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This is Tyler and KEAYS with Witness Security.

Yes. This morning we’re going to be talking about video surveillance cameras a lot of people call them security cameras. And the idea behind having security cameras is to be able to either see somebody that either outside of your house or inside of your house or be able to just keep track of things around your house. The thing that most people call us about in regards to security cameras is the clarity there. I’ve seen video on TV say it’s a convenience store. And for whatever reason it’s just not very clear Owasso Home Security Services.

You always see it on TV where the police have pulled a video and you guys shot somebody or phone in the store or whatever and you can’t really make out what’s going on in that video.

But now we have video that’s 10 ADP 10 A.P. and that’s another thing that a lot of people say well I don’t understand what Tany to be. I’m not very tech savvy. What does that all mean. And so 10 ADP it wasn’t too long ago that camera systems or even TVs for that matter probably what three or four years ago Owasso Home Security Services.

TVs came out and they started 10 or 10 ATP.

And that’s typical pixels that are on the screen.

So when you say 10 ADP any more tending to be is now the average.

And that security cameras are any of a TV for that matter. In order to have very clear cameras or pictures they need to be better than TTP.

Right. And you get several different versions. You’ve got 720 P You get 10 ADP. You can also describe it as four or five megapixel IP cameras and four cases now coming out.


When it comes to the clarity there are so many different versions that you can get. But what we use is it’s actually a five megapixel IP camera. And the only reason we use specifically five megapixel we just less than a month ago we were using four megapixel but the technology is always changing.

Technology is always changing and at the same time what we have found in order to be able to meet the demands of most of our consumers whether it be apartment complexes homeowners associations. And even small businesses and or big businesses you know the advantage is behind having IP cameras is especially in Oklahoma. You find that it’s important to be able to make sure that the clarity is still there in the event to say something happens you want to be able to pull that video back. Exactly one thing we didn’t ever mention when we first started was this is kete entire With witness security. And Tulsa Oklahoma actually Janks Oklahoma. And the Web site is witness home security dot com that’s witness home security dot com and the phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And so if you want to give us a call it’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 and or like you give them the web address.

You can check us out on the web. Do some research before you even give us a call at Witness home security dot com. So moving on when it comes to cameras there. There are so many options. You can do the standalone Kammerer which is a new technology. The DVR is built into the camera or the recorder is built into the camera. Then you also have the recorders where all the cameras would come to. And that way the recorder is built into and recording by cameras or you can do the two cameras or even just one camera if you wanted to get like four months yeah a longer time probably.

But when it comes to the net that the recorder. The only difference is the length of time that you’re going to get Owasso Home Security Services.

Yes and the thing that is that a lot of people need to take into consideration when you’re looking at security cameras is how much time you want to be able to record you know are you trying to just be able to pick up the packages there are going to be left at your doorstep to the lot of people nowadays. Order online. And to Oklahoma you know I venture to say that we have quite a few people that will order on Amazon and these other companies so that they don’t have to do any of the shopping especially going on Christmas Eve.

Oh yeah. When it comes around the Christmas season the theft of packages spikes drastically to a point where you will see somebody getting busted on the package theft on a daily basis probably even more so than just a daily basis.

Janks him Bixby just this past few months. We ended up having quite a few calls of you know people robbing mailboxes. That’s a felony to be able to to take out of a mailbox. I mean take packages off of your doorstep that’s not a felony. You take things out of a mailbox. That’s a felony. And they were doing it nightly on a regular basis. They finally got caught. But you know it took quite a few different videos to be able to piece it all together and put it all together. And that’s why it’s important to make sure that the clarity you have in your in your cameras is to be able to identify the kind of vehicle maybe you can identify the individual and or the license plate exactly when it comes to the cameras Owasso Home Security Services.

A lot of people think just with the cameras. I want to see the license plate. That’s great. But how are you going to see that.

Well the thing is with cameras that we used to be the analog cameras that came out not too long ago we were Putney’s in which were below 720 p. And even now the problem you have is at night you know the light that’s on the back of your license plate. As the aperture on the lens of the camera is left open and no light goes by courageous streak. And so therefore you know because of the aperture of the lens it creates a streak across the numbers that are you trying to read and then you can’t read those numbers.

Well a lot of people also think you’re going to see it moving is going to be super difficult for a camera to actually see a moving car. When they do it in the movies that is exactly all that it is it’s it’s them in movies.

I mean you can get license plate lens cameras. To be able to do that sort of thing. Owasso Home Security Services However the problem with that is they’re extremely expensive. It’s just not cost.

Well extremely expensive. And that’s all you’re going to be looking at is license plates Owasso Home Security Services.

Yes. And you know your average you know individual you know home and even a small business can’t really afford $1300 one. Fifteen hundred on a camera that’s all it’s going to do. Exactly.

Yeah. When it comes to cameras.

A lot of people think that the clarity if the car sitting still and we’ve seen it several times where the car is sitting still and I can see the license but it’s clear as day to sitting still.

That’s the difference. And a lot of times in the movies they’ll go back to a license plate off of Mir and then clear it up and zoom in on it and voila they’ve got a just as awesome picture. That’s a dream world.

Yes. And it’s just that sort of thing. It makes our job rather difficult because they see this done on TV and they have the idea in mind that that’s the way it can always be done here. Every single police show that you see we need to enhance that picture the enhancement thing it can be done but it just is not to the degree that what they have on TV. And here we are in Jynx Oklahoma and Bixby Oklahoma. ¬†Owasso Home Security Services They just don’t have. The wherewithal and the equipment to be able to enhance that video you know to the degree that maybe Los Angeles could write this Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jenks Oklahoma talking about cameras at Witness home security dotcom you can find this or give us a call at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 AD. And the Web site is witness home security dotcom. Thank you relistening

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