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Security and our Web site is Witness home security dotcom Amberg 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 if you want to call it you know as we’re talking we like you like your input if we could possibvly have it basically today what we’re talking about is when it comes to home security what is the customer’s preconceived idea of what security is and when he gets into home security or secure homes what what are the questions that they’re asking him Owasso Home Security Services.

I would say the majority of the questions that I get asked well could be the way I see that when I. When I get into the home originally based you where after I do the basic Internet introduction I did ask people what their idea was and what they had in mind as far as security is that vision and people’s mind is different from a video Owasso Home Security Services.

Some people when you walk into the home. Their initial idea is to be able to just be able to secure them. And so if you just do the basics every single time then you’re never going to meet everybody. So when you get into the home you ask them what their idea of what security is can go from that. I can see it they want to be able to secure the home. Some people want to be to the outside. And so in securing the outside of the home obviously can’t put a contact on three shirt. So a door contact on a tree or whatever. But what you can do is you can’t put a camera outside and a camera can be detect detection by motion. And when it attacks by motion then it starts recording you anything about the systems that we carry. They start recording about 10 and you can get a different 10 to 15 seconds prior to the most and then 10 to 15 seconds after. Sure. So therefore you’re able to only get what’s recorded.

Now keep in mind at night especially in Oklahoma the amount of bugs and things we have and because of the infrared heat and the light and everything obviously attractive. So therefore you’re going to get a lot of reporting you know.

Oh yeah definitely. So when it comes to security you said the preconceived deal about cameras. What about preconceived idea about security system not a preconceived idea about security system.

A lot of times people think for. A basic package it’s a basic package with just about any security company is going to cover a minimum of some doors.

You know most of your bigger companies. Will say a basic package is two doors in most inter-Korean and keep that. In my opinion a basic package should consist of a standard home be and that is three doors from us into the back and that’s where that’s one thing is a little bit different Owasso Home Security Services.

Now I get a lot or this request probably every day when people call on the phone.

They want to know if that’s going to cover all the and they’re thinking you know the alarms that are going to cover all of my windows.

No. Not a basic package. No. Can we cover all the windows. Of course we can. It’s going to obviously cost more and that’s the same thing applies with just about every security company out there.

Even your company is out there that you know. Right. Three and five year contracts what they do is their pay package is X number dollar and anything above the basic package. Right. And you know the same thing applies from that you know the basic package and then whatever they want it out over and above that. So therefore all of the windows and after all you’re not going to cover the base back.

But one thing you can be certain if somebody comes into the home buy some of that I mean this side more than the most in taxes is going to pick them up when they travel that most people are not going to just break into a home expect to go home. They’re not just going to break and go home and stay in whatever room it is they came in for winter Owasso Home Security Services.

Correct. Yeah. It’s actually kind of funny that you brought that up says on a statistics that 81 percent of intrusions occur through the first four. So not only did you just state that but you’re very accurate in that statistic. Also I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that when it comes to I can’t remember the exact statistic but when someone kicks in a front door. What’s the statistic on that.

Ninety four percent of the break ins take place front an what timeframe is too intent the clock in the morning 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon good night.

So every day I’m gone between 7:00 in the morning probably And anywhere between 4:00 5:00 in the afternoon. It’s a guarantee that I’m a harder target than grandma sitting next door because are not a harder or an easier target because she’s at home. I am not exact. I was actually looking at. I’m sure you’ve heard it next door. Yesterday one of the neighbors in my neighborhood was posting on there about on Sunday next door neighbor happened to see there.

There was a gold van in the driveway. I SWEAR TO I’ve never seen the van there before. But and this is a little kid 12 13 year old it does seem to have been a big deal. It’s not my property I don’t care. Well it wasn’t till he heard his parents talking about that next door neighbor got broken into the same house that had the gold van that he realized. I wonder if that was the gold van that I saw the 30 year old looking dude and it described the guy to a T but he didn’t recognize the guy and if he had said something it probably could have stopped the problem stopped and or somebody may have been able to take a picture of it Owasso Home Security Services.

Now the neat thing about the camera is that I was in out of it last week and their idea was they wanted to view cameras on their perimeter of the house because they’ve had some problems and people breaking into homes and people coming up to door to door just random.

I mean was very.

So they decided they wanted to cover the front door mainly and their back door.

And then the gate is they come down and so we put together a quote form. So what would be expected. And as a look at the front door is this where a lot of home aspects you wrecking your home. Somebody at the front door you can also consider. Sure. As I spoke with the customer and chose the location where we probably put cameras and always what we do our installer when they get there we go. We do another walk to after we get in to the home before we start you know the whole what have they said to make sure that their their preconceived idea hasn’t changed at all.

So we definitely get the location. Again like I mentioned in this house two story home two story home make it a little bit harder Owasso Home Security Services.

You know all of the cameras we run or install are hardwired came right from the camera to the DVR.

Did you have to get a wire from point A to point the two story home sometimes and can be a little difficult especially in this home. The customer thought they had plenty of that. But plenty of attic space to the customer that never been to the Vatican before. That is a little bit different than plenty of attic space. And

somebody’s got to get to the front porch of the vault and Sealion right here in the entryway and a vaulted ceiling in the office right next to the front door and a vaulted ceiling into the dining room right next to the other side of the entryway. In other words there is no addy’s space. And to get a camera there at the front forwards is somewhat of a challenge.

So when it comes to cameras and what they can help in preventing loss of property crimes in 2010 2013 resulted in losses estimated at a dollar figure Owasso Home Security Services.

Take a stab at the dollar figure. It’s going to be an amazing Try billions. Sixteen point six billion dollars. Holy moly.

When when. And that’s a statistic put out by the FBI. Then you also have the on so that to be a statistic.

Were people actually recorded like for example the insurance when the window was shot out in our van. We didn’t never recorded.

So it’s actually probably a little bit higher. Oh it’s going to be a lot harder. So then you also have the security side a preconceived thought with customers is the fact that the only reason security companies put up their signs and stickers out front of the house is for advertisement the actual reason Owasso Home Security Services.

However 75 percent of your return on every home is that for karyotype.

And why. Why is it. According to this statistic it says nine out of 10 burglars avoid homes with this current system. Want to expound upon that.

It’s common sense. They say avoid aspect is a very new looking as an indication that if the market you know they’re doing this they’re in the habit of not having they’re in an occupation breaking into a home not because they just like doing it that they’re lazy and to go. Good job. Exactly. It’s you know beyond them to be able to have to put forth more effort than they necessarily have to do. So therefore if I bring into a home that has that security system I’m going to be limited in what how much time I can spend and I hope so and never being at home. How are you going to know what it’s going to be in there if you don’t have a little bit tired live right. Exactly.

So that is Tyler and key witness security in Jenks Oklahoma. Our Web site is witness home security dotcom and our phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 is here. And today we were just talking about statistics. Preconceived ideas of a customer. Owasso Home Security Services When Keith goes into a sales appointment. Thank you. This is Tyler and Keith with witness security in Jenks Oklahoma and witness to home security dotcom and its 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 0

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