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This Tyler and Keith with Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma just today we’re talking about just basic security needs. When it comes to air jets and Bixby basic security needs when you are moving into a new house or you maybe have lived in that house for a little bit but things are happening in your neighborhood and you’re just wanting to step up your security game when it comes to say people that just seem like Owasso Home Security Services .

They’re being a little bit sketchy and or even peeping Toms.

One thing. Keep in mind it’s you know I was at a business yesterday here in Tulsa and as I was finishing up at around 5:00 at night and I walked in and right behind me you know this fellow came up to the. Door but he didn’t follow me inside the door. He went over and sat down on a bench right next to the door and then pretty soon another fellow came in came up and sat down on the bench next to the door. I’m watching the camera system trying to teach the customer how to use his camera system and on the camera I’m watching these fellows come up and sit down and they’re just you know it’s not an area that you just come up and sit down.

Yeah. There wasn’t like any restaurant anywhere around you know. It was a music store and they didn’t have any inclination to do anything with music. He said didn’t look like it. They were just sitting down and it was just kind of suspicious.

I was watching him as the customer was working with other customers inside. His store Owasso Home Security Services .

And then we went back outside to look at one of the cameras and there they were sitting there. We come back in and he said how long those guys been sitting in there since I walked in here. You know it’s it’s it’s just a matter of he was a little skittish over the fact that they were just sitting there and it just looked like you’re up to no good. People frequently as you watch your neighborhood walk up and down the street and it looks suspicious. If they you know I’ve never seen them in your neighborhood or. Know Why are in the neighborhood.

You know well the suspicious ones when when they’re doing something out of the ordinary makes you go. And when they’re doing that whatever it is that’s suspicious.

And you’re going at that point you go to keep an eye on that person.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been working in the garage and looked out my garage and there’s this homeless guy that rolls down the street every so often in his wheelchair.

Not a problem but one that was not there really to me.

And I mean it’s it’s almost 9:00 10:00 at night and the light was on in the garage Owasso Home Security Services .

I didn’t I had the car between me and him.

I’m in the zone didn’t say anything about it. Just working away and all of a sudden hey fella all freaked me out.

And I came out of my skin.

Normally when I’m working in the garage especially if it’s late at night I’ve got my gun on me. But this time I didn’t I don’t know why I was hidden. And so now I’m basically here. You didn’t bother me but just because I was in that situation like oh no.

All right. Some guy in a wheelchair business they’re threatening but that doesn’t mean that he needs to be in here. Right. Are people like that you could be using that as a ploy. Was he looking for money or what was he.

He was I can’t remember.  Owasso Home Security Services  But when it comes to those type things they can use him as a ploy. Oh yeah. There’s there’s people that especially in like bigger cities they will sit on the street corner and I’ve seen videos countless videos of these people that they’ll sit on a little cart like a little four wheel or cart whether it be a skateboard or something like escape.


And they will somehow hide their legs upon themselves that they’re sitting on them and they’re Bohman. And yet the thing is they don’t have any reason to be BULMAN but they’re just trying to for them into the business. Yeah they look at it as it’s business but that’s wrong. It’s dead wrong and shouldn’t Maduna get a real job. Exactly Owasso Home Security Services .

But those are the kind of people especially teenagers and whatever when they’re starting to get into that.

They’re still till the last years. Now we’re getting into a point where they’re standing on a street corner.

Bowman gets into graduate school if not before.

And it’s because they don’t have any work ethic and it’s the same people that are going into our prison system because they don’t have any work ethic and we’ll get out and just get themselves a job.

Well and also what’s really important when it comes to the security part of it.

Kind of getting back on point here and point we’re just taking or ever trailing back.

And one thing that’s important is to make sure that as you’re watching your neighborhood and it’s just really important to put some things in place to make sure that you know your house is secure.

Yeah security alarms are important but it’s really important to have layers of defense is that you have layers or layers layers like you could have a lair and that’s where you hang out.

