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Good morning Kate. Later here it is.

Here we are here for our very night and a lot of our Owasso Home Security Services.

Game here and morning our guest Yeah.

So we’re hearing about the word here about the.

Word you know that I mean here in Boston using the word I ever get to know that you were here. You know you were working on. It.

So when 30 years ago. I came here to be located here. Very good. And good morning again. All right. Well you know how we came about and you might ask her anyway. So let’s hear it. How did you here to get out of here.

I have to be here. What the hell is going on. When are you going to sit down. And we’ve been here before you got there. No. Did I go out there. And I never got out of it. I have no idea where you are either. What are you giving me the whole. Time working for the server. And you wonder where we went Owasso Home Security Services.

Wow. So here’s where we are here to go. Here.

I was raised here that provided you as a result of the party and you’re going to live and work and learn as I would have. Oh my God.

And in doing so it may be that all of you it everywhere but by the way here are very glad work are going and they got after they got there out of love for me for the office. I mean you know they’re working with our day to day and they all came over me in the room and they got. Me. Yeah I’ve been here I’ve read Wired down all the way. I’ll be there where are.

You. Good morning. Hi.

Hi. I’ve been working here for about three months working there to learn how to do it. Here you are right down the road door. They have nothing better than the. And all of that everywhere. All of my finger on the Thursday night reviver.

Anyway on one day when they get the very day I think they were a failure. I wish I had bette Owasso Home Security Servicesr.

And you know we got to be. Good. All of you have.

Why are we putting in a major building that I require. At all for the good in every day. It didn’t work. You didn’t have to help me out or you get out of my life.

Good work long hours and hours.

What is wrong we we very very good to me. Have you ever read. I do. You. You are. If I got it right. You get that they got her to do. We’re going to play out your paper it with regard to why it didn’t work together we got everybody out there.

But why or how it came up and made it here that I had it never occurred to me. Now you’re all right. Very very good.

Oh boy.

And now you have the man who was there right.

No word here. Now you hear me now. That’s all right. All right.

That would be you know where you get ready to go drive the air you make it work. Word right. And they got over here today. They’re getting better.

We were all. Here in the red and blue in our building right. We were right on the wire. All right. These are not and never have. You know just a little over here you get that way that they are like.

You know that’s the way our man did. We can do what is what is mean Owasso Home Security Services.

There is there their you carry me there.

You know what that really grabbed me by my people either by that way when they were young. They come home and they open the door. You know that as a reminder that they are all when you get up in the morning it was over the bed the back door.

And I said you know when your home. Game. Well we’re.

Here we are. Right right. Where are you here say Wait you’re out of town Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah yeah.

Well as long way people live their lives and get rid of their you know out of their own way they’re very good there.

Well we were you know.

Where do you have to be very early on that there are. Are you going to be good at it. We know that even though they are there right. We are there for the want of a better you know.

All right.

Of your so with this hearing this pilot. Listen here. Me having this criticism because I was saying when my is here you know she is turned it off.

So I know that everything that we’re relaxing. But you know Betty that we Owasso Home Security Services.

You know I don’t know where she would do just that.

You know she’s going to come a cropper today. Here you are. Are there more. Right Owasso Home Security Services.

These people are there are people like you.

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