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Security in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and its are you can find it on the web at witness L.L.C. dot com. Again that’s Tyler and Keith with Witness Security. And you can find this on the web at witnessllc.com 918-289-0880.

There’s a few things we want to talk about this morning. The reason why you’d have or even get a camera. There’s some things people call in about on a regular basis to buy things that people call in about they want to be able to prevent and deter you know vandals and criminals be able to get into their car their property around their house whether it be in a shop or a backyard. They want to be able to see what’s going on. Never never never do they want to be able to monitor. Children when they come home. School makes sure that they got home safely and are doing the things that they should be doing when they get home. Number three I get this call every now and again they want to be able to monitor their pets and things that are going on in their home was gone. Whether it’s their pets in the backyard or pets inside. And then business people want to be able to monitor what’s going on in are in their business to be able to supervise and make sure that people are doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing and they’re getting paid for therefore if you think that we want to talk about this morning first and foremost already before with criminals you know getting into their vehicles and their property outside. So it’s important to be able to cover what’s going on. For example with the example type or what you’ve encountered just in the past.

Yeah. When it comes to security cameras I have myself I would like to deter the criminals as much as possible like in my wife’s car. We got home a few weeks ago actually is probably close to months now but we got home and my wife is adamant about now make sure you honk the car. You know what that means is when you hit the lock button it honks the car. And because when you honk the car it makes sure that everything’s locked in her mind. So I did. And now if you didn’t honk the car then it’s not locked. Is her mindset. So I did that. Good. We went to bed next morning we get up and there was somebody that had gotten in our car last night but the alarm on the car never went off. Owasso Home Security Services.

And how is that. Because now Thieves have a technology that they can sit there and outside her car they can click and then next thing you know they’re in your car. There’s got to be some sort of remote. Not exactly sure what it is but they’re in within a matter of minutes.

And our video of our car where it important to be able to. Be able to see what’s going on around your property. Know we work hard. The thing we have and the things to believe that they can come out take.

We’ve worked hard for some reason I seem to think we owe it to them. I don’t know squat. That angered me. And when it comes to the stuff that we have worked for we don’t want to give it up. And so we would like to be able to catch these jerks that seem to think we owe to them. Then also when it comes to security cameras you have the ability to not only view your cameras but you can view them remotely. Now with technology being our phones are practically a computer. You can view the video on your phone and not just view it but you can view it live you can view it live but you can also view recorded video of two three however far far back you want to go. You can view it as long as it’s on the hard drive.

And so when it comes to security cameras you say you had a boat and a boat slip and you got as long as you got Owasso Home Security Services Internet to that boat slip you can get the recorded video and you can watch who has been on your boat messing around on your boat and or say you want to view your vacation home.

You can do that entire thing. You mentioned that we had a while back that weren’t available to get Internet you know and do his job and his shop was down. You know 500 down or down the driveway and that’s where we get it. He worked on the vehicle that we had with that kind of sort of making sure you know at the time. Never had internet shop ever been there for quite a few years. And they wanted a camera down there so we were able to get a camera down there and be able to see it remotely. And it just happened there happened to be in the port left on earth which we had there and we commented it you have to put you know Roger down there and got in it. Why it was so static. I mean this fellow could just for whatever he wanted but he hadn’t gotten it into a shop and never had.

And we provided it to him for free on probably what made him so ecstatic about it. I mean just having an Internet he works on his cars. Dude’s got the money. He could have done what he likes. That’s what he. Yeah that’s what he gets his enjoyment out of.

And so to maybe search something for a part that you probably want to go into town and buy.

But he just rather would have the internet to search himself and that just makes his life easier. And so you can you can view the cameras remotely. We also have the ability to shoot cameras over the air like he was just saying. But then we also when it comes to businesses we’ve done restaurants we’ve done car dealerships. We want to help you increase the productivity of your employees. We have employees as well and we want to make sure that they’re doing what they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. But other businesses have employees too. And so I understand that your employees at times want to slack off and so on that a little bit.

Keith we have buildings that are manufacturing facilities. Want to make sure that their product is gone out correctly. You know we have facilities that they wash cars for cargo and so therefore on both sides of the car that comes out and goes into worth being were able to see both sides of the car where the as well as the top of the vehicle to make sure that nothing gets Grath and get out correct. We have no restaurants where you want to watch over the effort to make sure that you know the gas that go out and get miscounting sure be able to make sure that the people on that account are kind of a confrontation. They have a picture of who it is. You know we have other businesses that you know with over a giant yard to be able to make sure that their product doesn’t come up you know misplaced.

And the clarity on the one the cameras that cover the cash register. That’s huge. Right. You got it. Which got it was built or what compartment the cash was laying in. Owasso Home Security Services That’s huge. A lot of camera systems of the past. I mean you watch them on TV all the time and you can’t make out if that’s an alien there or a dog or what that is that just rob the convenience store and get at the same time. Somehow the thief thieves at times get caught. So now with the clarity of our cameras not only will he be able to be caught but he’s got some pretty incriminating evidence against that person.

Oh yeah. And unfortunately a lot of your problems are. Do that. So you’re able to be able to you know monitor and take care of these things. You’re not only able to help with productivity but you’re also sure things are getting tighter with security Tosa witness security and actually the Web site of the witnesssecuritytulsa.com the witnessllc.com and 918-289-0880

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