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Tyler and Kate with Witness Security and we’re talking about Jencks and basically five wives have a reason to get. Why is a good reason to get a camera system that one of the better reasons that most people consider everything even the phone calls that I get is to be able to prevent thieves and battles from coming onto the property and taking things to work Owasso Home Security Services.

So when it comes to security cameras and paying attention to thieves coming onto your property is basically the the emphasis is placed on just trying to fight crime but you can’t really fight which you don’t know what you’re fighting yes Owasso Home Security Services.

Oftentimes you have people that I get calls every day people who are just thoroughly frustrated over the simple fact that you know their vehicle rolled into their houses had been broken into and said you know now with the way thieves have gotten a little bit smarter as they made that little clicker to get into your car.

Even though you locked your car outside your house or outside of your garage you locked your car and they can sit there and click on that little clicker deal and then within a matter of minutes they’re in whatever that device is. I’ve seen them do it on video that we’ve had. They walk up to the car they’ve got what looks like a remote in their hand and they’re you know they’re gone. My hundred miles an hour with that thing in their phone. And then pretty soon the door opens and you can see the lights come on in the vehicle. So obviously it worked whatever it is that they have. I have no idea what it is.

Owasso Home Security Services I’ve never seen seen one but I’ve seen these thieves get into them and then I go from one vehicle to the next. Now it could be you know somebody had you know a remote and they’re maybe part owner is something that from what I understand talking to our clients you know what do they do. And then also the security cameras are an awesome way to just deter. I mean there are some cameras that have the little circle for the IRS at night but if someone is driving down the street and they’re scoping out a house good possibility they’re going to go to the house that doesn’t have cameras.

Yeah. It’s kind of a school of thought I guess you’d call it. People want to be able to have the cameras visible. All right a fellow the other day and I don’t care what you paint other things bright bright orange. You know I want people to see that I have cancer you know. And then the have other. Philosophy is they don’t want you to know that they haven’t. I was at a. Bed Breakfast we put a camera system in a couple of years ago about four years ago and we were coming in because we can’t afford cameras when we were there. We pulled up. It took me a little over five minutes.  Owasso Home Security Services We’ll look at the back here.

I couldn’t remember where we put it where I put the camera. And I couldn’t tell where it was. It looked like a limb of a tree. And my wife is the one located she was the one that didn’t work. So when it comes to cameras we can hide them if you want but we can also make it just leave them just the way they are whenever they come out of the box.

Where they’re going to look normal. They’re going to be right there in your face if if you will you can do the dummy versions a dummy version is better than nothing. How many versions have you thrown up over the years. You only do so. We’ve sold a few just because we’ve had some that are dark haired So the view of people come by and we happen to have some bad ones in the office. We have a restaurant that they had already two camera systems in place we just left them all and left all cameras in place so now they got close to 20 some odd cameras in place don’t we what they have only have them work. But we’re talking about cameras Owasso Home Security Services.

Insecurity when it comes to Jenks Oklahoma. And basically the first point was deterring criminals and vandals when it comes your security system And we also have the ability with cameras to not only view them on property but you can roam you remotely want to delve into that a little bit.

Yes.  Owasso Home Security Services When the majority of time people are in need of a security system and there’s two things they’d like to be able to have they like to be able to see their cameras on their phone wherever they may be with her work or whatever because there a few things that people want to be able to see again. Well number one they want to be able to deter the thieves. Number two they want to be able to monitor their property when they’re away from home whether work or vacation. Number three they want to be able to see their kids when they come home from school and just build it monitor them to make sure they got home safely. And sometimes even. If the kids are at home and they’re teenagers and they’re going to be home for an hour or so before mom would get home they’d like to make sure that they’re safe inside the home. So they can’t Cameron sadly. And then lastly you know if you want to be able to monitor you know other things besides just your property. Every now and again you get unique ideas and things that people like to be able to do. You know businesses would like to be able to monitor their employees. You know we monitor our employees at our office. It’s just an important thing to do to make sure that everybody is doing what they do. Kind of like locked doors locked doors don’t necessarily keep anybody out. They keep people honest.

And that’s what car cameras do. Yeah. I was reading about this as a study for this and there was the thought popped into my head. It was two weeks ago you sent me on a sales appointment and the lady she asked me about cameras totally the price she had show shock. But at the same time she said before she I told her the price you want to know where to the price or the what shoes wanted sure to get had a camera system in place. But she was wanting to be able to view her refuge dogs or something like that and other dogs that she rescued Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah rescue rescue dogs. And it just that that kind of a real common thing people. I was at a House yesterday that lady had a big German Shepherd and you know that’s her baby and kind of like my wife. I mean she even called her kid. I mean it make any sense to me. But that’s what people like to do. They like to be able to monitor. You know their animals. You know we have one customer that he rescued rabbits. He likes to monitor the rabbits that he has out that’s what they like to do Owasso Home Security Services.

You know to exist up whatever you like to do. That’s what we try to be able to provide so that not only can you have security but it goes beyond just the gear it enables people to be able to do the things that they like to do even though they may not be and gives them a little bit more comfort. Exactly. Just knowing that everything is OK. Yes. I was also looking through this and it says something about people monitoring their boats not only can you monitor a boat see at a boat slip but as long as you’re boat slip has Internet and we can get internet to the camera.

We can do it or you can view that camera and you’re good to go to monitor it through and at the same time. Finally are you able to do that but so you’re you have a boat slip or a boat dock and if you’re out there and you’re out of the dock from time to time and you like to be able to have Internet why are we able to do that. Well you know what how we’re getting the Internet to the camera enables us to be able to get why fly out to wherever that device may be. And we’ve been able to do that for a variety of customers. You know there is one in the camera that we provided and now on top of that got anything after there is provided the firearm Owasso Home Security Services.

So that’s Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jenks Oklahoma talking about witness home security dot.com cameras and the five reasons of why you need to have security cameras. Again that’s Tyler and Keith with witness security. You can find us on the web at witness home security dot com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0


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