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I want to talk about this morning is the other devices you can get besides security equipment that can be beneficial for your home such as those detectors carbon monoxide detectors water detectors things like that that can either one cause damage to your home and or cause. You know be life threatening to the people that are in the home Owasso Home Security Services.

Right. Or do. And. More about. That.

Yes in order. I’ve had quite a few realtors call from time to time to be able to see what they can do after they’ve already repaired all the damages that have been done to the house and quite frequently a lot of these landlords can go back on the path renter and file a lawsuit that you know quite frequently a lot of these people don’t have the money to be able to sue anyway. There is just a loss. So basically what most of the landlords that I’ve spoken to in the past the best advise that they can get as a landlord is their water standard. So therefore you know washing machine stops up and overflowed Owasso Home Security Services.

You know they were kind of the feeling that they had the door in the side side load moving and you know quite frequently they overflow.

Now also have a filter underneath that under on the bottom side of them that get clogged up and if you don’t clean up they’ll go out on a regular basis then it will clog out back up and overflow.


So profit with.

They report is paramount when it senses your water by causing a short. You know the water rises too. You know maybe you know maybe just a fraction of moisture on the floor and what it does is it causes the short just like you would for a dog that it’s a very simple device. Yet at the same time it’s very cost effective Owasso Home Security Services.

So you can put a water center.

I mean I put them on the back right behind the washing machine by the hot water heater tank. I’ve even put them on the back.

Nearby the toilet you know especially if they’re you know they’ve had problems with it in the bathroom. That’s what caused the flooding in our bathroom. So the water just kept flowing coming through it overflowed the toilet.

We had to replace all the floors that are in our house that. I I’d never thought that your house and you were Owasso Home Security Services.

But one thing I’ve encountered nowadays.

Having hardwood floor one of the more popular type of boards nowadays. I mean I guess hardwood floor is always been really popular back recently.

Yeah. I’d say most of the big homes have gotten into private hardwood floors kind of prairie that and tile and or stained concrete and concrete and real popular. Well back the one thing about hardwood floors if you’re not careful with them you’ve got to make sure that you’ve got your bases covered and that of which you can do with the water. And in Tulsa Oklahoma we have a huge amount of homes that are going up that if we did even if they’d turn the alarm system on for the sole purpose of just having the water center it make it all worth it.

I mean you’re.

Important that can to retain and stain. I was going to have a couple of weeks ago they had to refinish the floor. They bought the house and they we’re going to refinish supporters just to stand and stain the floor with a little over 10000 that’s without doing the material Owasso Home Security Services.

That’s just the labor of what it takes to saying and stain and you know the stain is not that expensive and the polyurethane I mean Paul you’re going to run a few hundred dollars for each.

It’s a labor. And and I was going out in a business last week.

While I was in the business we were walking through the business.

They have this huge basement and a huge basement and I don’t know if the building was used as some sort of vault that’s fairly it without saying with building.

Pretty popular belief here until as we were walking through from one side of the building to the next and all of a sudden the guy says oh no oh. Why can’t you smell that water. Yeah. Yeah flooded down there and he turned to me and said you got water Center. This is the second time this has happened. And I said yeah we got water or something. And so he goes down or a little over an inch and a half of water.

He had gone down there last week to be able to find some paperwork and set some of his like a box of paper that he had in the path down onto the floor to get another box of paper grab that back to the papers and left the other ones on the floor. They were destroyed. They were destroyed. Oh he was furious.

And the first thing I wanted was water comfort. What are we putting in on Thursday barters. It’s important to be able to cover the valuables he had and with water sensors that we provide. You can do that. It’s fairly inexpensive. And here at Tulsa I mean it’s a pretty common problem especially downtown. Thirty first and. You know some of those homes have basements. And it’s important to be able to cover the basic things that we have the people that. We have carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide is one of those. Devices that is the primary aspect of the way. Again the way new homes are being built they’re airtight a carbon monoxide with there’s always been a gap that’s always been out there. But what has happened as. Technology has increased and now we’re able to build our house more with more air tight than what they’ve ever been before. Carbon monoxide is own burn fuel. So in regard to what device it may be if it has burning fuel of any kind it put carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide you can’t smell it you can’t take it Owasso Home Security Services.

You don’t even know it’s really even there until it’s too late. And after that it’s too late.


When we had our house in India your property you know we ended up buying this house from Indiana. What about college and the people that lived in the house prior to us had a serious sickness problem and they’re constantly sick. As soon as we walked into the house my wife mentioned the gas smell. And so we had somebody come out and take a look at it. Sure enough they had a gas leak and for years as long as those people lived in that house they were constantly sick. That’s the reason why we had it fixed. We never had a problem Owasso Home Security Services.


It’s just a matter of time. We’re thinking up this morning. It’s his teeth and dollar with Wiccan security in Tulsa Oklahoma Owasso Home Security Services.

Phone number to reach us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 and kept his on the web at witness LLC dot com that’s witnessed LLC dot com and the phone number to reach us is at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0

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