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Hello this is Keith Schulte with Witness Security and Janks in Bixby Oklahoma. You know this morning we’re going to be talking about. Video surveillance cameras oftentimes known as security cameras. Security cameras have changed in technology throughout the years. You know it’s a long time coming that things have happened and it’s important to be able to make sure that you be able to see what’s going on around your home. You know what we’ve actually gotten to is being able to know a lot of people want to be able to see their video on their phones. Again technology has changed. Cell phones have gotten to the point where you can actually see your video on your phone. You know computers you’re carrying a computer right in your pocket. Cell phones we have today have larger space than what even the computers had years ago when computers first came out and it was pretty No. A big step in that direction to be able to have so much stories and it would oftentimes take up a very large room. As far as the storage space is concerned we’re now it’s gotten to the point where the technology is you know just the cell phone is more powerful than the computers that they first came out with years ago. So with that in mind people like to be able to do some things with that you know don’t do that. Just expedite things in your life. You know technology has also changed to the point where our cars and things we have in our driveways Owasso Home Security Services.

Have they’re just valuable and we’d like to be able to take care of the things we have. We work hard for and in order to be able to do that. That’s done with this security camera. So we also take care of home security and alarms but we know Witness Security also has video surveillance and technology has changed. When we first started in the industry years ago you know it was called analog cameras and it was pretty neat to be able to do have even when they first came out with six hundred TV lards 600 TV lines is the clarity of the picture that you have. That you could see and there were clear I mean with what was available at the time. But as time goes on it went from 600 TV lines of 700 TV lines to 800 TV lines. And once you reach 800 TV lines IP Cameron started coming out now at the time IP cameras were more they weren’t cost effective necessarily to be able to put them on a home and were being installed in casinos and things like that. But they just weren’t cost effective at that point. Now we’re talking probably five years ago and then long about four years ago you know it started coming out to where IP cameras were known out on the market were the actual homeowners could actually purchase them. Now even today if you go into a box store you still cannot buy an IP camera. It’s part of it is because of the degree of difficulty in order to build installer that’s for the what do you call it do it yourself companies or that is how people would like to be able to get it done themselves and not pay for the labor Owasso Home Security Services.

A lot can be said for somebody that. Is a do it yourselfer. If you do if you’re a jack of all trades master of none. And so with that in mind it takes a little bit more effort and a little bit more thought to be able to get things done professionally if that’s what you want. And here in Bixby and Jenks Oklahoma you know we have a lot of people moved in. It’s one of the largest and fastest growing communities in Oklahoma. So therefore you know people coming in from out of state know they’ve lived in California and they lived in our east in New York in those areas. You know they’re used to having security. So therefore when they come into you know James Bixby they like the same things that they had in their homes that they had in the east to the west and that’s where a professional security company comes into play and witness security. You know what we like to try to do is be able to install all of our systems Owasso Home Security Services.

So it looks it appears as if as if it was installed when the house was built. You know the fish wires down the walls. You know this is.

Something that is almost kind of a you know it’s a mask. It’s a trade master. What do you call it. And any kind of a trade. There’s some things that you can do to make yourself and set yourself apart from other companies and that’s what we have done. So by being able to fish wires down the walls you know it was and you know through vaulted ceilings and through the attic and everything else and be able to get it down to where it appears as if everything was installed when the house was built is a degree of difficulty that most companies when it comes to homes especially is just not very many companies out there and between gangs that can do that. And we’re Witness Security is taking that to the next level where homeowners can be able to have things that they’d like to have without a bunch of draping wires all over the place Owasso Home Security Services.

There’s different kinds of equipment out there. No we we use the equipment called IP Internet Protocol. And with that in mind there’s some flexibility that we can have no such as we have. A house in Janks that the individual wanted his MVR they’re called and V.R. is a networked video recorder that is located in his master bedroom. There is one problem. You know the ceilings themselves were 11 feet tall. There was no attic. There was no capability to be able to get a wire down to those. On the next year wall where his TV was that’s where he wanted the interview to be located. And in that exterior wall was it was foamed. That’s foam insulation. You’re going to have a difficult time fishing wire down a foam wall and you know especially when you can’t get to the exterior wall to be able to get anything down and 11 feet tall. So in that in that foam wall all the way up Owasso Home Security Services.

It’s more likely there might be a top plate and that in the construction of the building or the home so therefore not only if you even could get down there you’re probably not going to get through that top layer. It’s two by fours that are orderly You know construction but two by fours are stacked on top of one another so that they can continue up with the wall and sometimes you can get longer two by fours without actually cutting into the wall. It’s difficult to determine whether it is or it isn’t. The density of the wall makes it to where. Your only way you’re really going to know for certain is by cutting into the wall. And that means reseat rocking in mud and taping and everything else that is. That’s the reason why most people ask a professional to be able to come in and install anything in their homes. So therefore we work at trying to do these things so that the installation can be seamless. And

yet at the same time professional when it comes to doing everything you know in this particular application not only were we able to get to envie are located into the master bedroom in a two story house that had no attic. To it. We were also able to put nine cameras on this house and do it without cutting into any sheet rock having any damages whatsoever.

And being able to you know get these cameras onto his phone. You know this technology and this the ability to do that can really only be done through IP cameras no IP cameras have different flexibilities as well.

Owasso Home Security Services We’ve installed cameras on barn’s that are close to a quarter of a mile away from the house. The cost effectiveness to be able to do that to dig a ditch if you had to dig a ditch reading why this individual did not do it in the past was it was going to cost well over. Way too expensive just to dig the ditch and lay the conduit and put all of the cable into the pipe in order to get it from point A to Point B and then we’d be talking about buying the equipment and installation after that. That can all be done. It could have been done would have been too expensive to even consider it. And then after that is how long is it going to last. With the ground here in Oklahoma there’s shifts.

And it’s very hard. So therefore as it shifts it will break pipes and cause all kinds of damage. So you could install newer cameras but it wouldn’t make any difference because the cable from point A to Point B had a problem. So in order to fix that problem you’ve got to do it all over again with Internet Protocol cameras. You can do that and not have any deficiency in the quality of equipment. So if you’re more interested and be able to talk to us about security cameras and likest come out for a free estimate this is Keith and Tyler with witness security and. Jenks in Bixby Oklahoma. You can catch us on the web that witness home security dark witness home security dotcom and the phone number you can give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0¬†Owasso Home Security Services

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