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Person. All right. This is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security. And today we’re talking about security cameras in Sand Springs Oklahoma. The Web site to find us would be Sandy Springs home security dotcom. Again that Sand Springs home security dotcom 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Keith go ahead and give us some pointers on security cameras Owasso Home Security Services.

We’re going to talk about today. You know the reason for getting into the game security cameras quite frankly is in the outskirts of town or in fifth grade you have people that want to be able to monitor what’s going on around their property for criminal vandals coming onto their property and they’re taking things that don’t belong to them. And then you also have you know it’s not uncommon at all for parents to have their kids coming home from school and they’re going to be home by themselves for a couple hours. And they want to make sure they get home safely. You know I have you know especially on Sansbury you have people that have a laptop that can hold or dial. We have one. Lady that raises what is it she likes to be able to you know take care of. And then you have others that take care of other types of animals. Owasso Home Security Services You know when you get in the outskirts of certain communities you have. NO know lives are they need to be taken care of. We have one family that you know there are entire livestock barn where they come out of the train their horses and things like that. So the barn has to be able to be covered as well as covering the livestock and the feet areas near tack rooms and things like that for the horses.

Well like you just said attack them. I mean the amount of money that can be stored in a tack room is just on real real. And I’m not sure what a saddle costs these days but I’m leather so therefore different. Exactly. And then you got the amount of time that goes into making a saddle just blows my mind. But the fact that because it takes so much to make when it’s going to cost unreal amount and you got if you got four horses you’re going to have at least four saddles. And what they found out. Just the other day talking to a lady that has some horses we took her picture or Owasso Home Security Services.

She commented about the fact that a saddle on a horse is no different than a pair of shoes for you. You know what. The saddle gets fitted to the horse. It’s it’s now comfortable. It takes a while to break one. So it’s no different if it’s comfortably on the horse or you know the horse to be comfortable. And I guess that gets sort of just like we would get sore feet when you start wearing a new shoe. Same thing applies with this. So therefore not only if it gets stolen you know and it’s a big loss as far as expense. It’s a loss because now you got to start over again. Oh sure.

Owasso Home Security Services It’s important to be able to cover these things or that they may not necessarily be an expense that the people are very concerned about. The the time that it took to get to that point on you like the customer that you went to yesterday that he had had some collections. The guys were telling me as they were doing the install the guy had skateboard collections and movie collections of all kinds of stuff and guys said whatever the was thinking he didn’t touch the skateboards skateboards was thousands of dollars on that one.

There was a lot where it did take. Those were the things that he had to take and it really was the collections that came down with grandpa from World War 2. So sentimental elections that were taken weren’t near nearly the value of what was still left the items that were taken with the sentimental things it could not ever be like. And that’s what people want to do with it. I mean this feller that talked to them Well we had a door at our place the right thing and the home since it was so and he hadn’t slept in all of it will. Extremely Oh distraught Owasso Home Security Services.

I can guarantee you the. I’ve seen it thousands of times as we’ve been in these homes and the customers that we we take on. They just they will not be at rest until their home is a place of rest. Exactly. I mean it was before they got broken into but afterwards it just makes him feel so violated that they can’t rest.

And what so comforting for us is we’re able to be there and the ladies on last night here today are broken into twice in Alaska. And as broken into. She believes knows her life and both times and at the same time not a thing she could do about it outside of making sure that they don’t do it again. So we get into the home state now for two hours Owasso Home Security Services.

We’ve been out front on her car and you know tomorrow or actually today would be the first day that she spends the night around. It’s amazing what we’re able to provide a safe haven for people.You know when it comes to security and cameras and now when it comes to when it comes to the cameras not only can you deter the criminal but you can also remotely view those cameras and monitor what’s going on. Say like we were talking earlier about how when your kids get home you can view the cameras and see what’s going on Owasso Home Security Services.

I know whenever I was a kid there were times that I did not do everything I was supposed to do and I guarantee it when it comes to the cameras. Keith if he had those cameras back then he could look in and watch the glare clarity wouldn’t have been that great. But nowadays parents can look in and they can view as to when those kids got home from school. They at times parents put some chores on those kids. And so make sure that the kids are taken out the trash like they’re supposed to if they’re going to be outside playing basketball or whatever play in. Just keep an eye on. But if mom and dad aren’t home to view that a lot of the past you wouldn’t be able to view it. Now you can. We’ve got practically computers in our pockets and you can view that live in it it’s really not backed by people to be able to monitor and monitor monitor children monitor Owasso Home Security Services.

And it does not work. And for what most people would think it would cost well into the hundreds of thousands. Oh no. And then on top of that you can prevent an invasion say a home invasion or business invasion. At times you can. And we told customers this thousands of times as we’re installing the cameras make sure that you’re going and playing back video. Why Owasso Home Security Services.

Well because as time goes on the if it’s a business the employees forget that the camera is there and if you were watching the recording they will get slack in their duties or say they’re going to try and sneak out say say you’re in a sandwich shop subway or whatever and you own a sandwich shop and they get slack in their duties and then they just go ahead and make myself a sandwich and then the next day they make themself a well the first day and they made a six inch. But this day they’re going to make themselves a foot long and then couple hours later you know what I’m still hungry I go ahead and make myself another footlong then their buddy comes in and they make them a footlong you just lost close to 20 30 dollars. And if you had these cameras in place not only would you be able to catch that. You can let that person go. And now you just cut your losses.

And what’s more important than that. I mean we were in Sandy Springs talking about you know security cameras and the reasons for it to be able to monitor the property around you be able to monitor your employees be able to monitor your children being able to monitor your animals. And then on top of all of it you know if you want to be able to take care of your near your home in regards to any kind of security please get a hold of witness security. You know Sanjay brings home security dot com. That’s handsprings home security dot com and 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0


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