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Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma you can find it on the web at. Witness Homeland Security dot com Jencks in Bixby Oklahoma Janks in Bixby Oklahoma. You can find this on the web at Witness home security dot com. You can give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 is your answer. So what are we talking about today Owasso Home Security Services.

We’re going to be talking about the just the basics of security. You know what it comes to you know having good lighting around your house. You know good locks and also a good security system. And here in gensym Bixby Oklahoma they’re just south of Tulsa. And if you were to follow 169 down Tulsa you’ll run right into Bixby right off of memorial. And if you keep going east on the turnpike you’ll run into Jencks. So kind of give you a perspective of where Jenks and Bixby Oklahoma are.

There’s a lot of new homes being built and a lot of people coming in from all over the country moving into Tulsa because we’re one of the fastest growing areas in the country. But with that comes the probability. If you were to look at the crime statistics you know the crime in this area of Tulsa and Janks and Bixby Owasso Home Security Services.

Is the equivalent per capita to New York City and or Chicago. Or other words what I’m saying is the.

Amount of break ins that take place and you know whatever happens as far as crime is concern to residents or small business is the equivalent of what you would find in New York City or Chicago.

That’s pretty good size number per capita Owasso Home Security Services.

And then so therefore it’s really really important to make sure that we take care of the basics when it comes to security you know lighting around your house. People put lighting around their bushes in decorative lighting. But it’s really important to make sure that you have lighting near the windows on the outside. It’s really important to make sure that you know the lighting on the outside may be decorative also serves a second purpose. The main purpose being security.

So on the front of your house and or around your house you advise bushes like holly bushes holly bushes are fantastic.

Anybody want to do those things Owasso Home Security Services.

More power to things catch you up real good. And that’s the thing about thieves.

They do not like work so therefore you have to under dealing with a holly bush trying to figure out if you can even get into the window or not.

They will back off and go to another direction. Another home.

Right. It’s just a target. Yes it’s an easier target. They’re going to hit that one versus coming to your house. Exactly.

So lighting you know putting Bush up like you’re talking about holly bushes. You know near the windows you know making it. Now if you ever had to work on the window you know for the person they’re having to work on it.

That’s a that’s a bad deal. Yeah but at that point still it’s best to have those for the security purposes Owasso Home Security Services.

If you don’t have to work in the window then. Yeah.

No. For the one two times your house might you might be living in a house. Yeah. But then again you pay somebody to do that. So they get to deal with it. Exactly. Now they might charge you a little bit more Deal with it but well they can wear leather pants or something.

Have you ever when it comes to it is there the summertime they’re going to sweating bullets.

You know that’s not a bandage.

You know making sure that we have our security around your home. You want to make sure that you know that you start taking care of the details around your house even before you even get in the house. So you take care of the lighting lighting ambushes and things like that. And then also on top of that locks there. Are some different kinds of locks out there. There is one Medeco is a really good lock. Schlag has a really good lock. You know the lock we use is called Quickset And the reason why we use Kwikset even though we’re licensed locksmiths. I’ve got the manager’s license. I could open up a store if I wanted to but I really don’t have the education to actually do it because that’s not something I’ve really done.

I’ve just taken tests and examinations and well Richard more administrator comes to locks as well.

Quickset they’ve come out with a bump proof lock a non-proof lock as well as not only a bump proof lock but you can rekey it and not only that but you can’t with that specific lock.

You can’t pick it up. It’s kind of funny.

And there’s a couple weeks after I bought my house I went ahead and Reekie rehab redid all the locks on my house and then my wife and I decided we were going to run up the street to get some ice cream one night.

And I just took my car key for some reason didn’t I didn’t lose the keys to my new keys to my key ring.

How did you get in.

Holding the lock company proper block. They come out.

He walks up and he goes oh no I can’t take that you mean is those are unpredictable Owasso Home Security Services.

You can’t pick those laws.

You have to drill them out like we’re not doing that. And what about the back door. It does say no.

And then he says well we can get it in the overhead. Do what he got in a matter of minutes through the overhead blew my mind. He hooked the record.

I’ve heard I’ve heard people doing that off the overhead and was in in no time and they were freaked me out a little bit. Wow. So so no worries and you need to another cover your overhead putting the contact on your door.

Exactly. But it blew my mind whenever he does. He has got this little thing it’s about the size of your phone slips between he pushes the door back just a little bit. So between the frame of the House and the overhead he screws on this little pop kind of like a blood pressure cuff. Yes pumps it up and he does another one and opens holds both sides up and it takes a hanger. He reaches in hooks it and rips the cord.

And we were in like I said in a minute or two talk about my wife standing she’s like her house isn’t very secure.

She goes Holy smokes I’m just standing in an featureless.

Well I’ve heard of people doing it.

So someone could easily get into your house and my house if we don’t have those contacts on the overhead door.

But still at same time we did get in and it was good and well but when it comes to security you can’t beat it when it comes to those quick smart keys.

And a lot of this is going to say that you can’t pick it and your average run of the mill you know that is going to pick locks.

Well Kwikset smirky see down the road you and I get into an argument and I’m like no you’re not. Come back in my house.

I could change the keys. To a different key and you wouldn’t have the advantage the lady.

We put the alarm in four different. Put an alarm in for her and then changed all of her locks while we were changing the locks on her doors. Her husband was still in bed and he rolled over and he asked our technicians that are you changed all the locks to Owasso Home Security Services.

Yep and she wanted us to change the locks were changed the locks and he was in bewilderment as to why she turns on lots of technician he didn’t have any idea why he was asking these questions. Ann you know is it.

Maury he wrote back overseas are you really changed all the locks. Yeah. Know a lot. OK. And he rolls back over. Later on he comes back out comes to find out just change your locks last month all the locks last month. And so he argued with his wife about that a little bit and he went back to bed. And so as we were putting in Kwikset locks technician handed her all of the keys for each one of those locks. Now instead of her having to change the locks once a month she has the ability to change keys at will and she’s got five different sets keys.

So every month she can change you change a key every month every week if she wants. I mean it’s really simple.

Rotate them out. This doesn’t cost anything extra. Now she’d have to pay somebody to come out and do that. It wouldn’t be near what it would be it’s a change of the loss. So there’s an advantage to using quick locks. Now also when it comes to you know you have the lighting you have security and then security locks and then also security alarms security alarms is the forte that we actually in the field we work in most of the time. And data which we use call to gig to gig an is a it’s a wireless equipment that gives you the ability to operate your system via a smartphone as well as you know the standard features of security just simply being arm and disarm the system.

But it’s totally secure. You know some of these companies such as simply safe out there you know they’re not tamper proof it’s not tamper proof equipment. No they’re not a security company so therefore the as far as following the regulations as far as false alarm reduction is not a concern of theirs because they don’t have to have licensing or anything to be able to continue to function where a company like us we have to follow all of the normal security regulations. And one of those is making sure all of your devices are you all listed and tamper proof. And that’s one thing that we’ll get into in at another time. But this is Cate’s and tighter with Witness Security and the Web site you can reach is that we’re in Jenks and Bixby Oklahoma just south of Tulsa witness home security daka Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s witness home security dot.com phone number you can reach us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 0 and 1 and 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And he says he answers the phone 24/7.

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