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Your marketing this is Kate the tire with the Witness Security and so on. And number two get a hold of 9 1 8 2 8 9 8 8. The Web site that we have is a witness home security dotcom. And we’re going to be talking about.What it is to be proactive or reactive when it in regard to getting a secure and when it comes to security a lot of people a lot of times when we get a call I’d say it’s probably more times than not it’s reacting Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah. I mean this past week probably one of the most devastating people that I talked to in the past two years when it comes to losing things that were about you fella had a nice collection that was three generations old. Got it started with his grandpa back in the early 1940s. And you know since then it’s been passed on to his dad and to him and it was a pretty extensive nightclub. And you know I get the phone call Owasso Home Security Services.

Sure it took a lot of other things such as TV come here all kinds of other equipment that things that he had. But the one thing if he had that was of the most value was the one thing that it never could be replaced.You know all those things that his grandpa passed down. Oh yeah.But yeah when it comes to security we always hear.And we could go story after story of people that have been broken into them before they got broken into.I don’t need a security system.Hey you have a brand spanking new house built and they won’t have the house. Done with security. They’ll have they’ll live in a house three years 10 15 years and never even cross their mind. It’s cause it’s cost. And they just don’t want to pay that cost monthly.

Owasso Home Security Services Oh yeah. All right. We’ve got to one particular brand new in a fairly old neighborhood. I can’t say that you know there was anything necessarily wrong with it. It’s kind of a no fact that if your home is near you know that apartment. Lower income apartment apartment you know it’s kind of a known fact that you may have an activity come out of the apartment due to the fact you know those they like to have. Yeah. I mean they walk past your your house and they can see inside the wind to see especially see especially if you’re sitting there watching TV in the evenings.

Oh yeah. They can tell the size of your TV by walking through your neighborhood.I mean it’s not rocket science to figure out. That. If you’ve got a 70 inch TV anybody can buy this see more than likely they can buy a thing. Yeah. And I just have a difficult time understanding. And these are the very same people that when I get the phone call and they get broken into. It’s like they’re also looking at us for us to be able to replenish the things that they want Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s simple. Yeah. And then when they discover that the cost of a security system to get it a. Full fledged alarm system you know isn’t even a fraction of the cost of the things that they want. And when I say a fraction not a fraction at times no I think the average that with fixing doors that get kicked in and or replace in items like new TVs and test at times use AC units that are stolen.

I mean thousands of dollars that can be stolen in a matter of minutes and you got this you walk in the door. There’s no description or words can describe what goes through your mind you’re sitting there going how in the world do I go from from here where do I go what do we do.  Owasso Home Security Services And if they’ve just been proactive rather than now they got to be reactive then to save themselves a lot.

Oh yes. And the amazing thing. Last week we had that young lady that just moved into our house. She’d been out for fairly close to three and have met her in her car. She got broken into about maybe three weeks after she got moved here and lost everything that would have lost everything. Anything that could possibly have anything to do with entertainment.

So now now you come and spend time with her you’re trying to relax or whatever and you’re not able to do so. So then she goes out and repurchases a few more thing and knows everything. You know a week or so later she comes home from work again. And what happened. The same thing. Now if you replace the front door just replace the kicked in front door you’re looking somewhere in the ballpark to start with around $500 Owasso Home Security Services.

If you’re going to have somebody do it you know if you can do it yourself. Two hundred. If you’re going to get a cheap door you get by a good door for $200. But when it comes to all of that I mean if that had just been rehashed or proactive when she got into the house then she wouldn’t have to be going to purchase and all that stuff because a thief doesn’t have a whole lot of time when it’s 45 seconds. They don’t have near as much time. Whenever they don’t have a system they got pretty much all the time in the world. They can do it. I’d like to have that sort of thing Owasso Home Security Services.

Well we have this other customer that we’re possibly turning on this week that there was another company and they seem to think that they’ve been broken into and stuff keeps coming up missing. That’s a possibility but when it comes to taking care of your system they just want to be proactive not have anything else happen. Right. So they’re paying attention where if you don’t pay attention to these details then you’re going to get walked all over when it comes to these people Owasso Home Security Services.

And it’s frustrating that we’ve got to in our society that we have to be careful of what people can do. I mean family members you know family members in general we get a lot of individuals that would like to be able to take care of the family and they can really care about that stuff. Care less about the stuff that you’re more concerned about when they’re home. You know the things that we can do with a security system to be able to take care of your family provide the peace of mind is necessary. You know when you put kids in bed at night you know you know you shout down your spine. You know those things are our utmost value when it comes to taking care of your family and to be proactive about it.

Owasso Home Security Services I think sends a message to their wife and husband or wife to be on the situation that I’m willing to take care of my family. When it comes to I know my daughter. When I put her down in an in the evening and I she is she goes to sleep it’s it’s a comfort to me knowing that if the system were to go off and she’s right down the hall. But it is just it’s a comfort knowing that she’s going to be OK. She’s able to sleep soundly in her bed in her room. I can sleep soundly in my bed in my room. If something were to happen I’m just down the hall.

So just the medical buildings say brings a terrible grandchild or something there’s an accident that takes place. You know what are you going to do. Are you going to take your call and then what would you know to be able to take care of that. Or are you going to address the situation with the child. So there are four of them were left here because one of our customers that fell this past week all we had if she had had that button available she probably would have pressed that rather than call and then went on where you go. I would like to ask you 50 questions to clarify whether it’s necessary for them to build. And so if you press the one button on the security system that’s going to get back to ambulance. There is no talking on the phone. There is nothing but waiting for the ambulance to arrive while you are taking care of your child was done Owasso Home Security Services.

An older couple this past week has said you can call 911 but you’re going to sit there and answer all these questions. Now if you just push this button the medical button you don’t have to answer those questions because it’s already been put in they dispatch and then the dispatch calls and says now is everything ok if everything is OK and it was an accident then OK. It’s not that big a deal and no cancel the dispatch. But if you already have the dispatch already on the way then it saves that much more time and in a lot of times medical or medical situations older people that little bit of time though it’s only 30 seconds at times maybe a minute. It seems it can save a life death.

And the thing that is with that you can input information is that I’m a diabetic. I’m allergic to latex. I can’t have them penicillin. I can have different kinds of medications. You know I’m on. Heart medicine and I could go for it. So therefore if I ever have a situation with. A heart situation that they’ve already taken that night or if they’ve already been out. In other words you’re not confident now. That helps. Amy Herbenick Yeah. When they arrive to know that they can’t necessarily do it right. Right.

So that’s Tyler and Keith with witness security basically just talking about proactive and reactive when it comes to home security systems and just the assistance that we can put in place. Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jencks Oklahoma 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 is here as witness of the Gary


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