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Self-monitor security systems or didn’t.

Well I’ve got a friend. Who’s going to get a system from us and then all the sudden the price was too much. When.

Don’t. Take in consideration what it costs for it to go out to dinner or whatever for whatever reason.

You know the cost of going out to dinner and things like that which you do a great deal with multiple times in a month. It’s no different than a costa dinner. I mean and that’s And we’re not talking an expensive dinner.

Is there reasonable to. Just go to McDonald’s twice in a week. Husband or wife. It’s cost of the security system. Right.

And on top of that he says I’m just in the. Self-monitor. As well.

A lot of people don’t answer their phones. Exactly. And so you’re going to self-monitor. How are you going to know for a fact. That someone has broken your house. Because if you don’t pay attention to your phone don’t forget your phone at home and then your wife leaves a lot of wives. Don’t answer their phones because phones in the purse. Exactly they don’t. It’s on vibrate they don’t hear it. So what good is it. Free range in your house to do whatever.

Yeah. It’s amazing to me how many people even consider that sort of thing when they’re talking about the security of their family. You know it’s. For the most part what amazes me is. You know if. You know the husband. And or wife sometimes just feels as if they’re. Strong enough to be able to just take care of their family because they’re. Going to what you call it. I just doesn’t make any sense to me why you know a family member a husband especially does not and will not take care of the initial response to just putting a security system and turn it off. Yeah.

Yeah. Your family has in my opinion your most viable part of your life. I mean I wouldn’t say possession. But it’s those most valuable part of your life.

And if you. Take that for granted and don’t put things systems in place to monitor. Your family when you’re not there.

You’re taking it taking a risk in them for granted.

And then also at the same time you know you have the husband and wife you are working to make you know gain some brownie points for the wife. I don’t know too many women that don’t want to have a sense of security. So therefore further for themselves and also for their children. So therefore if you’re warning you score some brownie points for your wife. Put in a security system.

Oh how many times have we done.

The security system and the husband says I’m not doing this for me on this for once she just shouldn’t really feel comfortable with that one. And.

You’re going to sleep better for it for what it would cost. To put it in do you gain that security for your wife. You know it’s just not. It’s unmatched. Yeah.

You know are you that inconsiderate of your family to not necessarily put in the security system. Just because you want to save a couple bucks. It amazes me how many people I am enough to not Dave Ramsey. You know he always meant to get the importance of security in some contracting.

We do the exact same thing. And you know they’re advertised in another company called simply safe on a regular basis. All of these major telephone are not telephone radio broadcaster.

But they advertising because somebody is shelling the money out. Exactly. It’s not because hey I really like this security system because you know it’s so great Owasso Home Security.

And you know they do such a good job and it’s doing so well. It’s not necessarily that great. I just they don’t use equipment that is. Substandard.

Yeah. I honestly think that. Their assistance to possibly be jammed with a life-I worse Gemer of some sort.

Could be because there’s nothing there and it’s going to be able to protect it from doing so. Yeah.

Most of their system Goffe operate from wildfire. So the wife doesn’t work. Then. Security system doesn’t work. You know people don’t take in consideration the value of what they say. Well my wife always works hard you know your wife works all the time consistently Owasso Home Security.

You don’t because you don’t want it all the time.

Where. A security system is on demand all the time.

Exactly and they should be checking in on a regular basis. You know if it’s a wife. Point it’s not going to check in 100 percent of time but if it’s that’s another thing and a lot of these companies don’t take into consideration when they’re building the equipment. You know it doesn’t meet the false alarm reduction standards. It doesn’t meet the standards of you know how many times the wireless equipment needs to be reporting and to make sure that it’s OK. It doesn’t meet the standards when it comes to being. What we call it. You know tamperproof and the devices themselves on the doors and everything else need to have the ability to be able to if it’s tampered with it goes. It sends a signal Owasso Home Security.

Even landlines for that matter.

They are they’re more secure than the wife are on.

Oh yeah. But still you have these people that call up. My phones are my alarm systems not working anymore. OK. Have you done anything in your phone.

Owasso Home Security I ended up having to go to one. Was it Saturday. I got there. Anything happened different.

Same question I asked for on the phone. Oh no no no I didn’t. I didn’t do anything different. Are you sure nothing happened. Oh no I didn’t do anything different. And then you find out that they unplugged the phone get them plugged into the wall and plugged into a different gas. Well guess you did do something different but neither one of them wanted to admit that they did it and they’re going to people living in the home. Yes both of them.

And. Then what do we hear for Owasso Home Security.

And a Having years two three days ago we can’t remember why you would have a look back.

There are a lot of I was surprised and I just don’t like the word. But the thing is. You just screwed up your whole security system.

Yeah. So if that’s his stuff. Do you suffer type mentality. You screwed up you don’t have any idea. Nobody is going to double check it for you. And if it doesn’t work it doesn’t work. No. And their situations simply say if they brag about the fact that there is no signatures. When the signatures.

That are necessary are there in place as a protective measure to make sure the things you’re done and done correctly. Exactly. I

agree 100 percent. Then when it comes to. These suspicious behaviors and suspicious people. How

do you pay attention to just somebody walk into the neighborhood. You’ve got to get people because my my street has a main thoroughfare between Yale and Harvard and got a bunch of apartment character.


Owasso Home Security They. Walk between or in front of my house all the time. And it just always. Is that that someone is that someone’s going to be. Us suppose or done or possibly broken in. And you’re just always keeping an eye out when I’m out in the yard working. I pay attention. Like said really you can never be too cautious. There’s people that get your hated about the fact that. You leave. It’s really you watching that. Well. It. Is. You are one of those type people that he’s close to the suspicious nature. Sorry

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