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This is Tyler in peace with Witness Security and we’re talking about Bixby home security dot com the phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 and Styler and keys with witness security at the XP Home Security dotcom.

And one thing we want to talk about today. Persica idea what the query really is as I get into homes on a regular basis. One of the very first questions I asked people what they have in mind. For you you know and the question that most people I mean this idea is pretty widespread Owasso Home Security Services .

There are people that are had difficulty with their children and they want to make sure their children stay in the home.

I mean teenagers I mean myself as the character I’ve grown up I crawled up in the window and I learn new things and shoot them down. But you know kids do things. And then you also have. We’ve

had quite a few parents that have a problem not their problem but you know when you get children and you have a pool in the backyard. That’s good with you know even little kids if they start. Start walking in certain open it’s an open border. It’s important to be able to get you if you have a pool in the backyard you have to be able to make sure that nobody gets out at a customer Owasso Home Security Services .

Oh probably five years ago I get out to the house and I’ve got this really beautiful landscape. Yeah. I like the one that we were at yesterday.

Beautifully Corporon had a waterfall in it going down and out phenomenally Linkin Park. But there wasn’t any water. And I thought well they must be building this equipment you know got to talking to the customer and you know where they wanted the camera and they want to experience it and they had it in their home that it wasn’t their gone.

So they wanted a camera. They wanted security Owasso Home Security Services .

And you know the his wife was a little bit distraught and didn’t necessarily know why.

And we walked around the house and we came around to the front door and he come and said no we don’t mention anything about Bob and I’m kind of going what do you mean don’t make anything but we’re about to well we had this beautiful landscape on there for quite a few years.

And my daughter had a little girl and you know she was just almost two old and if you went into detail about it I discovered when it happened is why grandma was watching their little girl their granddaughter and their little granddaughter was able to open the door and she fell into the courtyard. Mean devastating thing to have happen so therefore it’s one of these things that you just need to be careful when you’re talking to people and finding what their idea of what they want is for it. Oh sure.

When it comes to home security and what we can do a lot of people have a preconceived idea about one actual security system does I know how just the conversation you were just talking about when it comes to my security system is when my daughter gets a little bit older it will be nice to have the security system Ding-Dong the front door in as she opens the front door through the street in front of my house is somewhat busy and I don’t want my daughter getting out the house without my wife knowing that the front door was just opened. Exactly. And that’s exactly what a lot of customers want. Oh

that was the main thing. Mentioned that at our office. We have to get them. And as you open the door it has a different kind of an annoying bingo time. But the nice thing is my grandson and all of our grandkids are there at the office. And we have a letter that come in and I guess you can call her and if you take care of the kids but we have this gigantic picture window that separates the office from the nursery so that we’re able to see the grandkids very soon mom and dad and mom and grandma and grandpa and go and go for it. And it just makes a good environment for the kids. And but you all have inside when every one of our band. He gets excited and he wants to come out and see it Owasso Home Security Services .

So like last week my daughter which is one of the secretary was working there in the office and she had her back to the door and all of a sudden she hears the door ding dong and out run her son to the back to my truck because I’m backing him and he sees the truck and he’s got to run out to me.

And she was concerned that I didn’t see him run into the van and running in my truck. I saw him come in and.

But what if I did. Oh yeah. And she heard a ding dong on the door. She turned to her and immediately followed him out the door. And you know he was all happy to see me.

But the thing is you know without the notification that the door is open I mean it’s just a big no no and if it’s not just a security system it’s a notification without it you know exactly that notification to be brought to your home if you’re back in your bedroom and door and laptop Movielink the time that notification will come right to your phone your front door back door in that.

You can make sure that it’s not then also you have the security system idea when it comes to the FBI they have reported that there is a certain amount of loss when it comes to a dollar amount Owasso Home Security Services .

I want to take a stab at the dollar amount for cameras being able to see what we can cut down on the I’m guessing somewhere in the millions.

Actually it’s actually in the billions. Sixteen point six billion dollars is what has been reported that was in 2013. We’re in 2017 now so it’s probably hiked a little bit and I would venture to even be a little bit more than that.

For example when that’s going to be reported.

Oh yeah. Reported on our insurance we didn’t report that. And when our winner got shot out Owasso Home Security Services .

And that driver with that window got shot out. I mean that was a band that didn’t even have power wegen we didn’t report it. It was a little over $350 to fix that window.

And I would say I probably get into at least one or two homes every single month where they had some sort of an issue at their home or car got broken into and they come out in the morning to see that their doors are open. You know windows smashed and now they’ve got to repair this thing. Oh yeah. And after the fact. Yeah you and call the police and that’s what I get on a lot of people comment. You know they never bothered recording it because what are they going to do.

And also when it comes to security systems you have the window stickers and the signs and then a lot of customers and it’s kind of funny they’ll say yeah you can you can definitely leave your sign in stickers and they’re thinking because for advertisement they seem to think that we’re using those signs and stickers for advertisement. To be honest that has nothing to do with the reason we leave it. That’s why a lot of other companies may do do that do it for that reason. But the reason we do it is that is 75 percent of your deterrence is that 75 percent of the turn to the homeowner.

And as fire. I mean there’s some some advertised there.

I’m not going to lie. I mean people drive around and see it’s no different when you’re buying a car Owasso Home Security Services .

You see you know the kind of car that you bought and now you start wrecking and it’s no different.

People walk around their neighborhood and people do walk every night. You know I do. And you walk and see what is going on around your neighborhood.

So you see the signs coming up to help. I’ll be on there. But it’s more of a help to the consumer you know to deter Vernonia That’s Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Bixby Oklahoma.

Our Web site is Bixby home security dot com. And so if you can check if you want to check Satam Web now. Our phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0. And we would love to take a chance to just come out and talk with you Owasso Home Security Services .

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