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Good morning Kate with insecurity here in Oklahoma in Bixby a lot of times it’s Bixby Oklahoma with basically today we’re talking about security systems and your habits with your home and how you operate your own Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah. And nowadays things. With our security systems are concerned are much different needs to be for the sole purpose and security system isn’t just a security system anymore.

And when you have a security system there’s so many things that you can operate with it all. Back in the day it was just a security system back in the day. It was just to make sure that you had a secure house whenever you were. When you were gone. So you could come home and you’d have that that keypad before you know it’s like yep no one is broken into my house. I can come home and I am safe. But now not only can you come home and you are safe but you also have the opportunity to be able to run a few things you want for example Owasso Home Security Services.

Or I mean even just the wording about about 10 years ago the exciting thing in was to be able to actually probably a little more than 10 years ago now because we’ve had this for a little over 8 you know was to be able to put in a garage door FOB so you could open close your garage. And that was kind of anything to put in because that way it made your security system do more than just you know announce when a burger or when the alarm went off. Exactly. And as you drove up in your driveway it was pretty cool. Bill Press that button and see your security system function your garage door.

It’s even gotten better now. It used to be that I mean a long time ago to be able to just think that it could possibly operate items with your phone in your home. And even though you weren’t even there.

Not just operate items but you can link them all together to where when the systems armed. They do several different things to make that work.

All right cool you get our immune system up like I have in the past you can arm the system up from your phone. Lock the door. And when you do press that lock button you can set it up to her.

It will make sure your overhead garage door all the way down you know make sure that your door gets locked thermostat is turned down and lights get activated if it’s at night.

And if they’re not if it’s not at night then life don’t get activated. And as time goes on when it comes to their time. And it gets that could not light will come back on though you may not be home yet Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yes. I mean at my house I’ve got the the Z-Wave Leibel they’re on the front porch and at dusk it kicks on and at 11:30 midnight it shuts off. I just don’t really like it on a light says it has a 22 year lifespan. I don’t really want to see how long I can see it. I’d like to see it last twenty two years have been really cool but it actually says on the box that it’s about a three to five hour time that it’s actually lit. Oh I don’t care for that. Twenty two years. So I’m just thinking that if I have it on all night long it’s probably not going to last that long.

So anyway when it comes to Z-Wave which is the devices that will tie into the security system you’ve got locks you’ve got lights you get thermostats there’s a thing called an appliance module. You can actually do light switches which actually did a couple of weeks ago with my electrician and that was really cool to link it in. He had an electrician had never seen anything like that. And once I linked it into the security system and then I was operating the lights from the customer’s smartphone. Owasso Home Security Services I’ve never seen an electrician get giddy but it was pretty funny to watch the electrician get giddy about something in his industry.

Yeah. I mean that’s the thing with. Thermostats. You know we had a client a few months back had a call the swamp cooler and it’s a little bit different to hook up.

Normally there’s only four wires. You’ve got to hook up so it’s fairly simple to be able to get the thing set up that this one had eight wires a little bit confusing. So rather than trying to tackle it and messing up the heat near it we have a client that we work with on a regular basis and they’re really good company to work with. And we call them up to take care of our problems. You know we have one like this and we just pay for your parents and they come on set it up for ads Owasso Home Security Services.

It’s pretty awesome if you can build your company to where you can work with other companies that you can trust and they’ll come almost at a moment’s notice.

Oh yeah. Like I started working with a fella and one of the networking groups I mean comes to a meeting where he’s a really good guy and want to meet with them and possibly set up a time for us to do the same thing. And there’s another one and another group banker here and there Owasso Home Security Services.

It’s really need to be able to work with different companies to be able to work together not only do you get your business from one another but at the same time you’re helping one another out.

Exactly. When it comes to us security systems like we saying you can tie your thermostats I have to say that’s one of the biggest money savers that you can possibly do. When it comes to a security system because you are most people if they work a 40 hour work workweek and most people work a 40 hour work week. Really if they’re getting a paycheck that’s the way it works.

Hundred forty hour work week Owasso Home Security Services.

And well when it comes when it comes to our employees for some reason we can’t get them to work for more than 40. But anyways when it comes to security you where I go with it.

Oh yeah. Your system of and it drives that thermostat. Obviously if you’re going to be Arment in the away mode then that means you’re not going to be there. And once you are in the away mode it will kick the thermostat down to whatever desired temp that you want the house to stay at. So that thermostat doesn’t have to or the heating air unit doesn’t have to work harder. Whenever time arises for it to kick back on. And so if it’s say in middle of winter and you want it to kick down to say 55 degrees 60 degrees let’s say 60 degrees and four o’clock rolls around you’re about to head home. You can make sure that that temperature kicks back up to normal your desired temp you actually are you actually want there in your house.

Exactly. And that’s what I’ve always done this past year been kind of a warm winter that what I’ve done in the past few years since we had the thermostat arm I’m kind of a bird. I don’t like turn the heat on but I do like burn and burn wood. So therefore.

As I would leave in the morning I would start the fire and the fire would burn majority of the day and heat up to half or keep the house heated and I could check in on my phone what the temperature was in the House and maybe around to clock in the afternoon you know myself and my wife would run back out throw a few more luck in the fire and make sure that it didn’t never you know dropped down far enough to where the furnace would keep going.

So today we’re talking about security systems and what they can do whether it be U.S. Army nurse system with your phone. And it also does other things like turning the thermostat down locks lights thermoses overhead doors whatever all that in Bixby Oklahoma. And we’re talking about Witness Security Tulsa Bixby Oklahoma. You can get a hold of us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And this is Tyler Keith and Keith with Witness Security. Thank you Owasso Home Security Services.

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