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This is key with security and tighter security and we are a Broken Arrow Oklahoma. This morning we’re talking about Monitor home security systems monitor home security system aren’t advantage to hold water for the simple fact that when the alarm goes off that the police are going to be called and they will respond Owasso Home Security Services.

And we’ve had several people that we have installed assist or they build a brand spanking new house upwards to the $500000 homes. We go in. We run all the wire we pre-wiring before all sheet rock was up and then we. We put the new security system in when the front door opens it goes beep beep beep and it’s kind of nice. Well these people they buy this $500000 home when they don’t do is turn on the system. What could be $30 a month so that they can view it on their phone. And they get the notification because Jimmy left the front door open and Fido keeps coming in and out getting mud all over the floor whatever you’re going to get that notification. What a lot of these people don’t realize is it’s only 34 bucks and maybe they do realize it and they’re like I really don’t want to spend that 34 bucks but 34 bucks is a drop in the bucket compared to what a thief could take Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah less than a dollar per day.

Once you get the discount on your own money for a $500000 home that’s a really significant insurance discount.

Less than a dollar a day. So make sure that you have the peace of mind. No Owasso Home Security Services.

Monitoring station or alarm is going to take care of your home. And while you’re gone or even when you’re home you know you can’t ask for better peace of mind of knowing things you’re taking here you go. I call it being involved now.

What kind of importance about monitoring stations is the response time response time is when the alarm panel. Sends a signal to the monitoring station and the marking station takes that signal call first number on the caller that’s call the response time. What’s important about the monitoring stations throughout the country is some take in consideration to think well if we get the phone call to the customer within two minutes then we’ve done a really good job. However in my mind that is not a good job.

You know if you’re not processing and say go as fast as physically humanly possible to be done then it’s just kind of mediocre. It’s no different than most of your employees you work with from day to day basis that they come to work to collect a paycheck. You’re not really there to really do a good job. You know for the company they’re working with. They’re just there to collect a paycheck. You know where we know security is what we do. That’s what we wake up in the morning to do. That is what we strive to do our very best. It’s no different than you know where you live your daily life if you’re just living it to be mediocre then. Well really the point. You know you got to do it with serious play and mine to do your very best.

So not to get real spiritual but spiritual. But there also is a verse in the Bible that says do everything to whatever Arbet I have and yet do it with all your might.

The verse was on my mind. It was on the tip of my tongue had it. Then I started talking.

So when it comes to security and or small business security we get up in the morning we do everything to the best possibility that we can do. Now there’s other companies that we have come in contact with that day and our phone company their TV company. They are a entertainment entertainment company. That’s what they do and they do a very good job at those things. But when it comes to actual to probably close to the mediocre than actually a great job. But anyway we’ll we’ll let them have the good job. But when it comes to security it’s not what they do. It’s not a solid thing that they get up in the morning thinking I’m a security guy. And so when it comes to home security if it’s not what they do if it’s not what they get up in the morning because they’re the security guy they have no business messing in this world Owasso Home Security Services.

Well it’s no different in your country jack of all trades. In other words that person can do a fairly decent job wherever you go. You just do it again. And or you know whatever it so is important. If you take one little aspect and you master that I mean you work with then you will be an expert at what you do. A good example would be Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines. Has a statement that they can kind of read and the simple fact that they never crash an airplane you know they never graph airplane because of one major reason they use one kind of airplane. So their mechanics are they recognize every kind of pitfall that could arise. You know noises whatever. They know exactly what it can be able to address it immediately because they’re experts at what they do Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly. And when it comes to us and home security that’s what we do. We’ve got one of our guys has been in the industry for close to 18 years. He’s done camera systems from military bases and security systems on in hospitals and he’s got a lot of knowledge when it comes to security case. He’s been doing this for close to 18 years as well. And so he’s got a little bit knowledge there. He worked with one panel for close to 16 years and mastered that he could probably program that almost in his sleep. And he’s actually taking customers through programming to fix a problem when he has been probably half asleep. But when it comes to monitoring we use a monitoring station that the average response time is 25 seconds. We used to use monitoring station while 25 seconds or less when we used to use monitoring station. That was two minutes. And they thought that that was OK Owasso Home Security Services.

We used to use a Monder instead center that they would argue with us about the fact that they thought that that was OK. And when it comes to monitored home security that’s not OK with me. That’s not OK with kids. And because it’s not OK with us we want to make sure that we’re at the top of our game when it comes to home security. We have several customers that they’ve had us term out that system with a brand new $500000 home and never turned it on and all they want to do is have that little beep. And but when it comes to my home security system. I got up this morning and I walked up to my truck and I never really thought as I stuck the key in. Is this going to work. I also as I was walking out my front door I locked the system and are not locked it but turned the system on my wife and daughter still asleep. I wanted to make sure that that was going to work. But the thing is I never really had that thought. I want to make sure this works because it always works. Yes. And so when if it hadn’t worked that out or gone was a problem but when it comes to my security system and my monitoring I never have to sit there and go Is this going to work.

I’ve done gone into homes that have had a security system and as I’m yanking the old stuff out and there’s a tamper with older cell units there’s a tamper built in. And as I was taking it apart it sends in a signal that the old company that was their customer hadn’t cancelled yet the old company never called I was there close to an hour and a half two hours. Police Department never showed up. Why. Because the other company didn’t really care. You’re just another number. When it comes to witness security you’re not just another number.

Well that’s the thing for them. They say discretion and that discussing the day they can determine if it’s not an actual alarm.

And just to tamper with it then they don’t have to make the football you know if it’s a little battery. Which is kind of the end to be able to pull the ball a little bit about a little Barry. But know it’s still kind of important to get to see those that are monitoring station to make a phone call. Regardless of the situation to be let the customer know what’s going on with his security Owasso Home Security Services.

Well we’ve had because he the little battery we’ve had a couple of customers is it really important for him to call me or for them to call me at 2:00 o’clock in the morning because my little battery. Well the thing is if they didn’t then they got to make that discretionary call. Yes. And we’d rather them not have that room to make the discretionary calls.

Well once you start down the path of discretionary call where he stop. Exactly. And so therefore it’s important. For our monitoring operators to be able to act upon the signals that come in and act responsibly every single time if they’re given the opportunity to make discretionary call or judgment calls. And you know the thing where do you start Owasso Home Security Services.

Well it’s just like government getting in their back pocket. But this is Tyler and Keith with witness security in Broken Arrow Oklahoma with witness L.L.C. dotcom phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0. Again this Tyler and key witness security in Broken Arrow Oklahoma witness L.L.C. dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

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