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Good afternoon this is Keith and titre with Witness Security in a Watto Oklahoma.

It’s a great city of all Wasow Oklahoma Owasso Home Security Services .

Some places it could be all depending on how it could be when you’re listening to there.

Nothing to worry about here.

What do they do. Pretty simple. Have you ever heard the word Owasso Home Security Services .

And one thing a lot of people don’t take into consideration when they’re building a home is you know the expense that it cost to build out house. Or he could be just renting or you’re a landlord.

You know what happens is when you build a home you decide you determine what kind of floor you’re going to have in the house. And it’s been very popular lately as hardwood floor hardwood floors are look really good when they’re installed. You know they last a long time they have good longevity. You know one thing that they do not work very well against or with is water.

And unfortunately we have a variety of items in our homes that are you know depend upon water you know normal you know toilets and things like that. Kind of a necessity in your home in order to be a lavatory. As they do nowadays. Now quite frequently when I was growing up in Montana it wasn’t it wasn’t uncommon to go outside to use the restroom and we never did but I had family members that did and I didn’t like going to visit those people’s homes.

But one thing that’s kind of important you know when. There is unburnt fuel once that’s called methane gas Owasso Home Security Services .

But one thing that’s important to consider is when you’re putting in a security system you know for what it costs to install a water sensor in near water a water heater or near the washing machine and dryer you know more so the washing machine.

And also any location that may.

Potentially have a lot of water you know a lot of homes today have like a wash basin near the you know what they call a mud room so that they can you know wash up the dogs and so when they come in from outside or even give them a routine bath or whatever.

You know it’s.

Yes. Bodsworth that’s one thing that nowadays people take into consideration their paths are more important and even a lot of cases that you know people may not be able to have kids or they choose not to have children. You know if they have these devices located in their own you know the drain stop. And as a stopgap and if you leave the water running for any length of time then you’re going to have some water on the floor. And you know what happens happened in our home. We had our master bathroom toilet overflowed flooded the entire portion of the master bedroom party living room and the hallway and all those bedrooms you know in doing so we had to replace. We had to take out all of the carpet entirely in order to do so.

Thousands of dollars of damage where it could have been resolved with just a simple water.

Installation art. And the device. Yes. And you were very close to $125 for $125. It doesn’t increase your monthly monitoring at all. It’s just a one time device.

No we do not.

That’s one thing that’s different about Witness Security is we don’t charge more for additional devices so therefore move it on to a smoke detector. You know a lot of people will ask me on a regular basis you know if I get a smoke detector or my home is going to decrease the insurance rate that I have with less insurance companies. Well that is true.

Is it going to be enough to be able to necessarily cover the cost of that smoke detector right away. No but it will cover the cost and expense of that smoke detector in say five years you know. But more so than anything like that. You know it’s also protecting your family you know from the hazards of just normal you know. Yeah. Just like you know people are always concerned about you know taking care of protecting their thing. But what about their lives. You know a lot can be said of the husband just simply put in a smoke detector. You want to gain some brownie points for your wife. That’s a good way to do so.

Go install it. Yes.

Right it’s too late to put it where you’re going to be able to salvage the hope now. Been in this situation an occupation of worry and it’s from time to time we run across the unfortunate event after the fact something has happened. And you know it’s even more so when somebody has lost their life. You know you start talking to a husband or a family during the event of a break in because I guess you know a family is broken into and the stress that was taking place because of that breaking. Can you imagine what it is that goes to the heart of a family when they lose their child due to smoke inhalation or just fire. So you know what happens when the smoke comes with another device that we can install and that’s carbon monoxide.

And with the way buildings are or homes and are being built today they’re more airtight and they’ve ever been.

So therefore carbon monoxide deaths occur more and more every single year because of the simple fact that people are doing the same thing they’ve always done but once they move into a house that is better built than what they’ve been in before. Now that same thing that they’ve always done has always generated carbon monoxide Owasso Home Security Services .

Didn’t know.

Any of this. You’re just going to put to sleep that work better. You know one thing that if you read in statistics or even here in Oklahoma you know because we are one of the. Wasow is one of the fastest growing cities in Oklahoma. What you’ll find is you know they’re on North 76 street north eighty six three six three bears subdivisions being built on both sides of 169 as we go through Owasso and the subdivisions brand new homes. And every one of these builders feet meet all of the standards in order to build a good house. Everybody wants to live in. So therefore they build them airtight and it’s not uncommon to be able to hear in the news especially come especially during the wintertime Owasso Home Security Services .

You know a heated air unit went out what’s the one item that most people will get is they’ll get some sort of a heater to be able to generate some heat so they can keep the house for.

And they’re also making them now to work.

You just replied to bake.

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