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And over time it just goes bad.

And with that in mind I mean we’ve had a situation with the system we put in probably four years ago.

The ground shifted and when the ground shake it broke apart and when it broke the pipe it filled up with water and somehow or another on the wire itself got gouged probably when the pipe broke. And in doing so it ended up shorting out the cameras and now all the cameras going to that pole are now dead Owasso Home Security.

So it’s a huge undertaking in order to be able to get that resolved. So you’re back up and going again.

But if you do cellular with solar power then it’s not a problem. Right. And in his case you don’t have to have cellular you just send the signal back to the house because it’s only you know hundred feet and probably closer to the back of the house where it’s going here. Aaron it is close to 2 1/2 miles. You’re good. You don’t have to worry about any of the energy. Right.

So when it comes to setting up a camera system it’s really simple. As long as you know what you’re doing especially when it when it comes to the. Distance for cameras it’s not really that big of a task anymore Owasso Home Security.

The way it used to be an individual out of Muskogee just called me the day his gate to his house takes him 27 minutes to get to his house. We pulled up to his gate. It takes him 27 minutes for him to get from a gate to his house.

That to me is just. And why would you want to do that. But he obviously did not have power at the gate. So very simple. You take that signal and you shoot it right to the house. It’s every bit of five six miles you know would be my guess having to have been out there yet. But you get a sailor and solar powered you could get cameras at your gate to even see your house. I mean even there at it’s house itself you know again a sailor. And again it’s solar power. Wouldn’t be a problem with weather is it. So your cellphone works fine in this house.

So therefore say your would would work fine bear the cat. The phone so it would work too.

Owasso Home Security What’s the download speed. You really have to have for dinner. Need to have it. Usually when it comes to upload speed we need to have between 3 and 5 megs upload and if you have the same download you could correct.

No I bet it more than that for down.

Normally if you get three to five Megs upload then you’re going to have upwards to around 10 to 15 downloads. But you really only need about three to five minutes upload. It’s going to be crawling if you’re three for three to five down. OK.

So when it comes to your iPods it’s really easy for the providers to kick out download speed because that’s what we need. Grab a page and you surgey it. That’s downloading.

Owasso Home Security Well for satellite it’s not. They’re not able to do that as much. We asked that satellite.

Yes they are. When it comes to demo they can tweak the numbers that you get. It’s all in the packages that you pay for what you want to pay for.

And then they usually have four or five different packages that are working with at any given time and then just like any other internet provider you can crank it up or crank it down.

I know on my phone if I were to run a test right now I would be up to around 30 megs download speed and about twenty five Megs uploads on your cell phone on my cell phone.

That’s pretty incredible. You know I have never.

And you’re now well you’re not really sure what your uploads may be just or check your speed.

But you don’t just download the app it’s called clock.

Oh OK. L.A. And it’s a speed test app and then hit begin test and it will.

You can win when you’re connected to your wife I know can it’ll test the speed of your wife by. And whenever you take your wife off.

Of your cell phone you can do a speed test and you can check your speed test of your smartphone.

And I take for granted that this was Stephanie yesterday.

Carl Ossining So what if you don’t have a smartphone. Basically a smartphone. No my brother didn’t have a smartphone and didn’t have any cameras. I said well in that case I just take for granted that everybody is on the phone and he just said OK.

Owasso Home Security I mean most people do nowadays.

Even I’ve been in quite a few homes where it’s pretty much older people that don’t have the first graders that are going to and from school yet most kids haven’t. They’ve got smartphones. And in many cases they know how to operate them better than we do which is better.

This is my cell phone.

I’m now going to check my cell phone.

My cell phone my cellphone upward download speed right now is sixty three point ninety five that’s my download speed my upload speed right now it’s thirty three point seven two of my. If I were to beat it if this was my internet provider I’d be faster than the fifth Cox in a new port. You say you’re worth my download. Sixty three point nine. Five thirty three point seven zero.

No my download speed is ninety six point four one and my upload speed is forty two point seven there.

And the amazing thing about that is we’re using the same service just did it rented it several times.

I just ran the speed at different times.

So as you can see it fluctuates a little bit but at ninety six point four one download speed this is on. This cell phone coverage you know a lot of people don’t necessarily understand what that necessarily means so therefore what we’re saying is your cell phone speed now that high speed.

It was at 23 makes download or upload and it was at 40 megs download.

My wife our speed was sixteen point one download speed and my upload speed was three point one here right now.

So a lot of people think well I’ve got wife. So isn’t that better. Now Cingular is better. Farben. Don’t In this word a lot of people can’t understand it.

Owasso Home Security Here in the United States of America you think we are we are the best we have the best technology around but that’s not true. You know we are right behind in technology when it comes to your cellular coverage or Internet coverage residential. Our Internet speeds in Japan are running in the same speeds that we’re running on cellular today here in the United States and that’s average where you know you go in to Japan. They’re cellular speeds are faster still they’re faster than our speeds are here.

And we wonder why the technology the United States is so far ahead of everything. No that’s one area that there that we are lagging behind because of our infrastructure.

Right. Yet one of my wife’s cousins he was in an airport at an airport lounge. Owasso Home Security¬†He does along the same lines as we do. He was in this airport lounge in

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