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Good morning kids with what is security and Tyler with Witness Security we are here this morning we’re going to be talking about security cameras cameras that you can get. So you can read on your phone be able to zoom in during or after the fact after the fact Owasso Home Security Services.

I mean on record I’d be in Janks Janks today at work. That’s what we like to be isn’t.

We have quite a few systems out there that we have installed the past and the technology we have today will take us takes us into the future to the fact that you were able to see your video on your smartphone as well as on a computer. You can get that up on a recorded video and upwards to a month. The system we carry standardly is an 8 channel system.

That means a camera terabyte harder every terabyte hard drive and with recorded video I do them up on a four game day yesterday we had a system that we were installing.

I actually started the job on Friday and got some plans he wanted for Friday night so we went in and packed up early Friday afternoon and then went and finish out yesterday. Well what was so amazing about this camera system is the fact that first of all these prefaces. He’s an engineer. Not only is he an engineer he’s got five degrees and not only does he have five degrees but he is an I.T. engineer as well. When it comes to specs it’s an engineer any engineer. They like their specs. Yes Owasso Home Security Services.

And so when it comes to the device that we’re using. He was kind of amazed that we were going to be using a device that could shoot close to three to four hundred feet over the air rather than hit like his neighbor who is having another company that’s been in business for close to what 40 years of 40 years. And yet they were using the old technology of a hole and a shovel that they’re going to get from one building to the next.

And they’re very I would say about 75 feet they’re going to get from one building to the next Owasso Home Security Services.

I myself whenever I was in high school when I got to dig a couple of ditches for a landscaper here in town I said to myself I don’t want to dig ditches. So I decided to get into security cameras with you and we’ve got to take a lot of business. After getting started I realized oh man I’m digging ditches and then we found this device.

The device we use is called Ubiquiti. A lot of companies use Ubiquiti like bike paths if you’re driving on the highway and you look up they’ve got the biggest and baddest Ubiquiti easy props possibly could buy. And what it does is it shoots an internet connection whether it’s you’re actually wanting to shoot Internet or you just want to shoot data from one from point A to Point B. Or if you want to shoot from point A to Point B C D and E you can do that because A is that hub that headquarters and it shoots the connection back and forth. But what a lot of people don’t understand when it comes to the security cameras is that you can have this connection and you can record these cameras through this connection. And it doesn’t require Yeah when it comes to the ubiquitous We’ve got several systems. And the ubiquity supplier that we we buy our firm I proved him wrong Owasso Home Security Services.

I asked them Can I shoot basically point A to B C and D and he said no and I said I’m going to try you know we did it out there and I did.

Thanks guys. In fact the biggest one I think we have is James.

The biggest ones in Tulsa downtown.

OK. Yeah it’s right downtown that has zero internet no Internet whatsoever. It goes across the grass moon. There is no way you were ever going to dig a ditch from point A to Point B that bids from a variety of other companies that big name companies that we’re going to be coming out and install in three and four different yards or DVR.

And there were about three times ours and what was so unique They said How in the world are you going to do one recording device that even physically possible.

Is really simple. And we set it up all in one of our.

It took us 40 I think of course for a week but it was solid time just going back and forth back and forth longer.

Probably somewhere in the vicinity of 60 hours. But there’s yet when it was 19 19 cameras 19 cameras and you know they’re spread out throughout the entire apartment complex downtown there’s absolutely nothing much added anywhere there’s not much you cannot go down to solid concrete and we shoot it across the buildings and it works fantastic. Been out there for what two years.

We’d love to do. Yes I believe that two thirds. Yep Owasso Home Security Services.

And by people in power rock making it to work and work. Sort of out of work despite never having problems with whoever the video signal itself is clear. That would be the hard line hard line.

Yeah when it comes to those it’s actually probably a little bit better than a hard line signal.

It’s just using an IP address and you program that IP address two to one and then they follow each other and it’s an amazing ubiquity. They have really outdone themselves when it comes to that product and they’ve got several different lines. They’ve got the one that you shoot down the highway for bypass those ones practically look like dishes and then you get one that’s the step below that and it’s just one dish basically we’ve got a customer who has one of those and it’s a set of those.

And he is his can shoot 420 megabits per second.

Now we have one of our. Downloads of gangs. At a horse park. There’s no cameras whatsoever on the house itself but having a horse bar and telephone poles around the house. This is that other situation where you are talking about only a b c d.

Where we shoot the cameras like there’s eight cameras on that system Owasso Home Security Services.

All of them are going through it. Everything cameras don’t have no cameras with wherever on the outer recording devices now and all the cameras are up and we get on an PTZ to go on through.

And one two three four on the barn there’s a total of five cameras one of which is a PTZ and he can operate the PTZ through the Ubiquiti on his phone. No other company is doing that. And then they have another camera just one camera gone through Ubiquiti out to a light pole and it’s looking at his backyard area and then he’s got another light pole and there’s two cameras on that.

And you can’t there’s no other company and even our supplier said no it’s not possible. And then I showed him how it is possible and it’s working.

It was an amazing thing when you were doing it to get there before before that we were going on yesterday. It was just to say hello to and you know people especially people that have horses or livestock of some sort and they wouldn’t be able to walk. You were there Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah those horses are expensive.

Very definite definitely it’s incredible. And they’ve never talked to anybody that could actually do. I’ve been out to this particular lady’s house twice. Three years ago.

And the opposite was to. So she sat down on that day and I did.

And I think she said it was perfect. The ground was as hard as concrete. What about the concrete part.

Yes. All right. And so we didn’t bother with it and she didn’t bother with it. She called it down again this past week came out happy to be back. We’ll be going back as I’m working here.

And it’s yes. This is Tyler and Keith with witness security and Janks just talking about security cameras and what you could do if you’re wanting to add security cameras without having to dig a ditch from your house to your shed or barn or whatever but you want cameras on point B.

You can do that. You don’t have to dig a ditch and take. Just mess up your whole yard and everything.

And here we are witness security Tulsa Jecks witness security. Oh there was off the dock Owasso Home Security Services.

And our phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8. Look at the interviews we have on live witness security Tulsa Daka 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 0. Thank you. Have a great day.

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