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Good morning this is Kate and Tyler with insecurity and Jenks Oklahoma this morning we’re going to be talking about the other devices you can install in your home besides just security alarm equipment other devices meaning devices that are life saving devices and or protective devices to your home such as water sensors to be able to protect the floors have installed in your home. Yes. I mean it’s important to be able to protect your home from the outside elements. You know these and things like that but it’s also important to protect your home from the elements of just standard nature. You know that takes place in our homes on a regular basis. You know I don’t know what the exact statistics are and fires and carbon monoxide deaths that take place and accidents Owasso Home Security Services .

And but I do know that there is a huge amount of businesses out there that are called Water Fire restoration company that they make their living due to the fact that there is a lot of accidents that take place in Home.

I mean even in my my neighborhood alone I live in East Tulsa Owasso Home Security Services .

Since I’ve lived in that house for fairly close to 12 years there’s been a house one street away from up from us that burnt down all the way to the ground just a few months back. You know right on one of the main thoroughfares through my neighborhood Hausberg down just a few months back you know it wasn’t right after we moved into the neighborhood. There is a house that burnt down fairly close to just a little bit more east of that. And I want to say it was 130 6 by 140 third place.

It’s amazing.

If you take into consideration the amount of homes burned down you know in any neighborhood if you think about it.

Who. You. Get fired.

Monitored Yeah.

MARTIN Bert. And they are from what we had a problem Owasso Home Security Services .

My daughter decided she wanted to have a hard boiled egg one morning and somehow or another she got distracted but egged on to boil and she headed out to work and she did so after you know my wife and I had already gathered our stuff and we headed off to work. It wasn’t but about eight. About bending the house or office maybe 45 minutes. We get you know we have the scrolling list of alarms of all the alarm take place and of all of our accounts and up pops on the screen our house and it’s a fire alarm you know causes a major amount of stress upon me for that to happen. You know before I even had a chance you know I got a call from the monitoring station that I was running out of the house or out of the office to run to the house. Sure enough you know had we not gotten there to take care of that we would have had a house fire Owasso Home Security Services .

You know the smoke detectors that take place and you know the smoke filled in the house wasn’t what you’d consider a real pleasant smoke due to the fact that eggs exploded and they went everywhere. It’s one of the biggest disasters I’ve ever seen. But it’s important to be able to have some of these placed devices in place that didn’t cost that much to have them installed.

And once you have them installed you know there is no further expense carbon monoxide detectors I don’t know good objective to go carbondioxide occurrences.

The carbon. Monoxide is unburnt fuel that.

From whatever substance that could be amany it could be worse it could be gas it could be. Quite frankly it could be a motor that you’re a good generator that you’re operating in your garage. It could be just anything that produces some sort of fuel that has some sort of exhaust that comes off. You know in our case we were working on a house or our house in the master bedroom. The last time I checked concrete it was a pretty messy project due to the factory so much dust Owasso Home Security Services .

But this time we happened to rent a gas.

What do you call it concrete saw that it was water. It was pretty neat. And how is all set up and as we were cutting the concrete there wouldn’t any dust but we’re prepared to make sure that the dust wasn’t going to get throughout the house. And in doing so we didn’t take into consideration that the gas would then be trapped. And as we were working away we did you know we were overtaken by carbon monoxide. And you know in doing so you know it came to be pretty hazardous. So we were in a confined room like. A house. You have it near the furnace or whatever in that room that we were in was all closed. So the carbon monoxide was going to pick up. But it’s important to be able to measure these things and be able to prevent life safety if it happens to a child. A child will never be able to respond. Carbon monoxide you can’t smell it you can’t taste it. There is no way to identify outside of the fact you get extremely dizzy. And if you happen to be asleep at the time you’d never notice and go to sleep.

And it’s one of the most dangerous types of gases are in.

I mean hundred and fifty people. I mean in Oklahoma in the United States. Now one thing that why that is probably increased is the way homes are being built today and in Oklahoma there’s quite a few subdivisions being built at homes today are being built much more airtight and every So therefore it’s important to make sure that we take the precautions that we can to protect our families and install the carbon monoxide detector in various locations in your homes near your furnace you know gas you know fireplace Owasso Home Security Services .

Now it’s gotten has been vented. No fireplaces are being vented inside the home. The gas ones. And therefore it’s important to be able to cover your home with carbon monoxide.


Exactly. So here we are. Keith in Tyler with Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma. Not a big expense but it’s something to look into.  Owasso Home Security Services  You know you can catch this on the web and witness home security dot com that’s witness home security dotcom and our phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 8. Thank you very much.

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