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Oh this is Keith and Tyler with Witness Security we are located here in Janks in Bixby Oklahoma. And what we’re trying to what we’re going to talk about this morning is video surveillance cameras. Also known as security cameras. If you have ever considered security cameras on your home or your small business because that’s what we focus on is homes and small businesses for the sole purpose it’s important to be able to.

Conceal your wires to where they can’t be seen. One thing that Owasso Home Security Services.

An older technology or years gone by in order to be able to run wires you have to learn to fish wire down walls and make it to where it looks like it was installed when the house was built. Exactly. Let me stop it. Did you already saying anything about you or your. Go ahead. This is Styler and teethe Witness Security and Jenks Oklahoma and or Bixby.

And you can catch us on the web at now witness home security dot.com witness home security dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

Yes. So we’re going to be talking about security cameras and a lot of people thinking when they think of security cameras is why would you want a security camera.

I know that I am in in my neighborhood I probably want one just in case someone’s checking cargo or at night Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s a real common problem. Recently it’s called where they call it when they just check indoors.

What the police call that and others turn but can’t remember anyway. What happens is a lot of. Your you know thieves what they do and they don’t actually break into cars like smash the window you’re talking about with that remote. Now Owasso Home Security Services

they just try doors. Well first and foremost they tried towards on lock. And then after that you know they smashed windows and things like that. And then you know even beyond that day the thieves have some sort of a device it’s like a remote. I’ve seen it on video too where they’re clicking this remote in one hand and they’ve got their handle or hand on the no door handle of the car. And they’ve got it pulled up and they keep clicking the thing and all of a sudden the door comes open. Somehow or another this remote is able to pick up the serial number of that car. Yeah the serial number of the car and then unlock the door. It’s kind of incredible how they go about doing it. But one thing we like to try to do is be able to cover both sides of the car in the driveway. Now I can very easily be done by either putting it on the door right there at the door or the driveway on one side of the driveway and then on the other side of the driveway. If people are parking in the driveway Owasso Home Security Services.

Well yeah.

Because a lot of people are second biggest investment or second car second and third biggest investments are right there in the driveway.

And I think it is here because being you have a lot of people that move into homes. They use their garages for workout centers and things like that.

So therefore they actually do park in your driveway like for example myself I use my garage and a lot of times for working on no wood projects. So therefore you enter parking garage in the driveway rather than the garage inside the garage. Though I’d like to bet it’s just too difficult to be able to pick things up and move them around all the time. And that’s the same scenario. We also have a lot of people that you know use their dryers as a storage unit rather than paying for it to get. Right. You

go people it uses a workshop. People use it whatever and they just don’t have the time or the want to to clean it out so that they can pull their car and wear with having the camera shooting there on your car you’re going to be able to cover it 100 percent of the time. We had one cover in the driveway which nine times out of 10 the mailboxes at the end of the driveway and the cameras were covering the mailbox.

It’s actually right here in Janks and people were breaking into the mailboxes at night just so happened it was at the mailman would come around 6:00 or so. So most of the people in the neighborhood would not get their mail in the evening Owasso Home Security Services.

Yes. And or they just wouldn’t take the time to go out. Maybe after we got home maybe they’re watching a show or whatever and forgot to get their mail out of the mailbox.

And so they would get it in the morning as I had enough to work. Well people started noticing that mail was not there constantly and it was some couple that was going through the neighborhood and just open up mailbox get the mail out moved. And that’s when I get the mail out. Finally they got caught.

They got caught because of companies like ourselves that installed good enough cameras to be able to see what’s going on. And that takes us to the next point is what kind of cameras are should we install. You know you can buy cameras that big box stores that are fairly good quality cameras. No they’re restricted on their length because of the cable they’re restricted on what they can do. You know it says on the box that you can no be able to pull him up on your phone. That’s another aspect that people like to build there to be able to see their video on their phone or computer. But you don’t talk to very many people who have actually succeeded in doing so. And that’s where it comes to an actual professional that can actually get it done. You know if you’re going to pay a good amount of money for something regardless of what it is it’s important to be able to make it you know get it you can do what it’s supposed to do.

I agree.

Yeah when it comes to the older style cameras analogue cameras. And that’s what most of the store box store cameras are is analog. It’s just it’s an older technology. It’s not a bad technology it’s an older technology and what’s available when it comes to cost if you’re to put apples to apples the cost that we install versus what you would get through those box store cameras. You still have to install it. So if you were to put that up against ours it’s not too far off from being the same in price Owasso Home Security Services.

Well it is. And I’m not understanding necessarily why a lot of the companies even today still hang on to the technology of analog. Now it’s moved to where the camera’s quality has gotten a little bit better it’s called HD CBI and HD TV and now they are coming out with another one it’s called HD for k.

These are better tended to be in better. However you’re still restricted on the things you can do with that. And when you’re working with hoves and small businesses you quite frequently can’t get a wire from point A to Point B.

And so therefore you’re stuck doing two different systems in order to build to get it done.

If you don’t have internet then you can’t see them at all on either system on your phone.

Owasso Home Security Services Also with the cameras that we use we have a device. Say you wanted to put a camera on a barn and camera and put the recorder in the House send the master closet or whatever wherever you want to put it. And then it’s just a matter of shooting a wireless ethernet from point A to Point B. Now you could say well that’s just a wireless range extender. No it’s a little bit more complicated than that. It’s a it’s technically a access point on one end and another access point on the other. But it’s a really strong wireless connection that you lock them together and then you don’t have to worry about it losing it whatever.

And that of which you don’t worry about the line getting cut if the device actually failed you just go get another device. Your quality of your pictures stills maintains the same. If you had to dig a ditch through the ground you know say for instance and it’s happened quite a bit to the lines to the ground get filled with water. And as things go on they deteriorate so therefore the picture quality is always going to diminish that matter if you get a better camera. And here we are we’re talking an about security cameras and Jencks in Bixby Oklahoma. This is Witness Security. You can catch it on the web at Witness home security dotcom witness Homeland Security dot com and always get it on the phone at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0. Look forward to talking to you Owasso Home Security Services.

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