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Well good morning this is Talor great period and we’re here talking today about well Owasso Home Security Services.

Security systems in Jenks Oklahoma.

All right. Main thing about that security system is a lot of people don’t take in consideration security systems are more than just good security and more.

Now we have the home automation aspect of things where you can operate your life your thermostat your locks making it available to where you can utilize your alarm system rather than just you know hoping it’s going to keep up the burglars when the time arises. If that time arises and there again nobody wants that to happen Owasso Home Security Services.

Yet also with security if you. Like. Sunday night we got home from church and I. Carrying my daughter in. They thought that I closed the door 100 percent and I spun the lock. It hit so I thought were good but ten o’clock rolls around and we’re just dozing off and all of a sudden I don’t know if someone actually tried the door or if the wind just got strong enough and pushed the door open. But I’ve never ever gotten that scared me and I jumped up in the middle of the night or at 10:00 and I ran towards the door left my gun on the nightstand that was the weird part.

And I was ready to tackle somebody. But the problem is I had just I had it locked me up the rest of the night. It kept me on edge.

So if you can do something do that to somebody that does this for a living somebody that doesn’t do this is living in this world. It could easily do that to somebody else. I mean we hear about people on a regular basis Owasso Home Security Services.

We’re. Well we’re a few weeks ago but nothing happened ago lady woke up in the middle and I heard a noise in her bedroom.

She looks up and there’s this guy her jewelry on her dresser with a flashlight Owasso Home Security Services.

And guess he didn’t even have a real realization and she was even there and she made it north and he turned around and I saw her face. Can you imagine waking up to something like that.

I mean I wouldn’t know what to do if I ran to the door and didn’t have my gun. I got a feeling I would probably react very similar in that probably. He yelled at them a little bit and then I think I just froze.

I think she made a comment and she said she had made a comment. And what are you doing. And that’s when it started with him. He didn’t do anything different. He just kept doing what he was doing.

And Danny eventually just went out to the bedroom and the bedroom door and their daughter was in the other bedroom and eventually just me and her to the house and Denise whatever he was doing enough to go.

That’s not that’s mind blowing Owasso Home Security Services.

Thank goodness he didn’t hurt. You don’t ever know. And professional burglars I understand professional burglar.

They’re not going to hurt you usually. But then again as a professional we’re getting ready to meet on the street. Do you.

No you don’t have any idea.

So the random burglars that are supporting me have it because of their habit. They act sporadically they’re the dangerous ones and unfortunately they’re the ones that do the majority of the burglaries if they have it to support the professional one. They know what to look for and when they don’t see what they what you’re looking for and then meander on your way.

Yeah. Yeah we deal with a lot of customers that have been broken into more reactive customers and then we also deal with the customers that are proactive and decide to go ahead and put a system in. And when you’ve had with your company truck has Witness Security plastered all over it have had people try and come in your house all right Owasso Home Security Services.

All right. Last night or right after I got there about 10 minutes early and I’m sitting there not in the guy’s driveway I’m sitting on the edge of the driveway.

And as I pull up there’s another van pulls up right next to me and rolls down his window.

So I got there early on making phone calls and what have you. So I rolled my window down thinking maybe wants to know some information.

And he says What do you do.

And I said What do you mean what what am I doing I’m here for an appointment.

My vehicle pretty plastered. Yeah it’s not like that.

I’m skeer.

All over. Witness Security and a phone number in the whole bit you want to get a hold of me. It’s pretty easy.

And like you didn’t know what I was there for. So I’m here for an appointment to meet the people there and arriving at home I think they just got home Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah. They get home. But this time when you are here for apartment security apartment and the I thought maybe one of my security and a reminder we’re not really sure what do you want.

I couldn’t believe that he was trying to be made me kind of understand maybe there was a lot of activity in the neighborhood and talking to the people I was going to and said no there wasn’t really any activity in the neighborhood they would just be impractical because in previous neighborhood they can never get broken into and they’ve always had a security system so therefore their company they’re with right now is going out of contract and are done with them and they’re just looking for another company.

And that’s the thing about most of these other security companies and some like Witness Security. We don’t have contract.

And so therefore we you know people have had a problem with their security system that doesn’t have a contract.

They make sure that they try to find somebody different and then when it comes to contracts the difference between Witness Security and say other companies that have contracts we just don’t really like tied people into that contract.

If if we have to have a contract and obviously we really don’t have any business taking carrier and that’s a big that’s kind of what we built our model around.

Yeah the biggest reason why most companies do contract is in the event that they ever did want to sell their company it makes it more valuable. And also like for example you know ADT.

I know the big name company.

You know they were occupied by another company.

You know here what last year and occupied are purchased by a company person.

And so therefore you know they’ve always had contracts I mean other big name companies have always had contracts.

I mean you know ADT been out since the beginning before the telegraph because ADT stands for American District Telegraph and they were running security lines over the telegraph line before they were even on the telephone.

Well so you had to be really rich to have one of the systems of banks and the places that had to have security systems and banks are pretty common back then Owasso Home Security Services.

And so they had to do something. Yeah.

So when it comes to security here in Jenks Oklahoma this is Tyler and Keith with Witness Security and just want to see if we can take care of you as a customer you contact us at 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8.

There are also catch on the web. The witness Home Security told. Thank you

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