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Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma and today we’re going to talk about what a lot of customers and their their preconceived ideas of what security is.

And when Keith goes into sales appointments what they were asking him for questions Owasso Home Security Services.

So first of all Keith go ahead and just give us some idea of what people ask you whenever you’re in a self appointment I would say the first thing that most people ask is what I think would be the best thing as far as security.

We’ve had a situation that we can at this probably the most common thing they start out with.

We’ve had a situation this week and sometimes that situation could be if had a problem with her children.

Sometimes they’ve had a problem with people getting into their car in the middle of the night. Fat people say that they have a problem with people getting into their home and they’ve been gone.

So the number one thing that most people ask that they they want to be able to do something to either take care of the inside of their house or they want to hear at the outset Are you one of the first to find out when I walk into the house I’m on the first question what what do you have in mind for it Owasso Home Security Services.

Sure. If I remember right when I would go on sales appointments with you I remember you asking that that was kind of what you would lead into for security systems so that you were asking Are you saying something about the outside of your house.

There is a customer we installed yesterday here in Tulsa. Yep here in Tulsa they had a you know when they were talking to you at the sales appointment they had one idea of what they wanted. But once the cameras were installed they had a different idea Owasso Home Security Services.

Yes this happens quite a bit especially on houses that aren’t your normal cut of a house.

They’ll have that kind of a house. The garage just petered out towards the front.

Part of the road where the front door receded back into a waiting room. So therefore the loop kind of an L-shaped lot of people seemed to be when they’re standing there at their front door and they’re turned around looking out the driveway in their view 180 degrees they can see everything. Problem is the camera can’t see like that. And then on top of that. A camera for the most part you have to deal with ease you know where the fingerboard come down in front of the camera and you have to deal with the fact that no camera can only see about 85 degrees at a two point eight millimeter lens quite frequently and will bring. Maybe even a little bit more than 85 maybe even up to 90 degrees. But the profile of the view of a camera is not your clear picture so you want to make sure whatever is in the repeal is not something you want Owasso Home Security Services.

Definitely to be seen.

It’s OK to be able to say the activity coming in like in your field of your view of. I type. You know it’s not near as clear. Same with the camera.

I can see that. I’ve also got a little bit of his sticks when it comes to security.

First one is 81 percent of intrusions occurred through the first floor.

Eighty one percent of intrusions occurred through the first floor of the house.

What would you say when it comes to the intrusion. How would you say most intrusions take place Owasso Home Security Services.

About 94 percent of the break ins take place at the front door. And statistics actually have gone up since I’ve been in the little over 20 years ago. It was somewhere in the vicinity of about 89 to 90 percent of the break ins took place at the front door. And even nowadays you don’t have people out doorknocking like you used to.

I mean in Tulsa Oklahoma we have door knockers of all kinds and I think gun city of Tulsa put a stop to that get back into the nearest cleaner even to the point where I don’t think churches are allowed to go knock on doors as much anymore.

They put a little bit of a restraint a lot of restraint on that. I mean it’s not not eliminate it. But at the same time. Like the hours of operation they do that they put restrictions on a bear. But the thing that is the reason why there are more that are taking place in the front door you just get a random person walking up to the door. I can’t tell if this past week or a lady that was coming up the door. And then soon as you go to the door no one would answer the door. Then she’d walk around to the mailbox she’d park in the driveway. And then you walk around to the mailbox and checking the mailbox and then she came back and are currently on some bills.

She didn’t have enough bills or room for that Owasso Home Security Services.

And so according to the FBI in 2013 there were an estimated eight million six hundred thirty two thousand property crime offenses in the nation.

So with cameras how can we cut down on that.

So if you’re able to.

View what’s going on around your partner for example the reason why we found. Lady in people’s mailboxes is one of our customers needs treats and they go because she couldn’t understand why this emergency was was you know going through a mailbox.

You came to the front door you rang the doorbell. She happened to be in her office and heard the doorbell rings you pull there for camer didn’t recognize who it was. So she wasn’t going to come to the door and as she continued to watch her she watched her walk back through what she thought was going to be getting right back into her car.

Instead she passed through the driver’s side door and went right through me. And when she opened up her boxes What do you do.

And Remy’s your mailbox I guess there had been some mail in there wasn’t satisfied. What was in there.

She closed it and she got it back into her left. Problem is the following day the exact same thing as you look for something.

Either she had some mail delivered to that mailbox anticipating it or something.

That’s identity right. Exactly.

So also the FBI boarded that property crimes in 2013 resulted in a lawsuit Owasso Home Security Services.

Take a guess at how much in dollar amount it’s going to go.

Sixteen billion. Sixteen point six billion dollars.

Reported by the FBI. Well as somebody bashes out a side window of a car this is one without power window.

It’s going to be somewhere in the vicinity of about three to $500 hours to fix that window. That’s what happened to our van when I got shot out.

You’re the one who got shot out. It was $350.

The picture window. And that was without borrowing. If you have power went out. Oh yeah.

A back window somewhere in the free parking garage that supposedly it’s cheaper to have the bigger windows bashed out than it is a tinier once the little vent windows you know.

So also the FBI says nine out of 10 burglars avoid homes with an alarm system and said if they encounter an alarm system they would not attack that home.

It’s just like the the idea of a home with a sign in the yard and means that it’s probably going to be an easier attack easy target. Yeah.

And in Tulsa Oklahoma that’s a pretty common thing here and here we deal with a lot of people that have a lot of questions regarding to what is expected as far as the system gets back and some of them walking out.

You know what did you have in mind for it. Make a thing in mine is what you know what’s going to make your home safe.


So that’s what our goal is whatever it is you know with an individual act changes everybody from everybody’s viewpoint Owasso Home Security Services.

And. That’s that’s Tyler and case with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma talking about your security needs and how you can feel a little bit safer just in your everyday life. Tyler with witness security at witness L.L.C. dotcom phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Pilar and keys with witness security witness L.L.C. dotcom

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