and you go inside are required to drink water. You may have left. But we are sitting on the front porch. You come back out and go and or you’re waiting in the garden front yard and come back out.

I take those head shares or take that little shovel inside with me. So you go looking around and can’t find it. The only way you’re going to actually find it is to pull it up on the camera and see that you actually Waltzer it on inside with it and you set it down.

Now once you go back out of the view the camera obviously the cameras not following you but you know you picked it up. But you know you picked that up. Now the fact he put it inside the freezer we can. I remember years ago watching Bill Cosby video.

And one of his his daughters was looking for some school project and she’s working on something. I can’t remember what it was but she stuck it in the freezer as she was getting something else out. And she’s frantically searching and she actually almost got a bad grade honor project because she didn’t have it when she had the school Owasso Home Security .

That sort of thing will happen on a regular basis. And because we’re busy people doing busy things. And in a owasso Oklahoma  witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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