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And we want to talk to you about the response of my birth date. The pages having the advantage of not having a mark. You know what your thoughts are Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh when.

It comes to monitored system first non-monitored I’ve seen several people that they just met them rather they seem to think that we live too far out. And so when the time arises that say I do. The system does go off and the cops are never going to show up. And if they do they may show up really really long after the time.

Yeah I get that call a lot when I go out. I live. Around Tulsa and the most that’s probably one of the more common responses.

However I couldn’t tell you how many homes have been into where somebody is back with a U-Haul and somebody in actual U-Haul to be able to go out and look it up and then not only did they break in but they took the entire house the house off the foundation or anything but everything inside the house Owasso Home Security Services.

Oh yeah. And they just moved everybody in their neighbors.

They had real no clue about that because the neighbors are so far apart. I mean I’m to I’m talking about actually here in town. I’ve seen it happen in town. And the customer or the the people that are living around that the neighbors are gone. I know they’re moving out. And that’s as far as their brain goes. That’s as far as the thought goes in their head.

Yes and extreme coming in here. You know therefore I was at her house yesterday. I can’t take her here a the burden of the house was are probably you know maybe three and a guard are not used to me and see if they’re retreating. How do you feel being awake. It’s not a common thing when somebody just backed up for hours. And then the entire house into the dirt. Therefore the question is should I get a security monitor. You know even though the police may take a little while to get there. And the answer is yes why. So they don’t know the entire house at that point.

It starts a countdown at that point. The countdown call or they get 45 seconds to shut down the system. If they shut down the system then at least someone’s being called. And then once that someone is being called and you’re also going to get that notification alarm that come then the cops are on the way. You’re going to say no no one’s home. No no one’s at my house.

So yes and the cops and not although a lot of people that would take forever for the police to get here. That I have felt this past about three weeks ago and they got broken into.

And you know they didn’t get very much breaking in because you know you know their houses were I had about three or four hundred yards apart Owasso Home Security Services.

Maybe you left the dividing line between the two houses so you couldn’t see the other house next door. So what did he get away with. Part of it however they didn’t get away with everything. Do you think that is. I can’t say.

But he had an interesting funny the story is when your alarm goes off and there’s no siren with a sign in your ear. And the process of thought is change for the young.

Now I have to deal with this noise that I have to and they just can’t process even when we’re doing the install and we test the system to make sure everything’s working correctly the customer. It changes their thought process. I mean they’re they’re not me and I get to go outside. I can’t think. And so if it’s doing that to the customer and they’re expecting it the thought then is a thief. The thief is sitting there thinking as he kicks in that door key this might be armed. It might not be armed. And then if it is armed I’ve got dressed and also nine times out of ten they are on drugs. So they really can’t think. But whenever they kick that door in they’ve got a limited amount of time and they’ve got to get as much as they possibly can in that short limited amount of time Owasso Home Security Services.

Exactly. And the alarm systems don’t necessarily they’re not going to apprehend the criminal. I’ve had that happen. People cancel the service because our alarm system did not arrest them with them. And literally cancelled the system because it did not arrest the carrier which is kind of guaranteeing that contain it for people to think that. Think about that. But no different. The locks are four doors locked. They’re not going to keep anybody out that necessarily wants to get in. However you know it does keep people on it. Right. And the same thing with the monitoring stations the monitoring station when it goes off and sound the sound the alarm. It takes those various people that are going to be breaking into the home. You know confuses their thought. So therefore what am I going to do. It’s not uncommon to feel that after the break in takes place and the police arrive they find a TV remote laying outside in the yard and getting nothing else or a box of pencils or in some cases firework medicine that was for the dog. The alarm is going off. They’ve been in the house and it’s just got to grab something seems to penetrate that house. And then when they get outside it’s covered with the ground with virtually nothing.

All right. And when they get that worthless item it’s like man. And so they toss it in on the ground and move on. And I mean we saw a picture of a guy this morning that he was breaking into homes and one of his neighbors or one of his neighbors one of the neighbors in that neighborhood that he was breaking into. I happened to see him took a picture of him and he stood there like not doing anything. Well here’s the deal. You look guilty. So we’re going to go ahead and take that picture of you and hopefully something is going to happen because you’re going to get caught. Yeah I’ve actually heard Owasso Home Security Services.

And so when it comes to a monitored home security a lot of our customers or our customers the way they look at it is and there are no contract customer.

So they will they’ll sign up with us and they’ll become monitored and they rather than doing it just for the insurance certificate that a lot of people do it for.

Owasso Home Security Services There are also for that thirty four ninety nine a month it right out the gate.

They’re being taken care of and it’s for us it’s more quality over quantity. Well

that’s the main thing with security systems.

I mean it is vitally important that they be able to monitor you know the market faces when the signal goes are and is actually notifying notify and monitoring station and from then on the monitor station call the first to number to call is an average for our reminder to face an average of less than 20 seconds.

Owasso Home Security Services The average response for most monitoring stations is somewhere in the ballpark of 45 seconds to a minute and that is just the monitoring stations that we use. We have six different stations located throughout country all stations receive the signal the exact same time for an average of 150 different operators in any given hour.

So with other monitoring centers or other companies and their monitoring centers it’s about a minute on the higher and sometimes closer to three minutes can be when they are calling the customer.

Now with that said usual our average response time for the police department to arrive is about seven to ten minutes.

So if it takes a minute versus 25 seconds with us then it could be eight minutes or seven minutes and 25 seconds at the fastest.

Average response time for the police to be arriving more versus other companies that it takes a minute could take them two minutes and it will be at the fastest about nine minutes.


And I think that’s an effort to figure taken the alarm going off in town in their lower suburban community¬†Owasso Home Security Services

And then you also have the monitoring that takes place in you know in town. So they’re averaging that response time in multiple cases to take anywhere between a couple of minutes to seven minutes. I have here for the week. I’m going off and they called. I couldn’t believe after they’ve shut the alarm off. They got the signal on their phone notification your mom when they found your phone. Another phone the phone rang. It is passively. And two minutes later Dan understand that happened and it happens a lot. And so therefore what we’re saying here is security. It’s important to have a monitored alarm system for the simple fact that people will not have all the time to take whatever they want.

That’s Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. You can check us out on the web at witness L.L.C. dot com as witness L.L.C. dot com. And then our phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. That’s Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in Tulsa Oklahoma. Witness L.L.C. dotcom¬†Owasso Home Security Services

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