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Art this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Janks Oklahoma and you can find it on the web at Witness home security dot com. Again that’s witness home security dot com phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 0 0 and say that again for you at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 and we’re going to be talking this morning about Monitor home security system.

Why would you want to have your monitor home security system. There are some advantages to it Owasso Home Security Services.

And we’ll be discussing those more when it comes to monitored home security. I myself I leave the house really early in the morning and if my front door were to get kicked in after I leave in the morning I want to know for sure whether or not my wife and daughter are going to be OK.

Yes. And you can get that in case you write on your phone. I mean that’s the advantage to having a monitor your home security system with security. And here you go. When the alarm goes off. Not only will it make a signal sending signal to the monitoring station but you often get signal to your phone letting you know that the article is going to be given that the alarm is going off and you already know which door you have been triggered. So there you get that signal you know that you’re often going to get a phone call right after that. So there’s an added response Bafana to be able to prove to you to know what’s going to happen and also be able to have your. We’re ready to talk to them are facing Owasso Home Security Services.

You can be aware and when it comes to also monitored security you said have the password ready.

Even myself I do this for a living. There has been times where I’ve sat there and gone what is my password. But over time I’ve also kind of set off the system just so that I can keep that fresh on my mind and test them with our monitoring center when we’re with now Owasso Home Security Services.

We have never had to worry when it comes to testing. It’s always going to work. And that’s what we want. We want it to work when you need it.

Exactly my patients. We promised you before you have to sign a contract these days and I go get a contract or part of the reason why we ourselves do not have a lot of great agreement with our customers though. We have to have agreements with my case. It’s kind of frustrating but nonetheless you know when you’re working with the station like we have today the fascinating thing here when your alarm goes off the process of time that it takes to get a signal and you get a phone call outs if you’ve ever been with any of them are proof days in the country. Our true faith is the first year.

So this morning when I got up locked the door walking into my truck Owasso Home Security Services.

It never really dawned on me whether or not as I stuck my key into the ignition whether or not it was going to turn on. Right. And it also whenever I turned on my system my security system. It never crossed my mind as to whether or not it was going to work. And a lot of people with other companies have had that. I’m not sure if I were to set my system off right now if it would work. But whenever I went and got in my truck this morning it fired right up. It always fires right up. I never have to worry. And when it comes to our home security system when I fire my system up and it’s ready to go that’s what I want is it to never be a question in my mind. Hayes Owasso Home Security Services

is this going to work this time or what I really enjoy about the monitoring system. And ultimately after we have on the phone the working conditions you know when we walk in the door and turn the alarm system off either with my phone or right there at the keypad before I take my third step I get a notification on my phone that the alarm turned off when I armed the system up and locked the door behind me in the morning before I get off my porch. I’ve already got a notification on my phone. Let me know that the system is armed.

And it’s fascinating Well your steps are kind of like a grandpa with his shoes tied together. Didn’t make it. No when it comes to security.

This is this is our livelihood. It’s not like the other companies that are also in the entertainment industry and they’re doing security on the side because they just want to bundle your TV and your home phone and your underwear package and all that stuff together. They they do that on the side. This is our livelihood. And when it comes to home security we get up in the morning because we’re thinking hey we’ve got customers and we’ve got to take care of when it come to them. They get up in the morning then you’re just another number. And when it comes to our customers you’re not just another number.

That’s what we do. This is our livelihood this is what we do with. Interesting that I deal with other companies as I go out on a regular basis. What I’ve encountered is they get signed up with another company Larmer got and can’t figure out whether or not I’ve got to worry that unsettling news takes place in people’s minds is if my security system where to go for real what’s going to happen.

What’s going on here Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s one thing. In our clients mind is really simple. The alarm goes off. You know I need to be ready to answer that phone call and provide the password or you are monitoring things is going to believe it’s not it is not.

But it’s not a matter of when they are going to do so. Unlike most stations We’ve had clients that kind of sort of got frustrated with this until we get used to it. But afterwards they realize they just do it.

It’s actually there’s been a few of them. The few customers that we’ve put in and we installed security system and the secretaries at the office forget to put the system on test. But these people have been broken into before and just so happens that these people are kind of on edge anyways when it comes to I’m having this put in I hope it works. They haven’t really seen where it’s going to but then I go and send my test signals and make sure everything’s working correctly Owasso Home Security Services.

And I didn’t know the system wasn’t on test and the next thing I know I’m getting a knock on the door and the police were standing right there. And it’s like Kuwait has going but what happens.

Nine times out of 10 when that when the police department come and all that it puts that customer at ease because they’re now going to say someone is behind this thing and this thing will work every time it does happen. Well it works. And they’ve never been upset with the fact that it didn’t get put on test. Now has the police department been upset that it didn’t get put on test properly. But at the same time we just put the customer at ease Owasso Home Security Services.

Nothing about you know on the flip side of that when it comes to actual monitoring pacing versus non-monitored We have clients that we put all our systems in for and they call that calls up and they just they just don’t want to have it monitoring station being monitored.

Coming people reading is going to cost them monthly and therefore they believed it didn’t make any difference. The police are going to take forever to respond. However the average is by the time you leave here in Tulsa surrounding communities is about seven minutes and so and that’s an average of seven minutes over people are in the outlying communities as well as the ones are in town. So therefore if the average is seven minutes for the outlying community which may last up to 10 to 15 minutes you know. Can you imagine how fast they are on tap. Oh you have to be able to bring that differential down to about seven minutes every response time in town. Somewhere in the ballpark of about to five minutes. And so therefore if you’re not sure about whether or not you need to have a security system monitored I think it’s really a no brainer Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah.

When it comes to my house I live in Midtown and when it comes to the area that we live in at times.

Yes. That didn’t go off and I just been on edge the whole time.

And it or rather if it didn’t get the response that I was expecting I would be on edge. But a few months ago whenever I set my system off and then within 30 seconds as I’m clear in my house making sure that nobody was in there it really put my wife at ease and put me at ease because just having that that sense of security. And that’s really all the sense of security. It makes you put it ease so you don’t have to worry that to you.

My daughter has some guests over the night before to get out in the backyard playing and somebody had tried to come in to the back door of the garage and the side door of the garage and the kids didn’t actually you know pull the door all the way up. Here it is the following night. And Aromat you know the storm was taking place the wind was blowing a little bit crazy. And all of a sudden the alarm was you know they jumped out of bed. Her husband grabbed his gun. We clear the house to make sure everything was good to go. And the alarm went off in my face and call got a hold of her and she couldn’t remember what password was. And then it also called him he’s walking around the house making sure fear of the fact he didn’t answer the phone. So then he called me and I get the call and I said go indispensably there. And call it verified for good. And after that call found out they are going to find out the door to door kind of a first meal. But you know I had to be someone. Please run away. They had pleased my peace of mind. The police were on their way. All I had to do was give them a phone call and canceled it is a very simple process Owasso Home Security Services.

Nothing to necessarily worry about does that mean you’re always going to be able to make it where the police.

It was by no it.

But again the police will write that unless Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jenks Oklahoma just basically talking about monitoring or monitored security system versus a non monitored security system in Jenks Oklahoma Tyler and Keith with witness security 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 0 can find us on the web at Witness home security dotcom. Again that’s Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jencks Oklahoma. Witness home security dot com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 Owasso Home Security Services.

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