No layer layers and levels of security just making sure that for example your good lighting around your house around your windows. A lot of people have decorative lighting around the bushes and things like that but it’s important to make sure you have lighting near your windows.

It’s important to make sure you have lighting near your doors or bushes that are around your windows that such as grows bushes or.

I wonder what the percentage rate of people as they’re walking up to their door and if they don’t have it lit they get jumped I don’t know.

I have to look at it. But when it comes to say Bush or whatever around their house and they don’t have the proper lighting you can easily get jumped in forced into your house versus you have a properly lit house. You’re in the likeliness of getting jumped is a lot less than a lot of people think Owasso Home Security Services .

When we going to trade shows quite a bit or have in the past and people say well I got a dog. Great and well dogs are great but it’s another one of those levels of security or layers of security. You know a good dog in the backyard and or in the front yard.

Yesterday I was at a house dog. He did not want me in the house.

Menton OK. I didn’t know. I didn’t know that they had a dog.

I get to the house and knock on the door. Oh good. Walking around the house trying to get the different zones to work and make sure everything is working. And there was all the windows were open the heat air wasn’t working and that just means this house heating is not working Owasso Home Security Services .

And so all the windows were open. And so I’m going to do the house closing the windows. No wonder it didn’t work because you had when you were working. And I knock on the door. And also the dog just goes nuts. Didn’t know there’s a dog at the time of knocking because I don’t want to just open a door. And it’s my upstairs bedroom. I didn’t want somebody being in there. And so I knock on the door and the dog just goes berserk and I were other I didn’t even touch the door not going to break.


Well because of that then I just moved. I said if there’s a window open inside there can you shut it because there was somebody inside the window or inside that window inside.

And so she said yes and then I moved on to the next room and then a little while later she came downstairs. Dogs on the leash. She’s not are a big person. She’s more kind of dog with her. You know the orange dogs that have the black tongue. Oh OK. Look here. Yeah. This one was a black dog and I mean he was he looked like he do a thing.

Wanted to. Well let’s see.

She’s holding on to him and I’m walking into the office and he just goes for me and.

I didn’t think she had him. I was about to just take off running. She thought it was it.

And then her husband said that the dog.

He goes you know he’s not adjusting to the new environment.

Well I got him into that August when he was the one to get to.

And she’s holding on to that leash you know thinking about the leash on because just those and real dogs Owasso Home Security Services .

Very good. A good layer of security but also thieves carry the tool tools the tree gets it.

So I’m actually having a dog is great. A portion of your security. But if you don’t have a security system to back your dog up just like a police officer when he arrives at a crime if he doesn’t have another partner arriving at the crime he doesn’t have backup and they’re not even really authorized even going in.


So if an officer doesn’t have backup then same situation the dog needs a little bit of backup when it comes to security. Yes. Now also a lot of people are a lot of things we hear when we’re at those trade shows was I got a gun well that’s great and well but I have never ever seen a gun jump out of the safe that it’s inside of. And even if it’s sitting on you yeah even sitting on the nightstand now. Never seen it levitate point at the criminal and fire by itself.

And quite frankly and then if it is out like that it is probably one of the worn items that is going to be going to get taken.

Yeah but these people I don’t know where they get this idea. But I got a Smith Wesson that’s great. Well when were there one I’ve got a Ruger go see nothing but it does me no good if the seat now has it.

And if you’re not there to use it it only works if you’re on the right end of it. And then it works.

You got to get to work some time. Yep and some places don’t let us take guns.

And at the same time not only do we have to go to work but we have shopping. No hardly ever does anybody really just simply stay at home all the time.

Well I think we go over 10 minutes. This is Tyler and key witness security in Jenks Oklahoma and Bixby Oklahoma. Pretty much anything south Tulsa area. And witness you can find this on the web at witness home security dotcom. What’s our phone number Owasso Home Security Services .

9182890880 witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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