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Good morning Barry are Keith and Tyler with security in Broken Arrow Oklahoma when it comes to what we’re going to talk day it’s going to be basically just talking about security systems and what you can do with them their habit or say your habits Owasso Home Security Services.

So what are your habits when it comes to home scared my habits when it comes to home security is real simple. We get up in the morning the system is turned on in this statement.

So therefore the most intense day or stay instant stay using it. And you can send it towards instant where somebody opens the door going to go off immediately. Myself easily. We aren’t in this neighborhood. My philosophy is. If somebody comes into the House will announce for me he got my gun and they will not work back out. But at the same time you know it’s not going to go off and just go blaring and launch me out of bed to where I can’t comprehend what we’re doing.

But a lot of people like that and for me I’m a light sleeper so therefore you know anything that really happens around the house.

I usually wake up and I’m fully aware of what’s going on.

And a lot of people that they’re not like sleepers and they’re going to be going you know virtually wait to that. It’s funny we get into a lot of homes. I’ve gotten a lot of homes in the past. Parents are just so afraid that they’re going to wait a little Poopsie and little Poopsie sleeping Owasso Home Security Services.

And that’s what Sunday night when the system went off.

It didn’t work out for nothing. It’s even right next door bedroom.

And Rachel walks and she goes Oh man I bet that will Marjorie. She looks and she’s dead to the world.

So for the most part the idea that it’s going to wake up the kids over time usually a little bit of a misnomer. I mean the kids nowadays they don’t work for nothing unless you want to eat.

Many times you’re kind of like dogs.

If there food on the table. They can wait by the nose. It’s a siren going off next to their ear an alarm clock. I need an app for it.

It was like This morning I’m walking out the door trying to be as quiet as possible and creaking through the hallways.

Owasso Home Security Services The wood floors creaking and I hear Marjorie start crying.

No not now.

So a quick step onto the tile in the bathroom and that seems like.

All right. But anyway back to what we’re actually document security systems in Broken Arrow Oklahoma and your habits when it comes to my habits with my security system.

A lot of times we will get up or say we’re going to bed at night. And it’s I usual I have a scene. It’s for what’s called Z-Wave. It will lock the front door or make sure that the front door is locked. It will arm the system in the instant stay mode Owasso Home Security Services.

And then lastly make sure that the garage door is down and make sure that I’ve got to see wave light on the front porch it kicks that to a certain if it’s not already on it’ll kick it on. All these things my thermostat. Make sure that it is at a certain certain amount whether it be winter or summer. It will make sure the thermostat set and good for the evening. All of those things take place at the same time whenever I hit the arm button. Then whenever I get up in the morning I myself have the ability to hit the silence little speaker button and then quick exit and I’m out the door. A lot of people would seem to think that they have to shut the system off but when they are shutting it off what’s happening is they’re beeping on the keypad. And when we’re leaving in the morning our wives don’t really want to hear that beep. And so. And or say you’re going out for a day of golf on the golf course but you’re leaving it around 7:00 o’clock in the morning so you can grab a bite to eat with the guys before you go out there. You don’t want that beeping. You’re going to wake up your family. And so if you get that quick exit error hit silence and then the quick exit does it all quietly.

And also the key pads we have now it used to be that you had all these plans to keep out the master bedroom sometimes by garage something by the front door.

And it used to be that all keep everything the same that we live in a day and age now where a lot of what they call linear now.

Yeah. That’s the generation Owasso Home Security Services.

I think my generation to generation but Latinos grew up in a time when everything when their kids were growing up everything had to be super quiet. So. I don’t like any noise like any lights in the bedroom. Therefore we install keypad in the master bedroom that doesn’t have any lights and don’t have any noise. It’s beneficial that way. So that way that they can get up in the middle of night or in the morning and leave without making any noise for their you know partner it’s a little bit.

And when it comes to sound I don’t know how many friends of mine that can’t. When it comes to light they can’t have any light is kind of weird. It’s kind of like again and then they get to take a paper in the wash rag and cover the alarm clock digital alarm clock. That’s got very limiting light as it is Owasso Home Security Services.

They got to cover that up. That just blows my mind. That’s just the way people are getting ready. Well we’re not kids anymore. How they were raised and you know what you do with your kids when you raise them.

For example when my kids were growing up you know we ran the vacuum cleaner on a regular basis throughout the house. When are the kids taking a nap.

We didn’t really change your habits so that way when you got a little bit older it didn’t matter. You’d sleep through just about anything if you had to.

Like whenever siren was going off right outside my room screaming much louder than the sirens we have now that alarm was made fun of the fact that a bomb could go off right next to my head and wouldn’t alarm clocks and noise makers and things like that are going to cause you to wake up and nothing like that.

I don’t know what it were Owasso Home Security Services.

And you think about home security systems you know like we said it does more than just the security system now. It will call the police when the alarm goes off and just turn to the next move. So therefore what happens there is a lot of people asking what actually happened. You know when the alarm system goes off it calls monitoring the monitoring station and then gets that signal and you know they can know what door is open.

So then they call the homeowner and they call the homeowner they’re going to ask for a password and then the password is going to enable them to get into the account and continue to talk to the customer. If perchance they don’t provide the correct password happens happened again. Then there are plenty of our hang up and call the next number on the call.

Now they don’t hang up immediately they give you two or three tries.

No more to you.

I mean I don’t know exactly how many times they actually provide but they’re not they’re not going to try to coax you because they can’t do that yet like Sunday night whenever I was clear in my house I’m on the phone with the Monitor center before I even had a chance to get my gun. They had already called picked up my phone. I answered it. I said Hang on. I’m not 100 percent sure that everything is OK. So let me clear the house with you on the phone. So she just sat there and waited. And so I cleared every corner in that house making sure everything was OK. But at the same time she was totally cool with sitting there Owasso Home Security Services.

And when we were when I was done clearing the house I said Well House is clear password is and gave it to her and she goes Oh OK. And for some reason I think she thought that there was actually something that was going on but I don’t know if it was great.

We had the car insurance and knowing that there are going to be there.

I mean I couldn’t tell you how many people are that are quite tough last night the alarm went off a couple weeks ago with the company there with now and of which you’re pretty upset with. You know it’s been five minutes. They never got a phone call. They had to call the monitoring station and ask them why they never got a phone call. Well we’ve been busy. That was your answer.

That’s not an answer. That’s what you do.

We’ve been busy so your alarm has gone off for five minutes and we’ve been busy Owasso Home Security Services.

And what if I never had a chance to call you and let you know that the alarm went off and somebody actually did break into my house and did do bodily harm. Then what do you what am I paying for.

Exactly. Well that’s Tyler and Keith with security and where you can find us on the web at Witness home security.

Dotcom calls it 9 1 8 2 8 9 year old Tyler and Keith with witness security and broken arrow Owasso Home Security Services.

And again you can find us on the web at witness or witness home security dot com at 9 1 2 8 9 0 8.

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