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This is Tyler with.And my name Keith self with Witness Security here in Tulsa Oklahoma and we’re based out of Tulsa. We’ve had 20 years. Twenty plus years of experience in the security alarm industry and we’re going to be talking about today about how to operate your security system via your smart phone. And you know that after we use is called the alarm dot.com and totter. Just like years ago.It wasn’t that long ago the idea of being able to operate your security system or anything else in your home via smartphone wasn’t even a consideration except for maybe in the cartoons of the Jetsons and star track and things like that Owasso Home Security Services.

And you remember what the Jetsons were tighter.I’ve never even heard them. To be honest I know things like Jarvis and Iron Man how he would walk into his house and start talking to his robot his artificial intelligence and it would do stuff for him. But that’s the only thing I’ve got and I understood this kind of place towards same ballpark. And I don’t even know what the Jetsons are.

The Jetsons were. It was a cartoon that flew around like space cars and things like that. They operated everything from their watches and their phones and everything. It was just it was a cartoon and it was the future.And anybody watching it knew it was something of the future and I didn’t really think anything of it.But today it’s a reality. And all of us can experience and enjoy what that really is. It’s done by our an app called alarm dotcom and it’s provided solutions that connects your smartphone to your home to key devices in your home. So they work together and work smarter Owasso Home Security Services.

So learn to comment. It just it merges with so much when it comes to the security system and a interface called Z-Wave. It’s amazing what it can do. A brief summary of the things that Tom can do. You can turn your alarm on and off you can operate doors or notifications the doors and windows and several other things. So turning your alarm on and off no matter where you’re at Owasso Home Security Services.

We’ve got a customer that goes over to Japan and I think it is and does work. And I think that’s oil rigs or something. And he can operate his system just because he has a cleaning lady comes in and she calls him one every few shows up and he’s Because oh you know probably text him and he can turn it off. All because he has internet now with any other system I know like Honeywell has a interface called Total connect. But to be honest that is super slow.

We used to use to total collectin.We had too many complaints from customers that used it didn’t work yet it didn’t work and they wanted a refund because it didn’t function like it was supposed to.So that’s when we chose to go with this platform called alarmed our cub.One thing about turning the system on and off when you open up the app it makes it to where you can arm the system up and you can disarm the system. And in that very same app provides you a host of other things that you can do. Not just the notifications but to be able to control your lights your doors your Owasso Home Security Services.

Locks on those doors. You know your thermostat.Or even the garage door. There’s just a variety of things that you can do with it. So then also you have doors and windows. So you have children that they leave the front door open.You could have that notification come through your phones and the front door was left open when they got home from school. I know as a kid and I think it’s an age old saying where you weren’t raised in a barn. Yeah. Yet kids leave the doors open like it is a barn. I know there were several times that I got in trouble for leaving the door open as I took the trash out because I just didn’t want to get stuck outside for some reason thinking that I was going to get stuck out Owasso Home Security Services.

No I just don’t think it’s just the way kids are. It’s too much effort to shut that door.Yeah but what will happen with this app is you’re able to get a notification even though you may be at work kids come home from school and you know they turn the alarm off.You get that notification that they turn the system off and then you know obviously kids got to come home and have a snack so then they go to the kitchen they make themselves something they eat and five minutes later. You get a notification on your on your phone that they just left the front door open. You can give them a call and say hey kid shut the front door Owasso Home Security Services.

You know you come home do that and get the front door shut the door.And so you also then have a notification for fencing. Basically that is. So you can. It’ll send you a notification if you get out of the mile. So you set up a mile radius so you could set it up as a two mile radius. Once you get out of that radius it will then send you a notification saying hey the system hasn’t been armed. And then you can on the system up then also you have with your fencing you have given notification to make sure that the thermostat has been dropped if you wanted to do that on this. The possibilities are endless when it comes to notifications for this platform.

And you get instant alerts you want to go ahead and tell me about the answer alerts happen or say you know what we were talking about before about when you are in the system when you disarm the system or if say for instance the system may be disarmed and. The upstairs windows or the downstairs windows for the kids and you’re sitting there in the living room one evening watching TV and all of a sudden you get a notification that the door opened up and that tells you that one of the kids tried to escape. Even though the system is turned off. You get that notification letting you know the day that the window just opened and you just let them know that hey shut the door shut the window.

And you also have his garage door opener. You could add a garage door opener into your system. It’s a Z-Wave device. That would be learned in. And then you can just you can operate your garage door from your smartphone. But also getting notification. I know I was guilty of leaving the overhead door open several times when I was a kid and it said open all night long. Oh yes thousands of dollars worth of tools were sitting in the truck in the garage. Basically I’m protected because we didn’t have a platform like larm dot com whenever I was a kid Owasso Home Security Services.

And what the advantage of that is how many times have you left home and you’re driving down the road and you look over to your wife and say Did you shut the garage door. No I can’t remember. You could open up the app. It’ll tell you it comes up green if it’s open red if it’s closed. And you know whether or not it’s open or closed. It makes it really simple if it’s open then you hit the button and the door closes.

Simple as can be. And then you know for certain that it can be closed because you’re going to get the notifications closed as well. And then you also have the thermostat with warmed outcome that does you can change your temperature from alarm dot com but you can also you can schedule it and then know the kids changing the thermostat Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yes.Then also with a thermostat tied into Z-Wave if there is a smoke detector on the system and it detects smoke then the thermostat will kick down the heat in your unit so that it shut off so that you’re not passing fumes throughout the house. But if you shut the unit down then it won’t continue to Oxegen to the rest of the house encouraging that fire or even burn even harder. We also have lockset. You can add to the system at Z-Wave operated as well that you can function right directly from your phone. And we’ll be right back with the conclusion to come Owasso Home Security Services


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