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All right. This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma. We’re looking at a witness to home security that come again and witness home security dotcom in Bixby Oklahoma.

And this morning we’re going to be talking about ethics ethics when it comes to the sales and the products that we provide. You know it’s important you know when you have people come to your home about doing any kind of sales it’s important to be able to make sure that you’re dealing with people that are going to be honest and how they deal with you and how do you know that people are going to be honest. Here’s a few things that we can find out and you can do some research on companies before they even come into your home. And that is Dougall Google whatever the industry that they’re doing and you know and the city that they’re in and you’ll find that if they’re a reputable company that they will come up on a map. In Google and it’ll represent them. So you know they represent themselves to you as a consumer as a no as a company before they even come into your home Owasso Home Security Services.

Right. And when it comes to see you want to go out and grab a bite to eat. A lot of people will read a review about that company that read that that restaurant manager got some awesome burgers or those burgers they just really tasted funny taste and funny or they’re super small for the cost or. I mean there’s ways that you can check everything that you’re going to do it whether you’re going to have some fun with the family in place a miniature golf and miniature golf company and just didn’t have any desire to treat it with respect for the Golf Company just they wanted to make sure you were going to have the time of your life with your family. When it comes to check him the company out. It’s very simple. We are with Witness Security. We’ve got 90 plus reviews on several of our our Web sites and every single one of our customers they absolutely love the way we do business because of the way we want to treat every customer with as much respect as possible.

And it’s also important not just to respect dealing with people but from writing them with a service that. They

can talk about Owasso Home Security Services.

And it’s important and our industry is as a security industry is concerned. And Bixby Oklahoma you know Bixby Oklahoma has a lot of people moving into the area. There are brand new to the area. They don’t have any idea what who wouldn’t want to talk to her. So they’ll call up and you know they find us on Google and they say I see the reviews you have in line I’d like to be able to have you come out and visit with us. You show up on time. You know what I try to do is I set my clock or a calendar 15 minutes prior to the actual appointment so that I’m able to walk into the door right on time.

We’ve had several people call in say your house is looking you up on line. You guys have some insane reviews. We’ve had people call in and want to inquire about getting a security system. Why. It wasn’t because we had somebody read a review about how they were cut off in traffic. Like I saw this past week of another security company. It wasn’t because they get people review. But the fact that they were somewhat screwed over when it comes to the contract deceptive deceptive practices are kind of common.

Owasso Home Security Services And a lot of industries and in security industry you know deceptive practices are usually due to the agreement. Now what security we do not have agreements so therefore as you decide you want to get a security system because you don’t have an agreement. That also means you’re going to pay a little bit upfront more front than you might have to pay if you were to go with somebody that didn’t have it or did have an agreement. The advantage of that is usually in the long run you’re going to save yourself about seven hundred two thousand dollars a month because in on what you’d like to be able to do.

And then also when you have those good reviews out there it’s somewhat of a well that reviews purse from the get go is somewhat of a checks and balances. If someone doesn’t like the way you were in their house and you didn’t stop your boots off before you walk through their house and now you’ve got mud all over the floor they’re going to tell you Oh yes. If you screw them over with contract they’re going to let you know they’re going to let you know. So now when it comes to the other side if someone if he screws or if you don’t screw somebody over you do everything 100 percent correct. A lot of times unless you just absolutely 100 percent wow that customer they won’t even think about write and review exam Owasso Home Security Services.

Is that the main thing is if people are looking to potentially possibly writer you if you provide a really poor service you’re probably going to read a review right away if you provide a mediocre service. There’s nothing necessarily to initiate than to say hey I needed to say something about this company. But if you do try to excel over and above the average then you’re going to get those people that are going to say wow I really like this company I’m going to write a review. Oh yeah. And not only is it important to be able to do your homework as far as finding people on line and Google and better business bureau. It’s also important to make sure that when they get into the home that they’re honest with you. So you do your little bit of research on various types of industries before they come into your home and price points and things like that and types of products various types of products are going to be a little bit more or less depending on the product. So in the security industry it’s easy to be able to go in and just do the various types of equipment find out how much everything necessarily cost and find out if they’re being honest. So

in the town that we’re talking about today what was that time again. BIXBY Oklahoma and what was elipse a witness home security dotcom. Awesome. So Owasso Home Security Services

I can just hop on your Web site and I can see that or on on the web site I can see everything that you do. Yes everything. And it’s pretty much 100 percent up front everything is right there.

You can be able to find out exactly what kind of products we carry you know whether it be the security system that or other video surveillance systems. It’s all right there on the Web site.

You can look and see who we are and about us page how long we’ve been in business.

You know you can also find out exactly you know you know the various types of things that other things that we can do as far as smoke detectors. You know quite a few other products that we carry and in Bixby Oklahoma it’s important to be able to make sure that all these various details are taken care of Owasso Home Security Services.

Well it’s like we just had a customer we installed yesterday.

Customer herself she was supposedly off of her meds and she had made the assumption because she had let a in-home care nurse go and the in-home care nurse was just there to check and make sure everything was OK.

There are an older couple and she thought that the police because the in-home care nurse had called the police thought that the police were trying to break into her home. Now it wasn’t the fact that the police were going to break into her home there. Just want to get and make sure everything was OK. Exactly. But it made her paranoid because she didn’t know what was going on.

So when it comes to home security if we take care of those tiny little details helping her with security system making sure she knows how to operate it. When we walk out the door she’s not going to think they did they just take me Owasso Home Security Services.

Yes. And so therefore being on the up and up honest them what you do and how you portray the thing your products. You know we and this particular home. We exchanged our locks for her. We put a couple cameras up on the front in the back. We reactivated the alarm system. She already had you know other companies came out and they seem to believe that she had to buy a new system when she really didn’t have to you know it was a Honeywell system it was a perfectly well operational system in fact within what less than 15 seconds we’re able to determine whether or not it was going to communicate. And so it made it really simple to be able to operate for the customer being an older person trying to learn new product would have been difficult.

Oh yeah. Not only that but she was if we wanted to we could have taken her we could’ve taken her for three $4000 more. But the thing is why you know mean if you’re going to do that ethics wise you don’t need to be in the business.

No it’s important to make sure that now that you get what the customer needs not what they could pay for that and that’s Keith’s alarm he just decided to wake up.

When it comes to when it comes to security so many times we. And that’s why security guys get a bad rap is the fact that people will assume security salesmen will try and sell more than what’s actually needed. When it comes to home security a lot of guys will try and force a smoke detector up unless you’re actually wanting to get that discount. And you understand it’s going to be a while to get that discount. It’s not worth it yes. Now do I want to smoke detector in my home. Yeah I’ve got a little daughter. She sleeps in a different room than I do. And over time. Not that she’s going to start a fire. But the the heat an air unit could have problems and start a fire. The car monoxide could help in the fact of detecting a problem but I’m not going to sell those products just because I wanted to make another buck. What I would rather do is make you feel comfortable with whatever you need where you think you may need and at the same time. We’ve we’ve actually told customers in the past that honestly I don’t think that that you need that. And then they can make their decision if they want more products or whatever Owasso Home Security Services.

So this is Tyler and keys Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma. Again as Tyler and Keith with witness security in Bixby Oklahoma and the Web site these witness home security dotcom you can find us or give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

And again that’s witness home security dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 0.

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