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Hello this is Keith and Tyler with Witness Security in Jenks in Bixby Oklahoma.

This morning we’re going to be talking about video surveillance cameras.

If you want to catch us give us a call it’s 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And the Web site you can catch us at is Witness home security dotcom.

That’s Witness Security dotcom here in Jackson Bixby Oklahoma. As we talk about security cameras security cameras are kind of a thing of the past yet it’s a feature at the same time. Owasso Home Security ServicesĀ Things have changed.

As technology changes you know it in the past you’d be able to see video surveillance to be brought up on TV due to maybe a convenience store breaking or robbery and makes you kind of wonder like why in the world even put those cameras in. You just can’t see what’s going on you know every time I’ve seen those video cameras they pull up. I actually think the pictures that you look at and you got a hold of one way and you see one thing and the whole way and see it.

That’s almost what it looks like whenever they pull those videos.

And it’s called the hologram. Yeah. And whenever you’re talking about that that’s popped in my head is those holograms you’re looking and going What is that. Yes. Is it an alien.

Is that. Forrest Gump. I can’t really tell.

You can see what kind of nest and all the a person is or anything say that technology has gotten to the point where if you’re a security company and you’re putting in video surveillance equipment the equipment that you’re installing needs to be of a quality you know to where you can say you you actually did a good job Owasso Home Security Services.

The funny thing is a lot of companies in the area are still installing cameras that are on the dark ages.

They’re still analog cameras. Now there’s things you can do with the cameras that we install the different kinds of cameras or run through them real quick. You have analog cameras and then that’s of the technology years gone by and then stepped up to a version called H D.

Now you have HTC Vi you have HDTV you have four K..

These are all analog version cameras. Now the HD you know CGI and TVI and for k. There can be cheaper or better but there’s restrictions with that. You know it’s still run off of clocks and you know when it comes to actually if you trying to get cables from point A to Point B. You’re seriously restricted in the things that you can do Owasso Home Security Services.

Well you know like who’s saying you’re seriously restricted. We’ve had customers that they want cameras out at their barn and then cameras are on their house and then camera is out on the left will say electric wall. It’s not really an electric pole it’s just more of a light pole. And they want to be able to view all of these things through one recorder.

Yes. For example we had an apartment complex last year that we installed in the apartment complex downtown. And the thing of it is what they wanted to be able to do is they would like to have it on one system. Now the problem is it was what do they call the new high end apartment complex is that you know don’t have any attic space. No. No crawl space already.

It’s that modern Look Marty. Yes. With the open ceilings and you can see the ductwork. And so they have to have clean as little as possible wiring.

Yes. And the thing is with that. When it comes to doing any kind of wiring doesn’t matter what it is. In our case we’d be running cables from point A to Point B. The company is in that we bid against the massive companies. They were their idea and mine. The best thing to do was to be able to put three separate totally separate systems in and of which there is no way you’d be able to interact all of them unless you had the web and that’s the one thing they did not want to do is they didn’t didn’t want to put it on the web. So if it’s not put on the web of negative. So what we did is we came in with our cameras. Now the other versions of cameras that we use here in Bixby in Jenks Oklahoma is IP systems. Now the IP systems that you have out there it’s called Internet Protocol cameras. You know these cameras here have the capability of being able to not necessarily use you don’t always have to have a hard line. You know the way that it’s designed because of the Internet protocol it goes works over Ethernet and that either net can be shot through the air and it creates basically a hard line to in one location to the next.

And what do you mean by hardline is with other companies. They are still ditch switching companies that have been in business for 40 years and they’re ditching from the house to the shed that they wanted a camera on or the house to the barn or from one building to another. They’ve got to ditch all the way across and that takes some serious amount of time at least probably eight hours. Have just to do the ditching not even running the wire in the pipe Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah. And the thing that is when you run the wire through the pipe you know we’ve done this quite a bit. When the technology wasn’t out there to do this especially with your IP when we were in the analog you did today. You have to buy the ranch or ditch witch or buy a ditch witch and did from one point a to point B then your Riskin you have to get Pizzo so and everybody to come out and mark the ground so that you can ditch down through there and you have to lay the conduit but to put the wire into the conduit. We’re talking very labor intensive. And then after it all is said and done a year or so later down the road you know you have a problem you know because it’s pretty difficult to avoid getting wire and water in those lines. So therefore you’re back there a year later maybe two years later and you’re trying to determine what the problem might be. We had one where the ground shifted and broke the pipe. And. None of the cameras worked on or we had run it up to a tree and it’s taken us quite a bit of time and effort to mill in order to be able to fix that problem. And as much as the ground shifts here in Jencks and Bisbee It’s amazing. You’d think that the ground is always there. It never really moves but it moves all the time. Especially recently we’ve had earthquakes that taking place at ground moving like that. Love can take place Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah. And then on top of that the water. Who’s talking about a little bit ago when you put a pipe in the ground.

The pipe condensates and over time the inside of that pipe it can only hold so much water.

It developed the water and then if there is any kind of a nigger or anything in that in that wire where he has it out of ground and you’re going to have problems. So what we’ve encountered are the best thing to go to is R.P.. That eliminates all of that. Exactly. And you’re able to get wires from one all the way out. We did a house out in Bixby not too long ago that was well over 500 yards from one house to the barn. Fellow had some horses that he wanted to cover and be able to take care of you know watch over his house. Horses and horses themselves are pretty bad. I mean a horse for the most part is pretty valuable Owasso Home Security Services.

But these horses were extremely valuable and on top of that storage units. Know we’ve got several storage storage units places that we’ve got these devices out there that will shoot to the main device as a headquarters and then you are able to have all those cameras on the same exact system.

And also you know because if you have a situation with power you always have to have power. In other words 110 and be able to get once you have power and everything you can make everything work. So therefore you don’t have to have power from point A to Point B. You just pick a 110. And by doing so you’re able to use a massive flexibility like in storage if you have concrete all over the place. You’re not you’re not ditching anything if you’re going to get a concrete so you’re going to have to. And I’ve done this where you cut the concrete all the way from point A to Point B take you weeks to do that and then jackhammer it out so you can put the line down Owasso Home Security Services.

You know here we are in some Bixby Oklahoma talking about security cameras. You can also catch it on the web at Witness home security Daka and witness home security dot com and the phone that we can reach is at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 0.

Thank you very much for listening.

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