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And Keith with Witness Security in Owasso Oklahoma the Web site to find us on the web is witnessing homes are actually witness security Tulsa dot com. Again that’s Witness Security Tulsa dot com and our phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. When it comes to what we’re talking about today is five reasons why are actually just reasons why you would consider buying cameras. What’s your reason as to maybe why you specifically would want to buy a camera. I know in my house I’ve had people in the thievery world they have this deal where they can click a remote and within a matter of minutes they’re in your locked car that you were before you went to bed you hit the remote and you made sure as my wife says did you honk the car Owasso Home Security Services.

I locked it. It honked and it was good to go. But yet at the same time they still got in my car without damaging the car. Exactly. That’s kind of nice.

They didn’t get in the car and I didn’t get anything out of the car. But yet at the same time I still feel violated. Exactly. And we got this quite a bit. You know recently and it’s amazing how easy it is for them to be able to do so. And there are cars nowadays have alarm on them that work and then coughing. Oh yeah. So it’s kind of nice. Yeah. I’m not exactly sure what kind of product that they’re able to access in order to do that. I don’t know work Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly. Now when it comes to security cameras. What we’re talking about today is trying to prevent and deter criminals messing around with your stuff.

Well we’ve worked hard to get what we’ve gotten in line and you don’t want to see that frivolously taken away from you Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly and one thing that irritates most people I’ve got to have yesterday the fellow then broken into a couple of weeks ago he had yet to be able to sleep peaceably. Since this is that he had a collection that you know he’d been collecting for quite some time partly because of his dad and grandfather that had started the collection. And as he worked on his collection that he had which is more than just a collection it was sentimental value that was passed down from one generation to the next. You can’t read what. No no. There’s no amount of money that they’re going to replace what was given to you by your grandfather or your dad. And they’re long gone. Nothing can be more irritating and more frustrating and cause a serious amount of stress and strain in somebody’s heart because of that sort of thing. Exactly. And no amount of money will necessarily. At that point you know talking to this fellow you know had I been you know another salesman quite frequently in larger companies in Brazil. They can come in and they can they can convince you to strip naked in planes now. I mean just because. You’re in such a different you’re in such turmoil you will virtually do whatever they say they say is the thing to do.

And when it comes to security cameras we had an alarm system. It gives you that time stamp to know when to look for something Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly. And what is so frustrating about this and this particular outfit felt he wanted to get some cameras in one building. As far as the alarm system is concerned. But more than anything else he just wanted to be able to supervise his private property and that’s what comes to the very thing you like to cover today is just being able to supervise your property as far as it reasons to do so. You know Bill the.

Walk over here property will deter criminals from going into either vehicle your back your Had your shop out back your business.

You know the outside perimeter of your property because the fact of the matter is when it comes to your home. Most people do not have the ability to stay home and watch their house. One hundred percent of the time. So you have to put these systems in place and then you can monitor your house 100 percent of the time. Yet at the same time you can still go make a paycheck.

And the same time I had called me yesterday was irritated over the fact that his bare bones got broken into. Had a company come in and put a camera on his driveway and as he started looking at the cameras you know to be able to find out who it was that got into his car to find out that company’s cameras do not record. So Mike he was so irritated and angry over the fact that what was happening in you know one thing we need to be careful of when you buy a camera. Now what are they going to be clear enough to be able to identify. Number two are they go record them. What’s the point of paying monthly for something that could work.

Well it works. We record on motion means that it’s going to be blips of recording rather than continue. So you have to sit there for hours. We’re in the age of technology where we don’t have to sit and watch video for hours. We can watch 30 to 45 second clips of video and you get a lot more time on your hard drive. But at the same time you get a lot more time back rather than have to sit there watch 30 minutes of videos for 30 minutes on a time frame Owasso Home Security Services.

And our devices say for instance somebody got in your driveway or your driver’s side door you could draw a box markers you draw a box around you or your driver’s side door and then it’s March 3rd and it will search everything that ever came close to that door inside that box and within seconds you’re able to retrieve exactly what time somebody came do that. And that during that time. Very quick very fast. And efficient to be able to do that.

You know when it comes to you know being able to have a camera system that that works for you it also people want to know when your kids come home from school. You know they’re going to be home from school at and they’re going to be there you know by them for a couple hours. So in order to be able to make sure that they came home safely got everything inside are actually doing their homework or whatever chore their responsibilities are prior to mom and dad come and just begin with your your app and you can look and see what’s going on.

Did they leave the front door standing wide open and let all the AC out. Did they get the chores done that you wanted them to do take out the trash or whatever. But when it comes to home security cameras you can monitor your remote monitor then monitor your property remotely but also you can say you can turn your vandalism. You can monitor remotely but also then you’ve got say a business you could increase your office productivity. Make sure that things are going the way they’re supposed to just like yours. What we’re saying about kids monitoring your property remotely. You can also monitor your business make sure that everything’s everybody sitting there doing their work not sitting at the watercooler taking a 15 minute break every 20 30 minutes. Then you can also prevent home invasions. If you happen to see a pattern that’s taking place someone’s driving up and down the street at the same time every day and just checking out your property. You can keep an eye on that. In my neighborhood we have that next door app and those people I’m guessing it’s older people that are at home because they’re always hey there’s a suspicious person in the neighborhood suspicious. I had one yesterday came across my phone suspicious man in the neighborhood walking around and because those people are sitting there Owasso Home Security Services.

It’s a lot like a security camera you have that time stamp and it says Now I know when to look for that person on my cameras to make sure that you can avoid having a problem. It’s Tyler and key witness security in Oklahoma. That’s Witness Security Tulsa dotcom. Obviously we understand that it’s a Wasow in Tulsa. Witness Security Tulsa dot.com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 9 1 8 2 8

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