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Was here you came off with a degree of.

It’s more about what it is here. What security is highly secure about what security and security came about and that was in.

December of 2009 when he actually came in Owasso Home Security Services.

They were in the center of that.

And you know that whole Judy were getting out because I happened to be working for a company called Ethiopia and carpenter offered by I want to hear from you and we’re going to go out and try to get out and get know stars during work.

Do you have any idea what to do where we are asked around the country to be able to do what you did. Is there a company in every. But you didn’t even know how to copy. I was wondering if. You could get started. How are you.

Very well as long as the going on that you’re ever going to get all of that.

We do our jobs all day. We Owasso Home Security Services

made everything came out at the end of the weekend too. And when it came because of the way that we you know we’ve done everything you have and we’re making it physical our work. And we’re like lot of need to believe that going to be all workable and they have absolute control of time. And I’ve that I’m working on it for me at all. I’m going to build your family. All that is. My dream.


Exactly right. So we started our very good out. Never heard of it. You know I knew that lot and I do everything you know about the and therefore I am giving you. Therefore I went door to door. So I have heard over and over and over again that we’re.

Starting to grow.

So when it comes to security what is needed to guarantee you peace of mind that you provide.

Are they having trouble and you. So therefore when you get up in the morning you either the you know the red light or you keep your husband isn’t here you go. All right you’re out of town and I know you’re taking her to go or when you walk in the door at night and he opened the door. You better be in my room. Why didn’t you hear. Did you hear me say I’m going to go.

So when it right left my daughter live in their own way.

Worse she gives. She gave your daughter and Jersey and she doesn’t have a bunch of stuff. She’s are a bunch of stuff in there. Her mother says that. She wasn’t sure exactly.

What technology would have been great for me and everybody in that either revoke her now basically being able to control everything from your book.

All these things are out there and they are all still very real deal with yes Owasso Home Security Services.

When it comes to when it comes to hearing how do you realize what it was five years ago of kids 20 years ago.

I have been working in Arkansas and I went there first grade. You know it is. You know writing ministry that we were working in investment history and been here for about six months.

It’s just a matter of it and you know for me to dig into the dough or that night I don’t know where you vote.

Not are very good with what I’ve got. I also love to play live.

And so that night he offered me a job because he cried for a bit or the following day I went there with.

And I didn’t hear that was so I remember as a kid.

We were very very very I was very tired and he hear that I get more for my dad.

That I wasn’t ready. And when I see. My wife your mom.

Came home after having our second child was with her and she came over to our little girl. As you gather all of that went out but you can’t back down. You were very and do world over world. I gave that to her.

Well we really know that they didn’t know where as you know that sort of thing.

I forgot that. We had the military been having been around a little bit here and they go every hour. Things kind of work.

It occurred to me that it could be tough and it really is. And so therefore after we got home I got gotten our military patrol and get it all in the back of my mind so that I one here we are.

So on one of my heroes is I’m curious you know that one company that has no personal guard on Haiti. He crosses the line. Tears. So¬†Owasso Home Security Services

when you say that very you are just in to those that did that after being in the industry at work for their company that they did very Five years later. First thing I learned after being here the conglomerate that they had to do a smaller company with their speed of how to handle it and the speed of the Marjory’s the speed see how we could actually respond to the customer when they call that a local basis. You know our customer is and we just pick up the phone and call. Lightning is reporting somebody here or there where we can’t get out because this guy Gregory or whatever you call it you know we just never put that number out for it. And finally eventually you might get some you on the other end of where you would love to have any part of the so how long do you think grass is going to be.

We’re ready.

I was a relatively few years before I finally truly just drafted by say that you know it was a working day that I started with the company.

I’ve been there for about three or. And there was a little bit of a risk going to the company or the people there were part of a family that bought out by an older brother. And. In doing so there are a lot of people who are you know I’d rather be in there for about three months I guess Owasso Home Security Services.

Larry the cable wire is divided.

And I came in to work one morning. Everybody I went from seniority seniority and there you are. They’re always about.

So therefore I like in most cases you have people coming in and we bring you train you know three four months before they can actually. Really really go on their own. You know I’ve been given three months to drain three the day.

Not only was the one great I was very her. Frame by frame and I are evil you know.

Very true.

Yes I I believe are run by the military in the past. So I didn’t know how to organize and view the.

League table. You know I didn’t know how he did. So. I learned how to be the first time I ever had to hire the first time ever.

Either you are right there you know you are now.

Yeah I heard you use them every night from that point.

I have always vetted those or I may. Not necessarily be good they Owasso Home Security Services.

Just because maybe you know what I would do whatever that I’ve always had to take a little easier in every aspect of my life. I’ve always been throwing in some sort of really good so kind of a natural thing for me.

You are making the big Well so when it comes to security if you’re broke into day walking with a person and your birthday I’ll do it if I want you to go out before I got into.

That I wouldn’t be sorry. You know don’t get out. Make sure everything’s clear and go through the hole and then take action. You know quite frequently we get calls live over again and you are injured and we’ve got to let you get it. You hear the people if you recommend that you know one of the things that we do so that we see the rest day Owasso Home Security Services.

So with security here in June Tyler came here to listen

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