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Oh this is Keith Schultes and time outs with Witness Security here in Tulsa Oklahoma we’re coming back with you about the long dot com app and we were finishing up talking about locks the locks and how they would function with the alarm clock coming up.

So you can get there several brands when it comes to locks you get Kwikset and you got Schley’s and you get jail Yale. Yale there’s several Owasso Home Security Services.

And there’s no one that’s better much better than the other. I am I prefer Kwikset only because it has the smart key option.

But when it comes to Z-Wave locks and will stay away from the brands and all that. But when it comes to Z-Wave locks it is so cool because you can put a lock in whether it just be a lever Lochore a dead bolt and you can tell the system to lock up dead bolts to lock and then a few seconds later you’ll hear that deadbolt XZ just slide over and lock. It’s pretty awesome Owasso Home Security Services.

And also each person that you can provide a code for each person that say comes into the house or somebody a friend or whoever can have a code for that block. That family coming in for the weekend give them you can provide a temporary code for the lock you can provide in temporary code for the alarm. You can make it to where the alarm will integrate with the lock as well. So therefore if you wanted or you could put the code in for the lock and it would turn the alarm off. Or you could do it individually depending on how secure you want it to make it.

And then when it comes to Z-Wave you also get what’s called Z-Wave lights which you can put that on the schedule.

And I know in my house I’ve got it set to wear at six thirty or actually follows the dusk to dawn type deal. It will come on at dusk and usually at 11:30 it kicks off. I just don’t see a reason to have it on all night if I want the lights to come on.

I just have my motion lights there in the front of the house on to actually come on when somebody approaches the door. And then also on top of that we have a doorbell. You know the doorbell is set up to where you can. It can be integrated with the alarm dot com app or can’t be separate depending on whether or not the customer wants it within the app or not. The difference is in price. You know when it comes to. How you want to be able to pay for it. And that we’re going to discuss next but how the doorbell works it has an infrared. Camera inside the doorbell. So therefore it catches that picks up on motion and it’s a full range lens. It’s kind of like a fish eye that catches whole 180 degrees on both sides of the Owasso Home Security Services.

Side to side and ceiling to floor or floor. So therefore it has no it makes no difference as to where you were of the existing doorbell used to be and you just take one door bell off the other dog on it’s really and install and the maker of this doorbell is alarmed outcome correct.

It’s alarm clock. And what it’s a 10 ADP resolution that also say for instance there isn’t any lights on it on the front door. That infrared that’s built into the camera makes the door it can still see.

That’s pretty awesome. So you also have with the alarm that come doorbell.

If someone pushes the button am I going to hear it and say you’re going to hear it inside you’re going to get a notification like a text on your phone to let you know that you can pick up the call. It’s not really a call though. It’s just like a text on your phone. You pick.

You hit the button and it opens it up you can talk to that person right there at the front door saying get a package and or say someone at the door. And they look a little sketchy You probably don’t want to open the door but at the same time say I’m not even there and they’re at my house. What do I do Owasso Home Security Services.

And you just press that button and you talk to them and tell them that you’re not available right now and you know it just can’t come to the door right now. And that person at the door doesn’t have any idea whether you’re home or not.

That would freak me out if I walked up to a door and saw that and they started talking to me immediately.

And that notification comes by motion.

So you did not press that doorbell to make that notification come up and I left a drillbit at a customer’s house and had one of the doorbells or you installed. I installed a couple of days before left to drill bit there. And as I’m walking up to the front porch of sudden she comes over the door and says hey Tyler and it freaked me out. I had forgot the doorbell was there. Made me jump. I said I was pretty startled.

The advantages of having a doorbell at your door makes you be able to be aware of what’s going on around your house without having to be there. And also like say for instance material children come home. You can see when they come home. You know what friends are with them more than just the alarm being able to say what time they got home. But you can see who’s with the kids as well and not on the doorbell Owasso Home Security Services.

Not only is it is a live video but you can record it and yes on a alarm Dotcom’s interface. Yes. That’s just amazing. So what does the alarm that come up cost with a witness security.

Through the monitoring that we have. It’s 34 ninety nine a month. And how that works is that the cellular monitoring for the alarm for it to be able to communicate to the monitoring station. But these additional features such as this Lynda.com app they don’t cost anything extra with the exception of the doorbell.

And the reason why the doorbell costs more is there’s data has to be storage so there’s a data plan. We have to pay for it and these other features such as the thermostat and the lights and the locks and the garage door modules and things like that. Yes they do cost money that is incurred by the security company but rather than having incrementally walk up it’s just that much simpler for us to say that at one price. Witness Security’s goal is to retain customer customers. So therefore as people. Begin to start searching around and looking elsewhere to go because you know 34 99 a month is a chunk of change you know no matter how you look at it. So therefore by them looking around and saying you know and they’re talking to other companies they’re going to say well I have the doorbell and I have the lock and I have the thermostat and I have the garage door module Owasso Home Security Services.

This all could add up to well over 50 60 bucks a month with most companies because most companies charge an additional three to five dollars every time you add another device where it was witness security. It’s just one flat fee. We want to retain our customer base and by doing so you know we’re willing to incur a little bit of a cost in order to keep them so therefore. That you could really benefit from the smart devices.

Well you got the small family that like myself that just trying to keep a close eye on their budget as much as possible with the thermostat you put to that schedule and because you’re not using it between seven and four it’s going to save you that much from the system kick in on every so often. Obviously you don’t want your thermostat set so low that the pipes are going to freeze but at the same time you don’t want the system kicking on all day long heat in a house that doesn’t have any money in it.

The rising need to be heated.

Then you also have the busy families wanting to know what’s going on with the kids Owasso Home Security Services.

Say a dad with kids that are say 10 years old and they’re riding the school bus to and from work to and from work and from school. And they come in you want to know when that kid gets home and you want to know when your teen gets home with their boyfriend or girlfriend after hours when they shouldn’t be around. And then the families that are taking care of parents so that they can still live independently and safe and then just in conclusion.

Turning your alarm on or off from a smart phone may seem good to be seem too good to be true but it really isn’t these kind of features have been out for some time. The majority of calls we get here witness security in Tulsa are people wanting to upgrade their security it’s that security system so they can operate the system via their smartphone security systems today are much more than just security any more. And any company that does not want to keep up with the technology for the future will be left behind. That’s why we actually moved to alarmed. Come call us for a free consultation. 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. Or you can also go to our Web site witness L.L.C. dot com. We can also help you decide what will best fit your family because every security system isn’t a cookie cutter deal it’s it’s a custom fit deal.

And also. With the Honeywell systems that are out there today that have been installed for years. You know we have a device that is able to tie in the older Security system of 2010 or. Newer and we can tie them into your security system using the alarm got comment. Thank you very much. It’s Kate¬†Owasso Home Security Services

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