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Good morning this just Keith and Tyler with insecurity in Broken Arrow Oklahoma this morning we’re going to be talking about.

Other features besides you know the security alarms and cameras that we provide. But the main thing we want to talk about today are features we are devices you can get either to protect your home or protect the lives of your family. Owasso Home Security Services We are our this is Keith and Tyler with Witness Security just getting in here get on the web add to witness the. I’ve dot com and the phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.


Rental properties. You’re a landlord and you’re trying to protect your property. Are a variety of devices that we can install and of which are pretty important. You as a landlord you can do it in a variety of ways. You can either one have the tenant pay for the service and you know there’s another way that I recommend on a regular basis you pay for the service of the landlord. And then you incorporate that into your rent. You know the security system that they get it’s protecting their valuables as well as the home itself. You know as far as the landlord is concerned he’s more concerned about his home. However 10 it could be more concerned about the valuables are in their home because of valuables or the tenants property. But when it comes to the landlord you know if you have hardwood floors. Even carpet for that matter if you have this in your home and you have saved the tenant is on vacation and you know the hot water heater. Gives out an overflow. You know what happened in our home. We came home from church one night and discovered that our toilet had overflowed and flooded the entire master bedroom and all of the bedrooms in the house Owasso Home Security Services.

Know oh yes and thing of it is it is kind of important that to consider.

I mean a hardwood floor to replace a hardwood floor. Fifteen hundred square foot home is somewhere in the ballpark of around 8000 maybe $10000 to replace that floor and that’s not even an expensive wood floor. That’s just a standard run of the mill floor or wood floor you know to replace the carpet would probably be somewhere in the ballpark.

No. Fifty five hundred maybe a little over 5000.

You know therefore to consider a Water Center that’s a little over $90 to install and then the monthly monitoring that that it would cost to maintain that security system that the water is attached to is somewhere near $35 a month. You just can’t imagine the value that is involved in that. But your homeowner’s insurance as well. I mean you can apply that into your homeowner’s insurance get some discount and what it cost to buy that and your homeowner’s insurance has a better opportunity to be able to provide that service at a bigger discount if the Singur installs Owasso Home Security Services.


Yeah. To be a most insurance company provided insurance.

There are like 100 to 30 percent. Like for example my insurance my house is 130 percent.

Therefore what insurance company has liked is build Owasso Home Security Services.

See if you have these services provided to your home they’re more apt to provide a better insurance at a lesser rate with a larger discount. If you have the services already taken care of in your home now you’re the landlord. You know we’re talking about landlords providing homes for people. You got to keep in mind as the home owner is probably not going or is more mindful to want to take care of his home more so than a renter because it’s not it’s no different than any other thing in life if it’s not something that you have invested in Owasso Home Security Services.

As a rule people don’t necessarily take care of things as well as they would if it was their.

Yes. Right.

End in Broken Arrow being one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma there’s a lot of new homes being built now the way that homes are being built especially in Broken Arrow. You’ll find that you know the technology has gotten to the point that you know the homes today are more airtight than they used to be.

Carbon monoxide is not a new type of gas that has come out. But what is happening because the homes are more airtight it traps in the gases that are you know not burned.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that you know is deadly because it’s burned fuel.

Yet the carbon monoxide or all of them were designed and built a little bit different way. Carbon monoxide is a gas that because of the way things have gotten to this point. And as far as homes being built airtight you know they’ve tested it on the sensors sensors. Carbon monoxide at about eye level and some of them even prescribed it to be installed on the ceiling.

You know in my opinion I kind of tend to believe there is more of the equipment that we’ve installed and the fact that more of them say it needs to be installed in fairly close to I love. That.

And what I’ve encountered in the past. It takes a relatively close to about seven or eight minutes to walk to your home as an installer and or even a cell. I just walk through the home with the customer and try to find out what would work best for them. And in Broken Arrow You know you get a lot of people to new home. We have some that are new to them as far when they buy the house.

And irregardless of might be you know when somebody is buying one of the largest investments that they’re ever going to make take a few extra minutes and a little bit of pride in what you do and make sure that what you install for each and every individual customer is what they are in order for them to function in the best Owasso Home Security Services.

I think about you know whether you would. Get

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