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Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma you can find this on the web at the witness home security dotcom 9182890880. Today we’re talking about 5 Reasons Why You Need To Buy a secure security camera is why you need them installed. Why. When it comes to security cameras what are they going to do for you. There

a lot of things the cameras can do for you. Besides the number one main thing that we’re going to be talking about today is deterring thieves and vandals from being get into your property whether it be in your vehicles your shag your backyard Owasso Home Security Services .

Or your property in general. It’s a bit like a farm or field or whatever. That’s the number one thing that people call opic. You know the other thing that people like to be able to do is be able to monitor their business you know be able to monitor their employees in order to be able to make sure that their employees are doing what is both. And another thing is when you know you’re having kids coming home from school and there it’s been in about an hour two hours at home before you get home from work you’d be able like to make sure that they get home safely. That they’re doing the things that they’re supposed to be doing around the house. So quite frequently people who put a camera inside your living there you know. And then also. You have your your unique things that people like to be able to monitor their animals you know we have people at work that you know own other kind of livestock and they want to be able to monitor your livestock in the barn. They want to be able to make sure that.

Well just like I’m on a horse a horse mine. Owasso Home Security Services  You’ve got to you’ve got a tack room and that there can be thousands of dollars worth of stuff inside that tack room for saddles or whatever.

And you also have paraphernalia is required for horses. You know we get quite a few different horse wrenches. Yeah horse ranch and other kind of the livestock. You know that they can supervise what’s going on. We have one fellow. He has a whole. Crew of fellows that work on his horses you know prepare their horses and train over everything else that is his business so therefore he wants to make sure that we’re not only being fed correctly not only being taken care of being trained correctly. So in order to do that well he’s out of work. We had cameras going all the way around his property.

Sure. And then he has thousands of dollars when it comes to equipment to take care of those horses are just unreal amount of money that if he didn’t have these cameras the amount of money for the cameras is a drop in the bucket to take care of the horses and stuff that revolve around that lifestyle.

Even the horses that was out there worth more than some part in this village. And we took care of ER doctor.

We’ve done cameras for Lexus dealership and because the mechanics were driving the vehicles around like they were on a race track.

And we’ve had the BMW and. The Ford were the dogs Southpoint dodge. You know they had people that were going to be you know cleaning the car.

After they were maintained whether it was I guess they normally wash the car the time they come into the shop. It’s kind of one of their courtesies that they do.

But the people that they hire to do the work were being accused of you know necessarily damaging the vehicle and their company. Believe it you know he didn’t believe that he was doing it. You know his guys are doing it. He thought it was the mechanics and they were being accused. So he put cameras in you know to be able to protect his own employees. Right Owasso Home Security Services .

And when it comes to the security cameras I mean in that very instance it broke it down to where he not only was being accused but it was not his guys.

And then you not only could he get that video off but at the same time he can view it remotely and watch those cameras to see who actually is doing what. Yeah.

And we have family that you know. You know another thing that we were talking about not only are we trying to take care of you know these battles from taking your own driveway that’s probably the number one thing people want to know is they’re sick and tired of people coming and coming onto their property and vandalizing their vehicles. Getting into their vehicles at night. That’s one thing that people do not understand is quite frequent. Thieves will break into a vehicle to get access to the door to the garage door remote and it doesn’t appear as if anything was really taken. It’s not too many days or weeks or months later that they didn’t get broken into into their home because they had access to the remote in the garage Owasso Home Security Services .

Well nine times out of 10 people leave the garage the interior garage door unlocked. Yes because they get their overhead door down there and they then take that remote open the door and within a matter of seconds they’re in there in.

And in these Nowadays they can’t necessarily take everything to a pawnshop. So what they do is quite frequently they’ll get into a home and create a shopping list and then they didn’t take anything the first time they ran. So then they come back after they have enough people that want enough stuff that they have. And rather than taking apart job on it to their friends or buddies or whatever. Exactly.

Yeah and then when it comes to say a business what would be a good reason for having cameras in a business in a business especially to be able to monitor their employees to make sure that they’re doing what they’re supposed to do.

You know if you’ve asked your employees to be in a certain time and you’re not necessarily in the office during those timeframes you’re out doing appointments and what have you. And they’re supposed to be fulfilling a schedule and you can make sure that they’re fulfilling their schedule. If you have it’s not uncommon and people say well I had something in my desk and it came up missing you know it’s not uncommon to be able to have a camera in your office to be able to make sure that you’re covering what you have in your office.

Owasso Home Security Services  And that being said we had a customer we installed the cameras oh about three or four months ago and we actually went back and added more cameras because in one of their trucks someone had gotten into another guy’s truck and stole about four or five hundred dollars worth of cash. And because the camera had no angle on that it could and couldn’t not even couldn’t tell it was it was it wasn’t even on that. So the guy was out there for five hundred bucks and it was just an accusation and that’s it.

And so when it comes to your business being able to make sure that your employees are keep being honest with each other not screwing each other over it’s it’s going to be invaluable Owasso Home Security Services .

And one thing that we need to keep in mind when you’re dealing with cameras at different levels of cameras you’d like to view. We have cameras that have clarity that is better than. We have cameras that are better than any during the daytime. And it has tended to be at night. You have other types of cameras that are a little bit less quality a little bit less cost. There tends to be during the daytime but they’re not tend to be at night. So if you want to see clarity at night that wouldn’t be the camera and you’d like to be able to get. We have other cameras that adorable cameras that are real popular you could see them on Facebook and on the Internet where you can actually talk to the person that delivered a package or anybody at the door you know from your phone posting very handy. However they may not be Dan ETP and they’re only going to record up to about three days of recording. So you need to keep in mind what you’re looking for whether you want to be able to just protect your property with the vandals won’t be able to monitor your kids. They’re kind of coming home from school. You want to be able to make sure that your employees are doing what is both to do and not just randomly be a little peek into your property to see what’s going on. You know we’re this is even tighter with security in Bixby Oklahoma. You don’t think your listeners have a good day.

Our Web site is witness this home security com. And again we’re in Bixby Oklahoma 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Owasso Home Security Services  Again that’s in Bixby Oklahoma 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. witnesssecuritytulsa.com

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