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All right. Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Janks and Bixby Oklahoma. And you can catch us on the web at Witness home security dotcom. Again just so you catch that. It was witness home security dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 again 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 and also one thing you want to keep in mind with Witness Security Owasso Home Security Services.

We’re always available 24/7. You can give us a call. So if you’re looking for to get a free estimate on whether it be a home security system or whether it be a secure video surveillance system and we’re also able to do access control now. So if you’re in a business or even in a small in a home to where you want to be able to control access to something. Just give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0. This morning we’re going to be talking about video surveillance cameras or security cameras. And what do you when you think of security cameras tighter wouldn’t keep have in mind.

Well the fact that I have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to cameras I’m I’m wantin to cover anything and everything that has anything to do with the outside of my house.

You step inside my house. That’s a little weird. But when it comes to outside of the house covering the outside I want to see someone messing around with my mailbox. Someone messing around with my vehicles. A lot of people leave their cars sitting in the driveway and that’s your second and third largest investment most people Owasso Home Security Services.

And so they want to cover that kind of important to also witness security that makes us different to most companies is the simple fact that we do not have any kind of an agreement.

So therefore when you ask us to come out. Unlike most companies that binding agreements Witness Security doesn’t do contracts of any kind unless we create some sort of special agreement for an individual you know depending on the situation at hand and being a local company here in Bixby and Jenks Oklahoma were able to do things that your bigger companies cannot do and that’s packaged that situation and or equipment specifically designed to the consumer whether it be a small business or whether it be a homeowner Owasso Home Security Services.

The idea in mind when it comes to security cameras is to be able to see things clearly and you know we’ve you know work your technology throughout two years. You know when I first started out analog cameras were 600 TV lines that was really good quality cameras. And we started it was 450. I know when we first started about it you know the quality was like it’s not really super clear but you know we can tell that there’s a person out there and then it got to the point where you know 600 TV lines came out. Boy that was pretty neat. I mean you could see him a little bit clear he could kind of tell if it was male or female.

I remember way back when we were doing those cameras were gone Owasso Home Security Services.

How many days are great having are great. At that point and it’s voila it was out there. Then as things are technology changes because it always does. It went to 800 TV lines and at that point I was beginning to wonder if analog cameras would ever really get much better. They have gotten better it’s called 720 B.

It’s called HD CBI and then there’s HDTV. And then you have what’s recently come out is for OK. These are all still analog cameras you know good quality cameras. Most of these you can buy at a box or. Whatever. So that you can install it yourself. Now if you want to step up the game a little bit and be able to get a picture quality say off site. We’ve done applications we’re not going to homeowners association to where you want to be able to cover the street to want to be able to cover the you know the pool house to want to be able to cover the entrances to the gates. You know these things can’t be done with analog type cameras. It has to be done through IP cameras which is called Internet protocol Owasso Home Security Services.

Well we have one one each a way that they’ve got four or five entrances and all of them are being. And the pool.

They’re all being covered through one camera system one and we are shooting through we’re shooting from each entrance back to the pool.

And that way the pool is kind of the hub.

But the idea is it’s much cheaper to do it that way than to ditch and run the cable and you’re going to have to go across roads at some time.

This one here goes across. You know not only through the roads but there are multiple homes have got to go around on the pavement you know.

And these devices will shoot 15 kilometers depth. Now I’m not exactly sure what a kilometer kilometer to mile is because I’m American. But when it comes to 15 kilometers I know that’s a pretty good sized distance going a little bit more than a mile.

So therefore you. Keep in mind if you when you want to be able to do something. You’ve got to look at the technology at hand. You know what is available what you’re going to cost you know are these things going to be effective. We’re you know though it may be really clear you know what is it going to be so expensive that you can’t really afford to do it. You know that’s one thing that you’ve got to keep in mind with the technology at hand. You know give us all three estimate. You know we can find out whether it can or cannot be done if it’s going to be too expensive or not with the systems that are out there today. You know it’s five megapixel camera that you’re much better than Kennedy. And during the daytime and even at night it’s better than 20 to be so. And also with the cameras out there today it’s called Luxx. The lower the Luchs that the camera can do. That means it can capture the light that’s you know out there whether it be natural light or whether it be actual. Fabricated light such as just light bulbs and things like that street light Owasso Home Security Services.

If the lower the locks the better it is. And so if you have a streetlight out on the street and you have this camera mounted in your say say you have it mounted in your ear or in your driveway it’s going to pick up the better colors and you can actually see color in the dark.

Yes that’s an advantage to keep it in keep in the camera and color makes it to where it still stays better than 10 ETP. So by keeping it in color not only is it clear but you’re also able to have that camer not move to the infrared and you’re able to identify things better. You know it’s important to be able to keep things things in mind and what you’d like to be able to do in your home or your business you know. You know in some applications you may not have attic space. You may not. Have the ability to be able to run a cable from point A to Point B. So therefore you got to move to technology that has the capability to do that.

Yet. We’ve we’ve actually got a camera system here in Bixby that the it’s a two story house probably upwards to million dollar home and they all the cameras are brought to one portion of the house. The

recorder is actually in the master bedroom behind the TV and there is space and there’s the 11 foot ceilings no foam walls. You’re not fishing the word on that wall at all.

All right here are all these.

This camera system when we started the job we had no wit no idea how we were going to get this done.

We have a device that will carry the data over the power lines of the house as long as the same it’s on the same breaker box. It’ll carry the power our carry the data over the power lines from point A.

Being the game room where all the wires Ratu to point B being the master bedroom where the recorder is at and if he didn’t have the knowledge to sit there and figure out how to do it and a lot of the people that are doing either doing this themselves or they have done this in the past with analog cameras analog cameras can’t do that and it didn’t have that capability Owasso Home Security Services.

We’ve got one application real quick run in our time here. We have an application at a very large church here in Janks to be able to do that very same thing. We tried various things to be able to get cameras from point A to Point B we’ve got pretty close to a dozen cameras located throughout the church property and. We came across a problem of being able to get a signal from point A to Point B. So we use the device to carry the signal through the electricity of the of the building. If it changes the game when it comes to being able to do.

You know to do things for people that you know being creative Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s one thing with a local company you can work with somebody that is going to take the time to do what is needed for the customer. And here we are Keith and Tyler with Witness Security and James in Bixby Oklahoma. We’d like to take care of your needs give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0.

You can also. You can catch it on the web at Witness home security dot. The next witness home security dot com

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