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This is a key witness to Garrett and this Tyler with Witness Security. We are going to be talking about cameras this morning. That’s a subject that we get calls on on a regular basis. People want to know about cameras and how they can put them up in their home and if it’s clear enough to be able to see the picture quite frequently you see people on the news or some of it being broken into and they’re trying to show a picture of. A break in what happened the night before Owasso Home Security Services.

Can you find burglary at a Beaminster and you can never identify him. It’s crazy.

However the camera that witness security carries here in Tulsa Oklahoma our cameras are four megapixel and you can zoom in during or after the fact.

That’s a feature that is kind of a misnomer to those to be able to zoom in even seen on the TV shows where they zoom in zoom in where you know that means kind of how many hairs are on your face.

Well that’s kind of like how many times I looked at those stupid TV shows and go Owasso Home Security Services .

Now that’s not even real gloves.

And then also you have the the older camera systems that we used to do where you’d have to actually run a cable from wherever you’re wanting to have the camera whether it be out of the gate. You did in trench for days three four hundred feet then you got to put the wire in the pipe and then the pipe in the ground and you had to cement all the pipe or cement whatever the pipe to go all pipe together and he spent days and days and days doing this I couldn’t tell you how many feet of pipe and barely break even if I have to.

Run underground. It’s a long drawn out process takes quite frequently up in the water Owasso Home Security Services.

We did a job. It got to be close to a quarter of a mile of pipe that we ran and wire it all still works.

For the most part. They’ve had a fire and everything out there. It know still kind of work.

But when it comes to these cameras the old style system you would have to run a cable to every single one of them and you still have to run a cable but now you don’t have to trench from one area to another 300 400 feet out the way. All you have to do is put a device up that will shoot the signal from one from point A to Point B as long as you have power on point B.

You’re good to go. Yeah. We practiced yesterday.

It kind of makes the individual there is not just an individual though he’s an engineer. They used to be an I.T. engineer.

Yeah have five degrees he said. Now the amazing thing about this the neighbor across the street that was installing a camera system with a different company. And they were busy taking a day yesterday. It was up neighborhood all excited about the quality of picture of what it was going to be and everything. Problem is digging a device today and the camera systems that are out today the quality of the picture is going to be about maybe a little bit better than video you have on TV with can’t identify anybody there what’s happening Owasso Home Security Services.

When we power up our system.

You couldn’t understand how we were able to get our camera in less time than what individuals that were big in the day.

There we’re probably still digging a ditch and I know that they’ll probably be digging the ditch for another couple of days.

Yeah. Going to in the fire. Running the wires to fire. And then when it’s all said and done any good do the same thing we did. What’s so amazing about the equipment we have in stock today. We can shoot that signal.

You know we’ve done it well over a quarter of a mile.

And all the way up into a barn and also the amazing thing it didn’t have internet in the barn that have it in the barn now.

Yeah. Now we’ve got one customer that has the same style deal but he was going to have to have two or three Cox bills just so you could have internet and all of the shops Owasso Home Security Services.


And there’s going to be a hundred bucks a shop but we shut the internet out to the further shop and once he saw that it was like oh boy I’ve got a whole different ballgame here.

And we and we don’t provide it. We got to hear there. You have to tack on a. Ubiquiti router onto your onto the ability to argue with. And I’ve got a wife and it’s not that they didn’t have any before. Pretty amazing product. We can carry and in Tulsa Oklahoma we probably got word 10 to 15 at least that we’ve done this too.

And these types of camera that we carry the make pixel hyperlinking camera that low or low lights camera infrared at night can see upwards of 30 feet in the dark.

Does that mean the cameras themselves will last entirely in the dark like that. No the Elodie lags are kind of like flashlights bulbs and a flashlight longer time. They’re going to burn out. So therefore it’s pretty easy. They’ve got solar lights now you know about these things. And the seller lives out there that.

Come on in by motion and now you’ve got light for your cameras too. Didn’t cost that much to add the solar lights if you wanted.

I’ve got one of my graduate it comes on over time and isn’t power from the sun. Fantastic. It’s a technology that I’ve since I was a kid.

Yeah. Where do you get. I mean just to run to the store.

And I also have one of our harbor freight. Yeah the amazing thing about that one is I can drive into my driveway. That thing didn’t come on. I get out of it. I can get out of my truck and I’m walking up to the house and it comes up but I didn’t pick up your rather and pick up my little bitty car and pick up.

I mean I’m pretty big you know doesn’t pick up your truck right.

You don’t have a little bitty car. This is a big truck. Except me. I can walk as I’m coming up to the truck in the morning.

Even though you’re an eighth of the size of even the end I think it’s a little bit less than it 63 said of.

I can see you are pretty small. I can walk between the front of the truck and the garage and between the trailer and the truck that I have there in the driveway takes me over time but I can drive into the driveway it doesn’t pick me up.

So last night we went to S took care of him and you know we can get there and we start trying to assess the situation. And I drilled up for the door ran a wire to get the transmitter closer and he crawled.

He said that it was so nasty. Oh he got Carlier get the grubby attic that he was sorry he’s up there and the sounds that you’re making the other day whenever I’m Flum was getting on your way. He was in my attic. I about lost it. And. He used to get a new nickname is Patti. Patti Patti Simpson. Why. Ask him. It is just going batty. I don’t get it. See you later. He sounded really gruff and I guess Patti from the Simpsons is he’s the one who said it. Do I sound like Patti and I just like that.

I’ve got to put down struggling.

So. That is Tyler in case with witness security just again in Tulsa talking about cameras when it comes to security cameras.

We’d love to take care of you and your security camera needs like we’re talking about those wireless devices shoes from one bit from point A to Point B. It’s called Ubiquiti. And when it comes to cameras you can’t get any better options than what we have Owasso Home Security Services.

And I’m sure other companies here in town may have them but they don’t really push it like we do not very many companies in town that actually even do home security cameras or some that do quite a few of them that do commercial carrier. But when it comes to residential and that’s the news that we’ve gotten into that you know residential homes you know camera systems and also gotten to the point were if somebody is interested in a serious camera system they call Witness Security Witness Security Owasso Home Security Services.

Also check us out on the web. Witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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