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Write this is Tyler and Kate Smith security located here in Oklahoma great city of Atlanta. So you were here talking about security systems and just Witness Security Tulsa dot com that is our Web site that’s where you can find us and you can also call us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And MORNING we’re going to be talking about the benefits of home security and have our home security can be more than just the security system here. Now it used to be that house security systems were just for the sole purpose of announcing when a burglar arrived being able to call the police when the monitoring when alarm goes off in a call the monitoring station the monitoring system called police. They dispatch the police and then you also have the smoke detectors that can tie in man to the fire department. But now they’ve gotten to a point where you can if you do have a fire and you have a thermostat hooked into the system then it will shut down the heat and air unit and make it so that the fire doesn’t spread through heat and air unit doesn’t feed oxygen. In other parts of your house to be able to ignite that fire back and you also have locks he can tie in Owasso Home Security Services.

And so that whenever you lock the front door it’ll arm the system and everything works.

All in conjunction at the same time whenever you lock the front door it will kick the heating air down to a certain temperature or up to a certain temperature depending on the part of the year that you get out of that where you can have things where it can turn on a light at a certain time and or awful at a certain time you can operate the lights from your phone and as well as everything else.

But the benefits are are far greater than what they ever used to be Owasso Home Security Services.

Because I know I was a kid I probably the only one there is snuck out of my bedroom window and you know you didn’t have that opportunity.

Security system. But at the same time I would think out of the bedroom window as did most people when I was growing up and you know run around the neighborhood and cause grief to your neighbors.

The thing that is that can’t be done anymore. Even if the system itself. Say for instance mom and dad are downstairs watching TV at night and the system isn’t even turned on. If the windows are contacted if that window opened up a notification immediately comes to your phone and you know that window just open.

We actually put some contacts on a window because one of our customers their teenager was sneaking out and hit and kid was grounded.

So I’m going to take the contacts or Windows. I asked. People if they’re going to their home. They want to contact the windows are you wanting to keep people in.

Are you working to keep people out. Right. And a lot of parents look at me and kind of laugh like how did you know yeah Owasso Home Security Services.

When it comes to kids these days it’s and probably back in your day obviously you a lot of times need to keep kids and cars after certain hours. There is no reason for them to be sneaking out other than to be mischievous.

And any more there is a lot more activity taking place in at night. By people that aren’t really truly up to no good at it Owasso Home Security Services.

And then you have the fact that even though we as security comfort or a security company we have security trucks sitting in our driveway and we still have people that have tried getting into our homes and we’ve got the security truck plastered with this is what we do. And yet they still decide you know what.

Go ahead and see if that door if it works. I’ve had it happen in my home two years back.

We just had it happen in my home this past Sunday.

And the thing that is in my home with it happening at my house is a big heavy iron screen door. There’s no way not even a screen door. It’s glass all up and down it. So you know when you get into the door right when that door opened up somebody opened the door. There was no question as to whether or not that happened. And when that happens the alarm goes off. I’ll be honest with you even though I hear the alarm on a regular basis when we’re setting an alarm system. So I’m very familiar with that along that at the middle of night at whatever time it is when everything is nice and quiet and everything seems to be a lot louder at night when all the lights are out and everybody’s quiet. Everything seems a lot louder. It will launch you directly out of your bed. I mean lunch Owasso Home Security Services.

I know I did the other night. I was accountable.

And your heart racing faster than you could ever even imagine. And for in most cases most people have a difficult time going back to.

That’s exactly what happened to me that night kept me on edge all night long to the point where I could not stay asleep all night long.

Owasso Home Security Services So for me having the opportunity to serve on submarines that was a standard operation you never got any more than a couple of hours sleep in a row. So therefore you’re constantly being woken up to respond to an emergency. So therefore over four solid years I kind of got adapted to that. So you know that part of the reason why when the phone rings in the middle night customers need assistance. It’s real simple for me to answer the phone and be able to take care of whatever the situation may be and the ego sleep I’m able to get back right back to sleep without any worry whatsoever when it comes to that.

I’m having a problem in that sleep but for some reason I was on edge. But when it comes to security in your home we want to make sure that you as the customer know how to operate it because when the time arises and you do set it off and it’s screaming at you it makes you go into a little bit of a panic unlike There are some companies that will take the time to actually teach you how to use the system. But a lot of the companies out there won’t take the time and actually if you’re a 90 year old lady and you’re just wanting to have a little bit more security in your home will take the time and patiently explain how to operate the system. There’s a lot of companies out there that now. They just they’re in and out as fast as possible. And if you get it in the timeframe that they have well then that’s great but if you don’t then I work that a company in the bath.

Their main goal is to be able to get in and get out as fast as possible so that they can get on to their next job. And my philosophy was the first year simply come in do a little breathe walk through with what I call walk come in and talk to them about their habits and far what door they come in and I you know where it would be a good place to place the keypad where would be the best place with the most infector. You want to create a trap so that somebody comes into the house. The only place predictable any thieves coming in here would be coming into the market. You’re going to far to seek to find M.. And so you place most inter-Korean a location. Is it a good idea to put contacts on the windows and or glass breaks on the cover. Windu just a variety of things just discussed with the customer. What would be best for that. And in some cases you know just a basic system in some cases. I mean they’re not really concerned about people getting into the house when they’re.

At home. You’re more concerned when you’re going to determine their habits Owasso Home Security Services.

Sure. So that’s Tyler and Kate with witnesses and witness security and a Wasow and it’s a witness if you were to look us up on the Web did we witness security Tulsa come and tend to call us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Again that’s witness security.

Tulsa dotcom and then our phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Thank you. Thank you

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