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With Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma you can check this out on the web at Witness home security dot com today. We’re going to talk about why you need a home security system.

A lot of companies out there have a contract. See the day that you call them up. Yeah we’d like to set up a time to get out there and take care of you. What’s a good time. So they go through the whole spiel and they set up that time. Well then they get out to your house and they run your credit. You don’t pass. For whatever reason and or maybe you do pass. Let’s say you do pass and you all of a sudden now are going to be paying. You’re locked into a three sometimes a five year contract to take care of a security system that really only should cost you about 350 to 500 bucks. Why do they need to have three thirty six months to a 72 month contract. There’s no reason except for the fact that they have a higher overhead cost and they can tack on a lot more Owasso Home Security Services.

And me and lock in a lot more money for themselves over the long haul. With us here Witness Security witness home security dot.com. If you were to Google us you’re going to see that we have close to 92 reviews. I actually think at 94 reviews Now if were to Google us and you start reading those reviews you’re not going to see anybody that has a problem with witness secured. You’re going to see people that have just absolutely loved the way Witness Security works where no contract company. We have real 24 or real techs 24 hours a day seven days a week rather than you getting a person on line and they don’t have a clue.

What they’re talking about when we talk to you it’s going to be key or myself for now and maybe down the road we’ll have a real technician that can answer one of our other techs Owasso Home Security Services.

But for now it’s going to be Keith and I. And we answered the phone. And usually we can be off the phone and about 10 minutes.

Whatever the problem is fix the problem so that you can go back to bed cause a lot of times for some reason when it comes to security systems. And just really systems in general they act up in the middle of the night. I have no clue why they do that. But for some reason they do that in the middle of the night and they start beep in are causing problems. In the middle of the night and there’s no reason there is no there’s absolutely no reason why they just freak out in the middle of the night. But nonetheless you still want to go to bed. You still want to go back to sleep. You are in a nice deep sleep and then all of sudden things started beeping and it just is driving you nuts. So with us will take time will wake up. Because we were asleep two will wake up. We’ll help you fix the problem Owasso Home Security Services.

We will be back to asleep before you are and for so many years.

The reason we’ll be back to sleep before you are is the fact that we’ve been doing this for so many years it’s just it’s habit.

Now when it comes to that security system that you’re wanting to purchase you you just got broken into and you give witness security call Keith answered the phone and he’s going to give you four reasons why it’s best to purchase a security system through Witness Security. Well those four reasons are number one. We have real technicians on call 24 hours a day seven days a week Owasso Home Security Services.

There’s even been times where Keith and I have been playing games on Christmas Day and he’s answered the phone and fixed a problem on Christmas Day. Now then you also have number two the no contract. We don’t have contracts. Why don’t we have a contract. Well we believe that if we can’t take care of you as a customer then we have no business taking care of you when it comes to the the contract or the industry that we’re in contracts Owasso Home Security Services.

For some reason people think that they need to tie into that really long contract to just make that buck and Keith and I just don’t believe in that.

And then when it comes to the number three we have so we have real tax no contracts no credit checks. Obviously if we don’t have a contract we don’t have to have a credit check. Now some people would think well how do we know for sure that you’re going to make your money. Well as long as we can keep you as a customer for six months then we’ve basically made back the money that we’ve put out.

But the idea is we don’t want to just keep you for six months. We want to wow you to the point where you are going to stay with us for much longer than six months. For years we’ve got several customers that they have been with us since day one that we started witness secured Owasso Home Security Services.

And why is that. Well it’s not that we just have a super awesome owner which we do.

It’s not the fact that we have a super awesome monitoring center but we do. It’s not the fact that we have a super awesome tech guy that would be me. But we do we have an awesome. Each one of those are are phenomenal but not only that you mix all of those together and it makes an awesome team and we witness security.

That’s what we’re all about is just being a team.

Keith and I have worked into the late into the night on some jobs and at times it’s like man is this job going to ever end. But.

We joke around we have good time while we’re doing it and it makes it all worth it. This Tyler with witness security in Bixby Oklahoma again Tyler with witness security in Bixby Oklahoma and that’s witness home security dot.com phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 in Tyler with witness security witness homesites Owasso Home Security Services

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