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Get that Tulsa gangs it’s be awesome.

Ardita Hearn’s Tyler and with Witness Security in Oklahoma and a Web site you can reach is out on the web as Witness Security Tulsa dot on Witness Security Tulsa doc on. Was that a question or statement. Was at stake. The important thing is that we’re going to talk them out this morning is the ethics of dealing with security systems and sales. You know and I say that first and foremost thing is when you’re looking for a service of any kind Owasso Home Security Services.

As you know especially here in Watts Oklahoma there’s a lot of people moving into Watts Oklahoma was one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma. And the builders are just exploding.

So these people are moving in and we get a lot of phone calls from people who are just they don’t have any idea what they are doing. And just about every service that we come in they they ask us about.

All different kinds of services. What’s the strongest statement you get whenever you’re walking into a customer’s home. To me they wouldn’t have heard it. I don’t know how many times. Well you’re the expert. Yes. So you told me what I need. And so being the fact that people automatically assume that we’re And we are. Well when it comes to the product we are experts about what we do. But ethics wise and this is probably why security guys get such a bad rap. It’s the fact that you’re the expert and because they like me I am the expert. And so I do know what I’m talking about.

Well they can take people so easily and especially in the security industry because you’re you get a lot of break ins. People are stressed out there just lost everything that they had. You know things are smashed broken. You know their houses destroyed. And as you know you’ve got people in this stressful situation or there’s emotion because it’s an emotional sale at this point. It’s really easy to necessarily you know take that and ride on it for as much as you possibly can. When we get into homes the very first thing first questions I have to ask people have you ever checked this out on the Web do you know anything about security. And you know a lot of people say well yeah you guys got an insane amount of reveals or I get asked to comment. No I just. You know started calling asking people and also someone your scientists are one of your trucks. So I just decided to give you a call. So I stress to have people just check us out on the web you know see the reviews of people have to say about people’s other customers say about us and then compare that with what I’m going to say. You know as we come home it’s important when you’re making a purchase. On anything if it is a house or a car then you need to have some sort of an agreement because it’s a big purchase Owasso Home Security Services.

But if it’s a small purchase such a security system there is absolutely no need to have any kind of an agreement you just pay for it just like you would go to Wal-Mart and go buy a wheelbarrow or Wal-Mart. You’re not going to get an agreement for a wheelbarrow. You’re going to pay for it. Walk out the store with it.

It can only be used a wheelbarrow.

So just something Kim.

I don’t know what they are or a stereo system or anything like that when you walk into a store and you purchase it you know Kmart used to have this thing called layaways. I think they still do it to some degree. Yeah. Christmas time. And but on those situations they will actually pick up the product until they actually pay for all of it where you know having an agreement is a different thing. Get it in your home and then you just pay for a regular basis there’s rental companies out there that do furniture and stuff. One of the most ridiculous things that there is out there but people do it a lot.

And it’s a big industry. The reason it’s such a big industry is because people can’t wait to have that device or that thing where. And the reason that our industry is so big in the contracts is because they can sell so much and it’s only a $70 month sale Owasso Home Security Services.

Well it’s also an on demand thing. Most guys don’t get a security system until after they’ve been broken into and once they get broken into now they’re devastated and financially to be able to put everything back together that they had before. So now they don’t have the funds to be able to buy a security system outright. And so therefore you know security here in Oklahoma we don’t do any kind of an agreement. So therefore you are going to pay for the equipment up front. It’s not a big expense. It’s much less than what you would imagine. But yet at the same time you’re going to save your soul anywhere from 700 to a thousand dollars and a lot more.

UK. So when it comes to home security ethics wise we’ve covered that how do we how do you find business when it comes to just searching for something.

Well when I search for something I go to Google for Google with Google and find it and I find out what the products are and what they are around and so on and so forth. So therefore people come and are as we come into home.

You know I kind of expect people to have done some homework you know as people as we we are in an age where it’s really simple to find and do a little bit of homework.

It’s amazing how many homes I get into when it comes out to. If you’re going to have a monitor $349 for the equipment people say wow that’s a really good deal or I get people say that’s too much. You know the ones that say that is too much. They haven’t done the homework Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly. Because when it comes to other companies that have the contract you’re going to pay upwards to what 5400. Right. Fifteen hundred thirty.

Owasso Home Security Services Once you get done paying that contract out yes you’ve paid out close to 5400 and even still right out the gate you’re going to shell out about 150 to 200 dollars just for the installation. Well for another $100 you get the equipment and there’s no contract. So in the event you say you know few years down the road or you’re down that road all of a sudden which has happened quite a few quite a bit in the oil industry here in the Alonso area in Tulsa Oklahoma. You know people who have laid off all of sudden you don’t have a job you know we had a customer not too long ago about a year ago. Moved here Tulsa area and as he got the equipment and everything we installed it it wasn’t there. One week later he went into the office and discovered that they were closing the office down.

And what am I to do. You know he gave me a call and he was able to. Get the equipment back he was able to get out of the house that he was in and be able to move to Houston you know with a contract like that he would amental get out of the agreement.

Owasso Home Security Services Exactly. Because once you get past those 30 days you’re locked in.

So it’s important to make sure that you find a company that is not going to find you in a contract. It’s important to find a company and it’s going to do what they say they’re going to do. And be honest in how they do it how they portray their products. And then lastly it’s important to make sure that you deal with a company that is going on when it comes to the security industry to monitor the equipment like they’re supposed to.

And when it comes to our monitoring centers though we’re no contract company though we’re when it comes to size we are a smaller company compared to the big name companies. But when it comes to our speed it’s unmatched. Are our monitoring centers at 23 or an average of 23 to 30 seconds. We have six monitoring centers all of them get to call it the exact same time. Then on top of that if it’s any sort of resume for our monitoring center one of the monitoring centers used to be and still does take care of homeland security. Yes. So right there that’s kind of a big deal. And now that homeland security is taken care of by six monitoring centers. So if Homeland Security is using our monitoring center it’s pretty good monitoring center. There’s been in business since 1975 when just right there that’s a pretty good resume for our monitoring centers Owasso Home Security Services.

The operators themselves go through a rigorous 168 hours of training before they even get to be able to sit in front of a monitor and be able to respond. You know the operators themselves have paid an industry lowest attrition rates. Words they don’t quit. You know they have contacts between one monitoring station the other to initiate the response time to be done quickly and efficiently and they’re rated on those things those points. So therefore at the end of the year or into the quarter I don’t know when they actually do their awards at the end of whatever term it is you know their operators are rewarded for effective response.

And you can’t get any better than that. Incentives always drive up the quality of your employees work. Yes it does. Is Tyler and Keith with witness security and Oklahoma. And you can check us out on the web. Witness Security Tulsa dotcom. Again that’s a Wasow Oklahoma. Tyler keys with witness security 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0. And if I didn’t say a Wasow enough it’s an Wasow. My Owasso Home Security Services

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