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Piler with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma and today I’m basically going to talk about why you need a security system what you can use when it comes to a security system or end or care system. Today Keith is out of town and that’s the very reason that you may need a security system is whenever you go out of town say on a anniversary trip or just want to get away for a weekend and you want to know for sure that your home is protected because when you get violated by say a burglar your all of a sudden I mean your whole world is messed messed with and it just drives you nuts when you get home. You just can’t. And you’ve been violated Owasso Home Security Services.

You just can’t really relax. And so that’s why Keith and I do exactly what we do and that’s install home security systems and cameras located here in Tulsa and been here for about nine years.

Actually I think it’s a little more than that. But we we just take care of people when it comes to security. Keith get into the industry about 18 years ago and he’s been doing it ever since and I grew up in it.

It’s pretty much all I know Owasso Home Security Services.

And so when we get up in the morning that’s all that’s on our mind is taking care of the people that pay us on a monthly basis to take care of their security system. So for you as the client first of all we would call into our our office and we’d set up a set a frame for us to come out and sit down with you and explain what exactly would be best for your specific house.

A lot of times there are some cookie cutter type situations. Most homes have three doors. Sometimes they have four.

And then we usually do one motion we usually do the one motion because we can set a trap in the house so that cut the house in half.

And if a thief breaks in the first place to go in is to the master bedroom master bedroom is then going to when the time arises that they do break in.

That’s where you keep all your jewelry that’s where you keep all your high ticket items. ¬†Owasso Home Security Services So when they break in and they go straight to the master bedroom boom the motion nails them and then the system goes off.

If that is if they come in any other way other than the monitored doors they come in a window that happened to have been man. Then obviously at that point it’s going to go off immediately. But with the motion they did come in one of those windows and boom it nails them and then it’s just a matter of they have about 30 to 45 seconds to regain their wits after the sirens screaming at them to grab something and run. Well nine times out of ten when they grab that thing and run at something that means nothing. Whether it be just a quick and there was a box sitting on the end table of the couch or that there might have been something small of value. But when they get into the yard and they realize I mean it was just a just a kid’s toy box or something small and stupid. They’re probably muscle. Most times they will throw it down there in the yard and take off running as fast as possible because at that point they now only have about a minute and a half to two minutes to get away from the house before somebody whether it be the homeowner or the local authorities to arrive.

So with our security systems it is about 22 to 30 seconds timeframe from the time you hear the siren until the time you’re picking up your phone because the monitoring station is calling our monitoring stations are pretty much I’d say the fastest in the nation could be definitely here in the state but could be the fastest in the nation if not very close to be in the fasces areas. Six of them six monitoring stations all throughout the country and they all get the call exact same time. Now there’s other companies that they have multiple monitoring centers as well. But the difference between us and them is they’re monitoring centers. When they get the call it rolls to the next one and then to the next one and then to the next one. Now it’s not just momentary. Roll one roll to roll three. No. It’s a minute at a time. So when it gets all the way through because your security system has a burglar dialer delay once that signal gets all the way through. And finally talk to somebody it could be up to 10 minutes before that person is calling you to say hey your security system is going on. Well now it’s not going off anymore Owasso Home Security Services.

But it was because it took 10 minutes to get to you to talk to you about hey your security system is going to it. It’s not anymore. It has now reset itself and it is back in the armed state but you’d never even had the chance had the opportunity to take care of that alarm in the timeframe that it was actually going on.

Where with ours you get that call long before you’re actually it’s going to actually reset and rearm back up in the armed state. So again this Tyler with witness security witness L.L.C. com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Basically when it comes to home security we like to take care of people. Also if you were to check us out on our reviews there is somewhere up in the ballpark of 90 something right now and when it comes to our views we we actually like our reviews.

There’s other companies here in town that they are trying to hide they’re used as fast as possible. Now why is that. Well because they have contracts we don’t have contracts. Why do they have contracts. Well when it comes to security people get broken into and they need to fix something now. Well when you have $5300 to take care of a security system. Why is it $5300. Well those companies have a lot higher overhead and they’ve got to make as much as they possibly can get when they can get it Owasso Home Security Services.

With us. It’s no contract monitoring right out the gate. So you buy the equipment. Granted it’s it’s a little bit of a chunk of change cost 400 bucks but you can pay for that and then you’re not paying three times as much as you actually need to be when it comes to security. Because we don’t have a contract. And my guys when they’re in installing the system they don’t make a. I mean they make a mess but they don’t leave the mess. My guys will go in. They will make the holes that they need. Then they will go and vacuum up behind themselves. Why. Because that’s pretty important to people though your house is a mess because of the burglar trash in your house as he was in the house. We had one last week that for some reason these guys broken couldn’t get the TV off the wall Owasso Home Security Services.

So instead of just take are trying to get the TV in and leaving it they picked up the TV dinner tray and bashed it in just because they couldn’t. If I can’t have it you can’t have it either.

And so that mentality it just it really sucks. But when it comes to home security and how we do things it’s a it’s a lot different in a way the rest of the industry works wearing this to take care of people and I have said that a few times. Everybody else in the industry is in it too make a buck and it’s just not the right mentality. When you’re doing you’re taking care of people’s home security when you’re taking care of people’s their abode. You can’t really put a price on that. Now we have to to run a business. But the people when people come home and security system has now been in place. I’ve heard it countless times. Where the customers said I can at least sleep tonight. Because now they’re going to just have that little bit of comfort. I know in my house I’ve been broken into and the day that I got broken into I really didn’t sleep that night because I was for some reason thinking that they were going to come back. So if it happens to somebody that does this for a living I’m pretty positive that people that don’t do this for a living it would mess with them as well. This is Tyler and with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma Owasso Home Security Services.

Witness L.L.C. dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 9 that’s Tyler with Witness Security 9 9:1

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