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Tyler and Keith with Witness Security in a Wasow Oklahoma at Witness Security Tulsa dot com phone numbers 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0. And again that’s on the web it’s Witness Security Tulsa dot com and the phone number is 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0 0 0. Today we’re talking about monitoring security system or a monitoring security system versus a non-monitored security system and or not having a security system at all. When it comes to security if you have a security system and I’ve trimmed out thousands of systems over the years that people just decided I really don’t want to pay for it Owasso Home Security Services.

And not only that but they were friends of ours and they just really don’t want to churn that out or not trim it out but turn it on and it’s like why.

But the thing is what you’ll find with people that is a system. You know there’s a simple principle of thought you know if I get a security system and the alarm goes off I mean you’re going to never have two people coming and going in the house. I mean I really ought to have a security system because you know it’s just never going to get it it’s just never going to work. We are always going to go off because the kids come and go and we’re going to go. I mean that’s the way to go or I believe. It just kind of entertained the thought that you’re coming and going. You know all the time so therefore there is no need for accuracy because we are coming on and we’re in and out of house a lot then we really need to have. Oh yeah. I mean the same argument both directions. Exactly. Exact reason why people get scared. And also the exact reason why they don’t care for the people that don’t Owasso Home Security Services.

They seem to think that it’s going to be a little bit more of a hassle if the system were to go off and I’ve had people turn the system on and then they seem to think that we actually have better back at the office as to how fast or how often is this person going to set the system off. And we really don’t have that bet but it is kind of funny that people seem to think that. But when it comes to security when you have a monitored security system the average response time for our monitoring center is 25 seconds. So and then also you got the police department’s average response time. That is seven minutes go do a little bit of detail Keith.

The average response time and why it’s so important for the marking station to be able to respond quickly is the police have to be alert to be notified when the alarm goes off Owasso Home Security Services.

So therefore they can respond is no different than when you’re driving a car and you’re driving a car got to a highway and it talks about the reaction time that it takes for you to put on your brakes from the time you see the red lights in front of you.

Come on. From the time you actually stepped on the pedal with the brake.

No different from in-market station arm monitoring station you a lot of the signal from the alarm panel and or monitoring operator in station gets a signal then have to turn in process as they go on the computer and call the roll call. You know that’s the reaction time.

So therefore the response is really important. How fast our communication process is taking all that comes into my face with the microphone facing Do we use. We have six different market sections located throughout the country. All six stations received the signal at the exact same time. So therefore it’s just a matter of which one picks up. For the average profile of the country most monitoring stations is somewhere between 45 seconds to me. And majority of those markets seem to believe that’s OK Owasso Home Security Services.

Well we had one when we first started that was like What. Almost two minutes. Three times it was three minutes and they thought that was OK. That’s just dumb.

And you could argue back and forth with evidence as well. You’ve got to understand how life works. I mean you have a story taking place and you have. Lots of power taking place and you know you have various other things taking place. You know you start to keep in mind that you know sometimes it’s just the way it is. Yeah that is the way it is. But that is not where it has to be. And so therefore we left that model pretty face.

You know it came with the station with today and we have now when it comes to our monitoring stations how many stations do we have Owasso Home Security Services.

Again we have six different stations one located in Texas. Nashville Tennessee New Jersey Maryland.

Got fairly good battery for all six of those. Now I know that there are some companies that have the redundant monitoring like you’re talking about. And but there’s role from one to the next to the next to the next and ours does not go ahead and add a little bit of detail in the majority of your larger company the largest in the world.

That makes it name being figured out. Know they’re monitoring modifications. The first one is designated as a specific reason. And when the alarm goes off then the signal goes to that first station designated for that. And your mom will try to take time if it doesn’t necessarily get profit at that market that will eventually roll over to the next month for you based on the next list.

Now how long does it take to go through a time.

Well our panel will process it takes approximately 30 seconds to a minute for that painting. How do you program your alarm system itself.

So if it’s doing it 10 times 10 minutes or 15 the rollover effect it’s amazing to think about that.

I mean that’s 10 minutes and that has not even reached an operator to call somebody yet again.

So therefore there are ways you can program a security to where it will communicate faster than other. Copies of the program Owasso Home Security Services.

So in our philosophy you know I want the alarm system to be able to process the signal every single time and get to the modern fuel station and the margarines station has no alternative other than to make the phone call. They don’t have it. They don’t have to decide. Well the you can process the to turn out. Where most stations take a look after the alarm goes off and they get a signal of a cancellation report within 30 seconds. They have a decision to make that. Well I got to I got the closing were you on it off and cancellation for it within 30 seconds. Therefore I really don’t have to make that phone call because obviously they must have a code and it was just an accident. You know that’s not the way it needs to be.

Well what about the person that someone held hostage and the customer just goes ahead and throws in their actual code because they forgot that they have a dress code that they can put in. And therefore you get.

I mean when when you’re in panic mode you’re more like Man I’ve got a pee now. I mean that’s that’s all you got on your brain when you can’t think. I mean I’ve heard of several people you’re getting so much stress at that point that you can’t think. And

that’s why it’s so vitally important for them to make the phone call. Everything.

Oh yeah. I mean when it comes to our dress code this may be dumb but we make it the default of the panel. And so when it comes to it being the default of the panel These are just that dumb that they’ll try the default and set the call the cops on themselves Owasso Home Security Services.

Yeah. For example last night I got a phone call from 9:30 at night. This person had a ring and the ranger ended up setting his alarm off and he got the phone call just like you supposed to. He couldn’t leave off after work and he answered.

Were you still in panic mode as. I thought I was going to call him. Isn’t this don’t work like you’re supposed to call and pay. So then I don’t want to become just scared again. So you know he calls the landlord all irritated that he’s gotten no phone call and so on and so forth just that you’re fired. So in order to talk to him or just to say Fine find out that sure enough. The alarm went off. That’s approximately 10 seconds to process as they go.

Talk to our Granter director gave his password and it was completely you know the landlord. ¬†Owasso Home Security Services I thought I’d have to give up. Well you would have. He didn’t answer and did not provide any preplanning. The system for it.

And that’s really all that matters when it comes to home security. If you are paying for home security and you’re paying for it to be monitored then it should be you should work. And a lot of times when it comes to other systems other companies systems it either is sending in trouble signals all the time or it’s just the monitoring doesn’t work as fast as it should. And so when it comes to witness security we just want it to work because that’s what you’re paying for.

Also another example of how the monitoring stations work. A great number of your larger monitoring stations seem to believe that they need to eliminate the false alarm.

So by eliminating the false alarms they make it to where the alarm panel will process the signal. Will not process the signal unless it’s an actual alarm. So therefore up to 30 seconds it will not send the signal. And in our case we make it 20 where of about every time. And the advantage of that is no different than a fire drill in school. Why did he do fire. Real simple. So the people who have an understanding of what to do. So when the alarm goes off you get a phone call. He knows the password. You know what to do.

Exactly. You’re in panic mode at that point Owasso Home Security Services .

Thank you for listening. Keith and Tyler with witness security here in a laso Wasow Oklahoma and also Jack is our weather Witness Security Tulsa dot com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 0. That’s Witness Security Tulsa dot com 9 1 8 2 8 9 0 8 8 0.

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